ZOSI DVR Operation – Connecting the DVR to the Internet

ZOSI DVR Operation – Connecting the DVR to the Internet

Connecting the DVR to the Internet First take an act of Ethernet cable and plug it into the rear of the DVR You should notice lights turn on and start to flicker To test your connection navigate to the network screen by right-clicking to bring up the quick menu seen here From the quick menu select “Main Menu” Followed by “Setup” and then “Network” On a networked screen ensure the “Obtain an IP Address Aautomatically” option is checked then click test Once you select the “Test” option You should see an “OK message appear at the bottom of the screen If you see an “OK” message select “Apply” followed by “Exit” If you get a message stating that you
cannot connect to the network You may need to troubleshoot your firewall or router settings

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  1. Hi, I have a question, do you have a pc software to search records like in dvr itself? not AVSS, that software it's very incomplete!

  2. I can access when I'm on the same WiFi network as the cameras/DVR but if I'm remote (outside the house) then no it doesn't work. Is that expected, or is there a way to ensure the cameras are assigned public internet address so it can be accessed (or not a good idea, due to security)?

  3. I can’t get pass the password and username I have try just about everything and it keep saying password is incorrect..what can I do to reset the dvr?

  4. My connection always says OK but when I go to the App it always says connection failed… what's going on??

  5. Hello, mine is still saying "cannot connect to the network" but its directly connected to my router with an ethernet cable. The model ID number of my DVR is asks496hwmia

  6. My zosi won’t connect to the internet so I can see the cameras on my phone please help is there a step by step way thru

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