Wyze Cam v2 Review

Wyze Cam v2 Review

hello I am Wanderer001 and
this is my review of the wise ways cam version 2 depending on how you want to
call it I’m going to start off with this review actually stating that the price
of this camera and primarily that’s because two reasons one if you’re
looking at this on other reviews you might have seen this listed as the $20
camera or the $25 budget camera that every person should have well that has
caused some confusion because if you go to Amazon you can get this camera for
$25 if you go to the manufacturers website you can get it for $20 but
realistically it’s the same price because if you go to the manufacturers
website they charge you five dollars for shipping so this is the cheap $25 plus
shipping depending on if you get it from Amazon or the manufacturers website
security camera I in the past have used a d-link review over there camera when
my particular condo complex had an issue with people setting cars on fire since
then knock on wood only one car fire haven’t really had to use the d-link
but it is starting to show its age and was a lot more expensive than this guy
the application for the d-link is just not working anymore on my new phone the
web UI just never worked really well because of the plugging issue so
realistically I can just go in and download things only if I’m saving them
locally to the d-link so I have been looking for something to update or
change out my old d-link and didn’t really want to spend the money I spent
on my d-link before this little guy here like I said 20 or 25 dollars depending
on where you get it $25 all around but you you can’t get all
the features that you got with something like a d-link for that price tag well
you would be wrong very wrong so let me take you a little walk around around the
is way scam I’m gonna say it wrong sometime during this review this is not
the first one I got in fact I got the gen one and then shortly after I got it
and was getting ready to do my review Gen 2 came out so I figured should I get
the gen 2 or just review the Gen 1 well realistically there’s two changes that
they’ve done for the Gen 2 they’ve got motion tracking so a green box that pops
up around something that’s moving I’ll show you that a little later and you’ll
notice that the exterior of this guy is shiny plastic this one is matte plastic
so if you have a Gen 1 do you really need to upgrade to a Gen 2 no but for
the price if you wanted to expand your camera offerings it’s well worth getting
another one and that being the Gen 2 all right the front of the device what
you’re looking at here is the light sensor this is the lens there are four
IR lights around the bottom here and this is right here might be a little
hard to see is the microphone because you can do two-way audio with this
that’s one thing that the link did not you had to have a separate peripheral
plugged into the back of it in order to use the speaker system now the only
concern I have with the speaker on this it is much louder than the gen one which
is awesome but there’s no way to adjust that and you’ll see when I’m showing you
the app a little later my cat does not appreciate the volume on this guy coming
across like I said it is matte plastic all the way around we’re gonna flip it
around to the back here on the back you have your USB so this is if you want to
daisy chain a couple of these together using a singular power point because
down here this is your micro USB for powering and then over there is your
status light now your status light can either be solid yellow meaning the
device is powered on and is initializing flashing means the device is ready for
connecting flashing blue and yellow that means it’s connecting in progress
flashing blue means the device is connected and finished setting up and
solid blue is it’s on you can turn this off using the
UI in the app now it does not indicate if somebody’s actively watching which I
don’t appreciate which they would change that but it is what it is trying to
articulate this with keeping some stuff out of view here so you’ve got your
reset button they have a micro SD card slot there which is awesome like I said
you also have your mic and two-way mic and speakers set up the inclusion of a
micro SD card means you get local storage with this guy which is awesome
so you don’t have to use their free 14-day cloud storage now when they say
free 14-day cloud storage that is just for clips and that is just for audio
triggers and motion triggers this does not automatically send 14 days worth of
all on device video if you want that you have to use a micro SD card to record
the happenings as they happen you can also have the alerts saved directly to
the SD card but if you do set alerts up they automatically will get pushed to
the 14-day cloud service now the cloud service well it will only last for 14
days if you use the micro SD card 32 is the maximum size limit you get three and
a half days of full 1080 video rolling on that the older video will get
overwritten as new video is added but if you use just the clips or the the
triggers you’ll get more time on your SD card so
you might be asking yourself how secure are those videos that are getting sent
up to the cloud well according to the manufacturers website they are uploaded
to Amazon AWS cloud via end-to-end encryption and are accessible for 14
days with no subscription required which is the key sticking point no
subscription required you can use this without having to pay something like you
do for nest where they charge you extra to access the cloud services and I do
believe last time I looked at nests they did not have any on-board storage which
is what I want so in case the Wi-Fi is down I can still see what’s going on on
the card granted if somebody comes over and swipes the card that could be a
