39 Replies to “Xiaomi Xiao Fang CCTV Complete Setup Tutorial Guide Android Account Create XiaoFang Share Device”

  1. I get to the part where you need to press next. However the next is greyed out and I get stuck on that screen. Any idea why??

  2. Sorry for being blunt but I am based in the uk and still do not understand how to create an account ? I’ve a uk number and a .com email account – anyone able to give me a step by step would be amazing or explain within this thread

  3. why nowadays cannot view the motion detected videos from their cloud anymore ah? can only view those from the microSD card. Any solution?

  4. I figured it out! You have to scan the phones QR code WITH THE CAMERA! Not the other way around! I kept scanning the QR code with my phone! You have to face the camera on the QR code, this finally worked for me…….

  5. i lost few hairs trying to figure out how to connect my xiao fang to my phone. It kept on giving me "connection timeout" error msgs. FInally it worke with the MiHome 3.9.20. Install this version if from apkmirror.com if you have issues connecting your camera to the phone. it was so frustrating!

  6. Hello’ i registered using +6012 but it says mobile invalid , it is the correct local number. Please advise! Thank you

  7. Does anybody know how to turn off 'speak' and 'listen' function?! It is pretty annoying that all the shared users can listen and talk! I'd like to share the screen only!!!

  8. Sir i m installing two camera but they r not pair each other and it start with removing my password of my wifi if i enter password it will go offline camera sir please suggest solution

  9. Thanks for sharing it was helpful. The only downfall of this product has been it doesn’t include our time zone to set the date and time properly but besides that it will do the job until our Wyze cam shows up

  10. Hello ! If I turn on the ALARM , where I can hear the alarm sound ? Only in the smartphone or in the camera too ?

  11. Hi I'm in Sir Lanka I can't connect this device with my mobile phone I bought form china this camera. In China it's work but now I'm in Sri Lanka it's not working.why?

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