ZOSI Security Camera – [Russian] 1080P Outdoor WiFi Night Version IP Camera [C199]

ZOSI Security Camera – [Russian] 1080P Outdoor WiFi Night Version IP Camera [C199]

ZOSI Outdoor IP Camera Presentation Hello I want to represent you the new model of outdoor IP camera ZOSI C199 I will briefly tell you about its main characteristics and show you how to connect it The model ZOSI C199 uses H.264 video compression standard You would enjoy a significant reduction of storage space without losing video The video quality – Full HD There are two kinds of connection Wired and wireless PIR advanced technologies make a previewing more convenient for users The user can also receive alerts on the smartphone Use the AMAZON server to control the video and update firmware automatically Configuration Now let’s open the box and see the set components This kit provides a camera installation guide You can also scan the QR-Code and download the ZOSI Smart App for video watching The set includes special sticker for easy camera mounting It was marking already It’s a camera An antenna for wireless connection of the camera Some screws for the camera mounting Hex Key Network cable for Internet connection Power supply The camera is presented in a IP66 waterproof grade metal case SD card slot– the maximum capacity of the memory card up to 256GB The camera is 2.0MP, with 24 pcs 5mm infrared LEDs The camera angle is adjustable Here you can use the key to adjust the angle of the camera you want There are some holes for mounting the camera This is reset button power port and Ethernet port Installation Guide You need to fasten the antenna and connect it to the Internet Then connect it to the modem At last power connection The camera is ready for using now Types of Connections: Wired and Wireless Open the ZOSI Smart App Add your device Select the section “IP camera” and choose your camera model – C199 You may see the QR-Code on the camera back side scan the code After that, enter the original password “admin” click “OK” Add the device then you need to create a NEW password and save it “Successful Update” Now you can use the device NOTE : To set up a wireless network connection You need to open settings to enter Wi-Fi logging Your password Connection Now you can start using

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  1. Zosi corporation when are you going to make a Wi-Fi extender for your wireless 1080p cameras systems or at least make it where you can buy an aftermarket and hook it up to these wireless camera I can't believe they can only go up to 300 feet when their systems out there they cost almost the same and got a father range. I have the 8-channel 1080p wireless system. My garage is 10 ft from my home these cameras they fade in and out I would never buy this system again it's not worth it maybe in a open building it would work best for no walls everything within 200 ft and when you get the cameras in the box you should have them labeled with stickers 1 2 3 4 5 6 seven and eight camera I had to plug them into find out what camera I had.

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