problem but I digress I talked about the status light on the
back that mainly has to do with whether it’s on or during set up so let me show
you how easy it is to set up this camera this is set up of Wiis cam to start
you’re gonna have to plug it in so here you’ve got your micro USB cable and
stick it in the back of the thing alright once you get it plugged in cable
is a little loose but you’ll see a light will come on once you’ve gotten that
flush in there once it’s in there – so we’re just gonna let that sit there and
then blink for a little bit alright so you’re supposed to wait until that
starts blinking and then there is a setup button right down here which
you’re supposed to press after that yellow light blinks for about 20 seconds alright so it did prompt with ready to
connect you will need to download the Wyze cam app on your smart phone and
create an account and it will continue to prompt you ready to connect until you
connect it to the app so might want to download download the Wyze cam app first
and create your account I’m gonna do that right now alright so like I said
probably want to have your account set up beforehand cuz having it say ready to
connect was a little annoying while setting it up the one thing is when you create
your account you do need to have readily available the email that you sign up
with I don’t have the email that I signed up with on my phone here and it’s
since it sends an authentication number that you then have to put into the
account so make sure that if you’re using an email that it’s readily
available alright so here we’re going to come to add device because well we’re
gonna add this device so it’s saying to make sure to take the film off the front
of the camera which I have already done now I do know that there’s going to be a
QR code that pops up so I’m gonna hold the camera
phone like this so you guys can’t see it so you can add this see it’s giving you
the steps again which is connected to the power wait 20 seconds hit the setup
button and then you’ll get that prompt ready to connect you can watch a helpful
video I did not hear ready to connect I heard ready to connect so I’m gonna say
I did alright next step is it’s going to ask you to sign in to your Wi-Fi so I’m
gonna do that so there was a QR code that I had to scan off camera and then
it said setup ready the only problem that I ran into with the QR code was
trying to get it close enough so that it would read the QR code after which I
gave the camera a name right out of the box it did have a firmware upgrade so
we’re doing that right now and I’m not going to force you to sit through the
upgrade so we’ll just pop back on when it’s finished k’ we have a message now
that says firmware is updated and we’ve got a back button blue light on the
camera and we’re just gonna go back all right so it’s a little walkthrough
tutorial and there you go that’s the mess I currently have on my table there
you go not terrible to do some things to consider with this particular camera it
operates via Wi-Fi so 2.4 gigahertz spectrum only this is not a 5 gigahertz
device the night vision so those four IR lights in the front supposedly have a
capability of 30 feet away I’ve not measured but for my living room
it’s worked just fine you can use this to point outside if you want but just
know those IR lights are going to bounce against your window so you’re gonna have
to tape them over similar to how I deal with my d-link with some electrical tape
or something just so that in night vision mode you can see outside now
that’s the one thing that I dislike is there’s no triggering off the IR lights
when going into the night mode but then again it’s a $20 camera I’m not really
going to complain let’s talk about the lens you have a 2.8 millimeter focal
length you have a 110 degree wide angle lens which is
really important because this camera can cover a lot more area than my old d-link
could you also have a CMOS sensor in here like I said before also Full 1080p 1920
by 1080 and eight times digital zoom so an optical zoom put digital zoom that’s
that’s pretty good you also have motion tracking which when
I show you the app it’s just a little green box that shows up around somebody
when moving it makes it a little better when I having something I look for him
to keep track of my cats because sometimes *wind noise* and they’re hard to see so
what do you get with your Wyze cam well you get a power cord obviously this is a
six foot power cord will do you pretty good but here’s the beauty of it
detachable wall wart so if this cable is not long enough for you you can get
another one and stick it in there you also get this fancy metal disc and 3m
tape why you might ask well the bottom of the Wyze cam is
magnetic to make placing this much easier without having to drill holes so
you’ve got your 3m tape for that or you can put some sticky tack on there and
magnetize the Waze cam in place which is kind of what I did when I was testing
looking out into my parking lot but I kind of leave this one inside and the
Waze cam version one pointing outside so a lot of the important things that the
Wyze camp itself can do are all through the application which is available
through iOS and Android store now there is no web user interface with that with
this this is how they kind of keep that price down is all app based it’s a plus
and a minus as long as they support the app and they continue talking that’s
great but if you end up with like mine and d-link it’s just not working anymore
so let’s take a look at all the things that you can do with the Waze
application alright so this is an interesting view of the ways camera UI
cuz right now I have two Wyze cams both are positioned fairly close to each
other in my living room so this is actually a combination of both the top
one is the one we’re currently looking at which is the Waze cam version two
