Xiaomi MiJia Smart 720P WiFi IP Camera: Unboxing, Review & Setup

Xiaomi MiJia Smart 720P WiFi IP Camera: Unboxing, Review & Setup

Hi friends!
This is Tech Brothers Today we have review of interesting IP camera called Xiaomi Mijia smart 720p Wi-Fi Camera. The main feature of this security camera is round shape that provides 360 degree panorama viewing angle, and night vision function. In this video you will see unboxing, packaging design, and tutorial how to set up camera.
Let’s start! New Xaomi camera comes in white box. If you have already purchased IP cameras from Xiaomi then you will see nothing new. Here is camera image on the front panel and main specifications on the back. Most inscriptions are in Chinese,
but it does not matter. Inside the box is the camera in light package.
Under it you can find power adapter, usb cable, wall bracket, screews, and Chinese user manual.
Do not worry, that user manual is in Chinese, in this video we will tell you, how to set
up the camera. The camera has a simple and nice round design, that provides 360 degree, viewing angle. It
uses white and black color combination. The head has a circular shape at the rear
part, thereof has openings for cooling and good air circulation. You can use a smartphone,
tablet, TV, PC, or laptop for remote viewing. options: on a table, wall, ceiling. The camera
has built PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom, or tilt-swivel zoom). It allows the device to rotate through 360-degree horizontally and 115-degree vertically. You will see everything that is happening
in the room. Also, you can find micro USB port for charging and reset button. As we said, this camera allows you to capture image in total darkness. The infrared light can not be seen visually, and a lens rotates silently, so nothing disturbed your sleep
at night. Also, you can activate motion detection function before leaving the house. If there will be any activity in your house, the camera will
record 10-second video and send it to your phone. You can watch the video from the camera in real time. First, you need to synchronize
camera with your phone. Let’s see, how to do it. First, you need to download Mi Home application. We leave the link in description under the
video. Also, you can scan QR code in user manual. Then install application, and open it. Enter your MI account, and you will see the following screen. Click on Plus button in the right corner. Then select Add device.
Turn on Bluetooth, if it still turned off. After that, click on Scan button at the bottom.
Wait a little, until the application find your camera. When the camera will be detected, click on it. Select your Wi-Fi network and write the passwordfrom it. Click on Next button.
Wait until the camera will be connected to your smartphone. If you use your camera for the first time, then you will be promted to download updates. That’s all! Now you can use your camera. Here you can rotate camera, and see what it records. By the way, camera has powerful integrated antenna to better capture signals from the router. Even if Wi-Fi-router is far away,
the device will have good signal, and giving high-quality image. Application allows you to select video quality, rotate camera, start recording, take picture,
turn on the speaker, etc. Also you can click on three point in the right corner to enter settings menu Here you can find such functions as sleep, status light, watermark, wide angle, night vision, and so on. By the way, Xiaomi MIJIA Smart camera has a slot for Micro SD card, that will store
your videos. Also, you can store photos and videos in the cloud service. Now, let’s see how camera record in different
conditions: in the street, night vision and in the room. Xiaomi Mijia smart 720p Wi-Fi Camera is
really interesting camera for home. You can use it, as security camera, baby monitors or watching for animals. It provides 360-degree viewing angles, and night vision. Also, you can use two way audio, motion detection and microSD card for storing data. By the way, the price is very attractive – only $38. This is an excellent investment for the security of your home, office or courtyard. Under the video you can find links where
to buy camera cheaper. Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers.

26 Replies to “Xiaomi MiJia Smart 720P WiFi IP Camera: Unboxing, Review & Setup”

  1. hi there i bought this Xiaomi camera few days back and everything is working fine except the videos recorded in the night using night vision.Since when night vision is On ,any movement of a human weather on foot or on vehicle is appearing to be blurred and cannot be seen even if the recorded video is seen in slow motion . Although still footage of human are appearing fine under night vision, Problem is with on moving human or vehicles.

    Also is it necessary for the infrared light to be remain on during night ? As mine were not On
    Do you have any solution for this Please kindly tell if u have?

  2. I can't even click in on mine although it says it's online. I have 0 issues with Wi-Fi (although it claims it's weak), I put it next to the router and also far away. I have 500/500mbit/s fibernet

  3. I instaled the camera like you recomend,and works good,but I have only one problem,Iput my camera on "motion activated recording" I don't know how the camera send me alert on my fone when somebody was detected.

  4. Just updated the firmware of this camera, and now it seems bricked, with no reponse at all. Can anyone help me with the firmware file for this camera??

  5. Hi ! the xiami Mija 360 can be viewed in my cell phone via 4G connection or it only works in the same wifi connection camera-cell phone?

  6. Hi, I would like to know how to store videos and pictures on cloud service and how to manage it from a cloud. I will be very happy if you could give me an answer. Thanks.

  7. Does this camera sends alerts when some movememt happend in night, m thinking to install it in my office, if it send me alerts if someone broke into my office… So i can take swift action…

  8. Stupid ass, you didn't even tell people how to set up mi account! How can that important step to be missing!

  9. The camera angle keeps auto rotating to different angle after 20 seconds, even after I've set it at the right angle. This is so annoying!!

  10. just want to know. can it be used for continuous remote monitoring ? full day live monitoring from remote location ?

  11. I have seen 100 videos of mi 360 not even a single bas…d shown other features like…motion detection in night & its file size, without wife direct video& all ..all are just opening the box & showing how to fix….😈😡 lol

  12. Waitt if we already hang it on the wall do we need to take down that camera every single time we want to charge it?

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