ZOSI Security Camera – How to connect your IP Camera [C199]

ZOSI Security Camera – How to connect your IP Camera [C199]

Installation Guide For the model C199, you should make a wired connection firstly and after that to convert it to wireless connection. You need to fasten the antenna and connect it to the Internet Then connect it to the modem At last power connection The camera is ready for using now

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  1. I purchased model ZR 08 KB/ 20 8 channel wireless definition 1080p I purchased it through Walmart with the extended 4-year warranty and installation. I purchased it February 26th 2019. One of my security cameras outside on my home the power supply went out on. You would think zosi would have a phone number because I'm not that good with computers so I can register it so I could get a power supply for my system.also I'm looking at my Walmart receipt it doesn't itemize a zosi 8-channel security system because I ordered it over to kiosk machine with a four-year extended warranty and installation.. none of these things are itemized on this receipt but I called the 1-800 Walmart number and the guy looked it up and said it's good your receipt for all you stated we just don't itemize it and it will you order off that machine.

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