underneath that is the Wyze cam version 1 now you’ll see that it
is a static image from the last time that I actually checked in on my cameras
but if we click on one it will load it up and then I’m gonna go back and I’m
going to go over to this one and then I’m going to go back so now we have two
static pictures from right now so if you were ever wondering a behind the scenes
of how I film stuff here it is I so the application itself lets you do a couple
of things you’ll notice down here you have devices notifications and my
account up here in the upper right hand corner you have a plus sign clicking
that will allow you to add a new device so we can add another ways camp where we
can add the new Wyze cam pan we can select share sharing this will allow us
to share our cameras with other users now got to trust the people that you’re
sharing with notice you have shares for each of the individual cameras here
because I have two cameras there is a shuffle button so I can move these
around as I see fit I’m not going to because I’m currently testing and
reviewing the top one notifications down here at the bottom if we come to
notifications this is going to be all the alerts that have happened so let’s
go back to Sunday at 11:29 I had a motion alert now what I want you to
notice is all of these motion alerts there’s no still for the alert and
that’s problematic because here we got 1146 our twelve forty six pm 12:40 p.m.
12:10 p.m. I mean what what do these mean what what am I looking at yes
they’re all the cam version two but I don’t get a little snippet as to what
that is so you have a calendar up here at the
top that will allow you to select days that you get the alert so we have motion
alert and it tells you what type it is motion sound etc so we’re going to click
on it what happens is it will download from the cloud to your phone so that you
can watch the alert now in this case you can see right there there was a change
in the lighting so that triggered the motion alert because the cats right
there one there and one hiding over there did not move
at all and this downloaded to my phone now I can expand it by clicking there
and then you can press play again so here you go lights went out it tracked
that as motion and didn’t notice the cat move his head but is what it is
so that was us turning off our living room lights remotely going back to that
you can share with anything that you can share with Android you can toggle the
sound on or off or you can delete so if I delete do I want to delete this video
I select ok notice it deleted it from the cloud now these are all things that
my wife was setting off because I forgot to turn off the trigger so I’m not gonna
show you those but just just notice it shows you motion and I wish that they
would have like a little thumbnail there that would be super nice my account has
a lot of private information so I won’t be showing you that over here under
notifications there is a cog if we click on that we can turn on and off push
notifications messages you’ll notice that there aren’t no messages well
because there’s no current notifications being pushed if we come back to devices
we’ve covered the bottom options now let’s go into our actual camera so
you’ll get to see me again behind the scenes magic on the main
screen here you’ve got a toggle for HD or standard def so right now it’s doing
HD it’s currently set for auto mode you can click on that where it will
automatically toggle night mode notice that turning it into night mode
triggered the motion sensor so it does have a little bit of play when
triggering night mode versus day mode you’re good you might get false alarm
shall we say and we’re gonna click on that again and there we go that motion
box is popping up when I turned it back to day mode and we’re just going to
select auto mode one more time so just like I did before if we select that in
the corner there it will turn it to fullscreen and I’m gonna just wave my
arm over here now notice that I’m waving pretty far and it’s not actually
triggering the motion sensor so we’re gonna turn that sideways and shrink it
back down because right here we’re going to go across the bar so right now you
can toggle sound on or off you can go into record where it will start
recording exactly what you’re looking at in real time stop that and it’ll send a
copy to the cloud I’m sorry it will record that copy directly to your phone
you have a speaker option now the speaker option is kind of nice if you
hold this down you’ll get a speech toggle now I’m gonna turn off the sound
on the device so that I don’t get feedback but if I come over here and say
hey what are you looking at you may have heard that come from behind me because
that’s where the camera is so you can use the speaker to talk to somebody in
this case the cat yeah he doesn’t really like the camera or he does not like me
doing that to him a lot as you can see it spooked him because it’s just a
little bit on this mantle here actually you can take a photo of what’s on screen
right now so it just took a photo and sent it to an album you can select more
which will show you motion tagging so all that green motion is motion tagging
albums will show you things that you have saved so here you can see there’s a
time-lapse in here there’s a manual recording and then there’s a photo
there’s a photo that I took if I click on that I can see it I can share it I
can delete it and it gives you a time and date stamp up they’re coming back
two more in albums we did a time lapse before if I click on that it will
download and this is a fairly lengthy time lapse a minute 35 not entirely sure
how that’s going to turn out because well I did this while I was way at work
so maybe they’ll be some cats running around don’t know for sure coming up
here we can select edit which will allow us to delete items if we want to so if I
