ZOSI DVR Operation – Alarm – Motion – Setting Up a Motion Grid

ZOSI DVR Operation – Alarm – Motion – Setting Up a Motion Grid

Alarm>Motion: Setting Up a Motion Grid To navigate to the Alarm Motion menu right click to bring up the quick menu and select “Main Menu” from the bottom of the list followed by “Setup” and then “Alarm” then select “Motion” As you can see there are several different options The leftmost column displays the number
for the channel that you’ll be configuring The second column “Enable” will let you decide whether or not you want to enable or disable motion detection alarms for the selected channel To enable motion detection alarms ensure the box is checked The next column “Holding Time” will let
you determine how long the event will last For example if the alarm triggers
in the holding time is set to 10 seconds then 10 seconds of no motion will need
to pass before the alarm event is over If motion is detected within those 10 seconds the alarm will continue We’re going to return to the fourth column in a moment but for now we’re going to click the “Setting” option in the Area column When you click the “Setting” option in the Area column It’ll be taken to a live view of your selected channel only a bit different You’ll notice a blue grid over the screen This is your motion grid Defining your motion grid can be helpful in limiting false alerts As we’re lowering the sensitivity on the sensitivity bar A higher sensitivity will require less
movement to trigger the motion alarm Whereas a lower sensitivity will require
more significant motion to trigger the alarm But sometimes lowering the sensitivity isn’t enough Since we’re filming a public roadway we’re getting a lot of false alarms so we want to remove that roadway from the motion grid To remove the roadway from the grid we’re going to left click and drag with
the mouse to remove the blue squares the motion grid will only trigger if movement is detected within the grid itself Simply left click on a square on the grid to remove it or left click in an empty space to add to the grid The grid does not need to be connected Select the save icon next to the sensitivity slider to save your grid Once you save your grid you will return to the alarm motion screen Selecting the “Setting” button and the fourth column trigger allow you to further customize the alarms Select the “Buzzer” option if you want an audible buzzer to emit from the DVR when motion is detected for that channel If you’d like the monitor to display a specific channel when motion is detected select that channel from the “Show Full Screen” drop-down menu If you’d like to receive an email when
motion is detected on this channel select the “Email” option Email options can be configured in the network email screen If you’d like to DVR to automatically record a snapshot of whatever is on the camera when motion is detected select the “Snap” option The snaps can be found in the Search> Image menu Select “OK” to save your changes and don’t forget to apply those changes before exiting

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  1. I bought a PTZ camera that plugs the same way as the camera's that came with the DVR which is a zosi H.264 how do I get the dvr ptz function to work for the pts camera, can you make a tutorial video how to use the pts function please..

  2. When my alarm goes to full screen how do I make it go back to the 1-4 camera screen without doing it myself??? Help

  3. So according to this when you set the sensitivity, the higher number is more sensitive and lower is less. Is that correct?

  4. Buenas tardes, al momento de aplicar los sensores en nivel de sencilidad 2 las alarmas se disparan y comienzan a sonar y me llegan los correos a mi teléfono. Me pueden ayudar para saber que esta pasando con mi sistema

  5. tiene algún mail o numero de wassapp para comunicarme con Ustedes y poder enviarles fotos de mi configuración. Soy de Ecuador

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