Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Home Panoramic WiFi IP Camera | Mi Home Security Camera 360 1080P

Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Home Panoramic WiFi IP Camera |  Mi Home Security Camera 360 1080P

Hey everyone, Vinayak here, today i have with me the Xiaomi
Mijia 360 1080p home panoramic ip camera. I could add the word wifi in there too, but
you guys might have understood by now. Let’s check
out how good this camera is. If you’ve been following my channel you might
know i’ve reviewed a few xiaomi camera’s earlier. If you have not, maybe now’s the right time
to subscribe. πŸ™‚ Starting off with the unboxing, we have the
main camera box, and also included in the package is a converter plug that supports
european and indian plugs. So let’s check what’s within the camera box. We have a small box mostly holding the accessories,
which would be the USB cable in this case, and the power plug. The camera comes wrapped in plastic, with
cardboard holding it in place, so as to not be damaged in transit. The price of the camera is $48, but during
the sales you can get a $10 discount so make sure to keep an eye out for that. Lets get all this off the camera. This is how it looks and as i had inferred
earlier the accessory box has the power plug and a 2 metre long usb cable. Also available is a ceiling mount bracket,
which allows us to mount the camera with just a twist and also allows for easy removal. It comes with the required screws and fischers
which allow for the screws to have a better grip inside the wall. The camera has rubber feet under it, and provides
a good grip and wont slip for small shakes when placed on a table or shelf. The rest of the device has a plastic build
, on the front we have the MI logo, right under the lens is the micro sd card slot,
which gets concealed and lies plush with the rotating mechanism, and is hidden away . The
behind has a speaker, used during installation, and also for two way communication via the
app. Below is the micro-usb slot for charging and
beside that is the reset button to reset the device to factory defaults. Also in the box is the instruction manual
which is in chinese. Now that i have installed quite a few Xiaomi
devices, know what the prompts mean and can install these devices easily. Lets power the camera on, the length of the
cable is 2 metres which is around 6 feet, which is a decent length. On powering on the camera pans and tilts to
its extreme positions , in order to calibrate itself. On the phone we use the mi home app available
on both android and ios, we add the new camera, once the camera is on a voice prompt indicated
that it is ready to connect. If you don’t hear the voice prompt, hold down
the reset button for at least 5 seconds until it does. On the app. On the page select the check box ,and tap
next. On the next screen , we are asked to select
a wifi network, the app generates a qr code with the credentials which is to be shown
to the camera. The camera reads the QR code and connects
to our wifi network, and is available on the app. This is how the pan and tilt works, we can
use the controls on the app to orient the camera wherever we want to. Also available on the app is cloud storage
, which would keep the recordings off site so that you don’t lose the recordings even
if the camera is stolen or destroyed. This is a paid service and as per the number
of months you pick the prices change. We have a firmware update, lets complete that. Once that’s done, this is the view you get
via the app. The camera can be controlled using the on
screen controls up down, left and right. We also have a home guard mode, which would
track any motion or anyone entering the premises. The camera sends you a notification if it
detects any motion, so as long as you have an internet connection you will receive the
notification, when someone enters the area or some motion occurred. Two way communication is also available via
the app, and also options to set the streaming quality is provided. When enabled it allows full duplex communication,
and not like a walkie talkie. So you can have a fluid conversation…almost,
it does seem to have half a second or more off, but still good. The camera records in 1080p and is quite clear
and has a wide field of view. The recordings are saved on the micro sd card
and can be played back using the playback option. When playback option is selected, the app
displays time’s during the day recordings took place. Select a time and a list of videos are displayed,
and to view any just tap on them. The new firmware updates on the xiaomi cameras
now allow dumping recordings to your nas, which is really cool. I can now setup my NAS as a video dump storage
and videos keep getting stored there when recorded. I use the Western Digital MyCloud driver which
has a storage of 3 tb, the link to the review can be found on the top right. This removes the fear of losing the recorded
video, due to theft. So if you’re getting work done around the
house or just want to keep your valuables under surveillance, this camera works very
well and at its price point is really worth it. The cloud recording option allows for offline
storage of the recordings, and also the NAS option is a great plus. If you would like to get one for yourselves,
the link to the product is in the description. Thank You for watching and see you all next

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  1. Great video as usual vinakay. Will it readily work with xiaomi camera component on "Home assistant"? So that I can use it locally rather depending on xiaomi server. Please let me know.

  2. Thank you for this nice reviw…but can i ask if the cam can send me on my mobile phone alert sound when detect some one because its records 10 second video only but it does'nt send me any notification sound ..i should open the app to check by my self πŸ€”!!!

  3. Hi, I tried connecting the WD on NAS storage, but the path it gives it public & IPC$, doesn't show be the folder i created, how do u resolve this ?

  4. Hello.
    Question, does it makes any sound when it starts? If I want to use it in children's room but don't want to leave it on all time, when I started (in the morning, for example) does it makes any noise (beep, voice, etc)?

  5. If you please can I ask you about how can I download the video from memory card storage in the camera to the my mobile phone ..
    For notice I found this feature in the mi cam with 720 p but I didn't find it in the 1080p!!!πŸ€”

  6. Hello sir pls suggest any brand fr buying wifi ip camera that gives very long period of guarantee or warantty?

  7. that was a great video, thanks! say, can you connect multiple cameras to the same phone? and does it operate well outdoors (covered from rain)? thanks again!

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