select one so that that’s new that’s actually giving me a bit of an issue now
I don’t know if it’s because it’s downloading this so we’ll let that
finish and then come back so this is our time lapse which apparently is going to
be super interesting cuz it does not look
like the cats did anything up there we go cat over there is kind of moving
being a cat so in case you ever wondered how much time cats spend sleeping this
will give you an idea this was over this is over a three-hour period where it
took a photo every 30 seconds every three seconds so there he’s just
flopping around over there not the most compelling of time-lapses sadly see if
we speed that up as it gets closer to when he’s expecting food and he sort of
disappeared he was over here a little bit yeah alright well not the most
compelling time-lapse but that was that was a time lapse we can go back now and
try editing so if I click on it yep there we go it’s because it was
downloading time-lapse you can select hit delete I will delete these two
videos likewise edit can select you’ll notice this one does I’m gonna pull it
in front it’s actually on top of it delete those are gone and we’re back to
our main page of me sitting here so we’ve covered all of this view playback
this is an option that’s only available if you have a memory card or an SD card
inside the cam so going back to view playback you’re gonna get about three
and a half days depending on one how much motion you’re you getting and two
if you’re using HD or standard so here we can view playback you notice it
jumped back a little bit you could see me waving because right now my hands are
right here so it’s allowing us to view playback now we can come here and select
a specific day you can select a particular time on the frame here and it
will allow you to view for that particular day now I’m not going to show
you that because there’ll be people there so here cats not actually behind
me so this is just a little bit goes now from here you can toggle the sound on
and off you can record directly from your recording
you can pause your recording you can play it and you can take a photo of it
and just like before you can access your albums view playback you can also toggle
live on so here if I’m going to do or stick my arm out there so you can see
it’s live coming up to the top settings so you have your alert settings you have
alert detection motion detection sound detection and smoke and CO detection so
these are based on auditory sound so that’s not actually detecting smoke so
the one problem with that is I wanted to test these but my neighbors complained a
lot after I did my smart battery test up there and the water sensor test up there
so I can’t I can’t test these that sorry I’ve seen other people use them and they
do work you can also set your alert schedule so you can set when you want to
be alerted if there’s motion so right now I have it set for all day if you
toggle that off you can set parameters here and it will just alert you during
those times so let’s set up a motion alert you have a sensitivity we’re gonna
Jack that all the way up you can select full screen which means if there’s
motion anywhere on the screen it will trigger this alert or or you can select
motion zone by selecting a zone now this is one thing that I will say I really
appreciate them doing because it was one of the big complaints I had of the app
was not being able to select a zone right now you can see it’s set for the
cat level I can drag this up here and now it’s just going to get people or I
can expand it a little bit using the sizing handle and get it to cat on table
where he shouldn’t be zone as well as keeping most of their activity out of
the way you can shrink this box to to the size that you want and select a
target location now like I said my target location is a specific height to
keep the cats from triggering it all the time but get a alert when my pet sitter
comes in or like I said if I drag this down a little bit more if the one cat tends to go on the table
so this will get him if he goes on the table we hit save and we have the motion
alert set for high so what we’re gonna do is while we’re filming we’re going to
see about triggering an event so there you saw in real time it’s picking up
motion and now we’ll wait and see how long it is how long it will take to push
that notification oh there we go I’m gonna sadly leave in that flub because
then you won’t know how it is in real time so there you go
motion was detected going there will bring us right to the device so that we
can look at it in real time so those were alert settings next are advanced
settings so storage here you have local recording you can turn that on and off
only if you have a micro sd card in the camera you can record to the SD card
only events so those triggers or you can have continuous recording I tend to use
continuous recording but having it be able to just do it for the triggers is
kind of nice so SD card it shows you the amount of
space left so ten point nine eight gigs out of twenty nine point seven this was
a 32 gig card and what happens is if you run out of space it will overwrite the
oldest thing on there so you can also format the SD card right from here now
night vision you can toggle that on off here as well camera status light now
this turns on and off a little blue light on the back of the camera I wish
they would add a feature where if somebody was actively looking at the
camera that the light would blink because my d-link does that and I wish
they would to rotate image 180 degrees this is cool so if we look at my camera
right now it is sitting on my banister let’s say
you had to hang this upside down if you rotate it 180 degrees when we come back
to the camera I’m upside down notice the trigger area is a being triggered
because it’s doing the flip so let’s say you mounted this to a
