Xiaomi Xiaoyi IP Cam Review and Setup With English Subtitles

Hello everyone. Today we will be reviewing Xiaomi Xiaoyi IP Camera. I bought it from GearBest for 28 US$ For customs issues, they write half of the actual cost of product on receipt. It has night vision capabilities thanks to 8 IR LEDs. It supports MicroSD up to 32 GB. And the best part is, it can record in 720p resolution. I ordered the device on 21st, and after a long wait, I received it on the 5th. It took around 2 weeks to arrive. I believe that’s all the content of the box. The box is actually better than I’ve expected. Here we have the MicroSD slot. Here is the Reset button. I believe this part comes off. You can also stick it on walls etc. It’s got a nice looking Yi adapter, but it’s not compatible with EU plugs. Next, we have a pretty long MicroUSB cable. That’s a long cable. MicroUSB port is at the bottom of the black circle. As the adapter is not compatible with EU plugs, I will be powering it with my power bank. LED turned on immediately. Here’s an issue I’ve encountered: There’s an app called Yi Home on AppStore, I couldn’t get the camera to connect when I downloaded the app. Let’s go through the steps together: First, we poke the reset hole. We click on add camera.
We wait for the LED to start blinking. When it starts blinking, you click on “I heard connect sound” button. Then, we connect to our WiFi network.
After connecting, we hit “Next” Then, it will ask us to scan the QR code on the camera. After scanning, the LED on camera turns blue. After a while, Blue LED stops blinking and turns solid blue. But it cannot connect afterwards. It asks to download another app from Apple Store. As you can see, it gives an error. When we hit “Match App”, it asks us to scan the QR code. After scanning the code, it asks us to download the Chinese version app and directs to App Store. After opening the new app, we create a Xiaomi account and verify it with the codes sent to our E-mail and cell phone number. When activated, we can add our camera. When you activate full screen mode, you can take a photo here. Here you can start and stop video recording. It saves directly to built in gallery, then to the Photos app. You can talk by pressing and holding here. You can turn the volume on or off. Upon entering settings, you can adjust video quality and access the album. Here you can change the camera’s name. You can adjust settings for the blue LED on it. You can rotate the image from Image Rotation. You can perform a firmware update from Current Version. Here you can share with someone else. You can add a password. You can turn the notification from motion sensor on/off. Here’s an option to start recording when motion is detected. You can add a time interval for that. I put an 8 GB MicroSD in the camera, you can format it here. Reminder that the camera supports up to 32 GB MicroSD. In devices, you can see the list of all your Xiaomi devices. You can match multiple IP Cameras. For example you can hit yellow LED flashing and after the same steps, you can add another camera. Thanx for watch!

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