ceiling you would be able to mount it without having to fiddle with the camera
which I appreciate because that was a pain the butt to do with my d-link so
awesome time and date stamp right there good to have record sound also good also
eats up more space time sink just that sink time for your local on the cell
phone device info MAC address last firmware not going to show you that
delete this device also not going to do that because I want to keep that on here
so that is actually all the features that you get with this camera what I
forgot to mention went in full screen mode or not full screen mode you can
pinch to zoom so you can see my set up on my TV stand there so it does have
eight times digital zoom so not optical zoom but not bad
also the wide-angle lens on this compare to my dlink that’s pretty much all I
would see with the d-link so all this extra over here is because
of that wide-angle lens so that is a very nice feature to have because of all
that flexibility and pricing and and unique features that like that turn the
video 180 degrees to me was like just the wow moment because I’m like well I
don’t have to worry about finagling the head on this which is great even though
it is very adjustable I mean it does have some limitations because you will
have to do balancing act because if it’s too far like that you don’t have the
metal plate in place it will tip over but that’s not terrible but the other
thing that I consider because my house runs on electricity everything in the
house runs on electricity heating my oven how much power does this actually
use well when it’s just on and the infrared lights are not on and recording
mind you to a micro SD card it only uses 2.1 watts of power when the IR lights
come on it uses three watts in comparison
mydlink camera used three watts when it was just on and four watts when the IR
lights were on so this uses less power cheaper I’m gonna keep saying that and
the reason that people are reviewing this camera and why I got it is because
of all the stuff that it does for the price tag the price tag is unbelievable
for what you get you can use it as a baby monitor you don’t have to use it as
a home security apparatus a $25 baby monitor can you beat that you get the
motion tagging you can see jr. rolling around in his crib or if jr. gets out of
his crib you can get sent an alert so that you know to go yell at jr. to get
back in the career up and go to sleep while the camera provides local storage
and that is a great option there are a couple of shortcomings with that that I
did not realize even when I did my initial review or testing so this is an
addendum to kind of cover that one of them being because the SD card is
located on the bottom here and I’ll show you that in a moment if you have this
position in a particular way to catch a scene exactly as you like you may have
to disturb that in order to get to the SD card here now the other thing is
aside from disturbing the scene the SD card is on the bottom here I’m gonna
zoom in a little more and you’ll notice that there is a lip here and a lip here
that make it a little difficult to get to the SD card slot now I don’t have
fingernails that are terribly long and this is a bit of a pain to actually get
to so for me I end up having to use a paperclip and just using that to eject
the SD card likewise putting the SD card back in I just kind of push it sideways
and do that until it clicks so that’s a small shortcoming with the SD card I had
my wife do it who has longer fingernails and while she was able to eject it very
easily when she was putting the SD card back in she actually springed it out
across my living room had to go find that before my cats did so that’s one
small concern with the recording to the device itself if you need to grab the SD
card to take information off of now the reason I’m covering taking information
off of while the app itself allows you to grab clips which is very
nice the clips are generally 12 to 13 seconds you can go back and scrub and
record from the app itself things that you have saved to the SD card but you’re
recording in real time so if hypothetically an event that you’re
trying to cover is an hour long or two hours long now I I know that sounds a
little weird but for the instances of why I’m using this as proof of
annoyances with neighbors it’s kind of necessary to show the length of time and
I can’t sit there on the app and record in real time so I wish that the app
would let you access the SD card now the SD card file format is not without its
fault personally either they do break it down into the dates for the folders and
then within the folders they break it down into the times once you access a
time each item is a minute long so it starts 0 to 59 but if you’re going back
and grabbing multiple days and not putting them into a folder structure but
rather just uploading them to YouTube so that you can see sequentially how long
nuisances have been going on then you run into a problem because you have a
bunch of files that are all named the same thing because it’s all going to be
0 to 59 the one thing I will give the d-link doing that a little better each
file was stamped with date/time and it was easier to tell them apart so those
are a few things to consider with the local storage it’s not a deal breaker
but it’s things that I found out after the fact even after I did my initial
review so hey maybe you want to change the app so we can access the SD card
from the app and just grab what we need that’d be super for all of those reasons
if you haven’t gotten the impression yet I highly recommend checking out the ways
or wise cam version 2 because they don’t sell the version 1 anymore I have been
Wanderer001 if you have any questions or comments please leave them
in the area below and as always thanks for watch

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  11. can i connect the device to my home wifi network and stream on my phone on a different wifi or 4g network outside the house ?

  12. You forgot the most important topic – the wyze cam don't work with 5 G WI – FI frequency – What wi fi service do you have ? is it a hotpot ? or just for home ?

  13. I have watched several videos on this but ONT ONE mentioned I need a Smartphone to even set ip up, I just hope I can set it up on another friend's phone and get alarms for it watching my car!!!

  14. Have camera set to show outside a window, reflection was all you could see. I turned off the night mode, enough light to show well, try that instead of taping and that took care of the problem.

  15. I prefer these cams more than nest cuz they are cheaper and less confusing. Although they need a waterproof camera.

  16. I about to buy one but can you tell me if the camera can record with the power cord plugged in. I go away each weekend

  17. I will be away from home for 3 months, can I control these cameras fully from afar using just wifi/power?
    Is there any reason why these cameras are not the best option for me in my case being 2 thousand miles away from home for so long? Thanks.

  18. cool, the other review I saw thought the usb was for external storage. It's simply a data link. good to know
    i just bought one these and am watching the videos from you people whom are using their own time to teach. I'm sure there is something in it for you though from the manufacturer. any way thank you.

  19. if you delete the videos off of the cloud does that reset you time for the free 14 day use of the cloud?

  20. do you think this would work with a solar usb jack? https://www.stealthangelsurvival.com/products/portable-10-000mah-waterproof-shockproof-solar-dual-usb-charger-and-led-light?variant=16024007082078&gclid=CjwKCAjw_MnmBRAoEiwAPRRWW3eEoB5-h_X7hQvED2EJvzwsyVVqc-cnXE7tGwndJYdQwBzOKpBljhoCtOQQAvD_BwE

  21. Wonderful review! thanks. Have you tried out the Wyze cam Pan? I am not sure which one to buy, v2 or the pan…any pointers?

  22. Great job! Very informative review. I've got it bookmarked so I can reference it when I get my camera.

  23. Does this have alerts when motion is detected sent to your phone? Does it work well? I was looking to get one for that feature. Pretty much monitor a room and get notified if someone is in there. Thanks!

  24. Just bought one through your link 👌. I was looking into getting a blink camera but was about 80$ so at under 30$ this was a no brainer!

  25. Wow, a 33 min video for 5 min of info. Dude I got one , never had one and had the app, camera, setup in 5 min . Gone

  26. I just got one to test yesterday. Have not even opened the box. What is the maximum distance it can be from the router for it to work? My wifi is in the lower level of my house. Will it work in the upper level of my house?

  27. I just got a Wyze cam2 yesterday. Just wondering should I keep sound on and should I keep push notification on? I am learning it, but I really like it so far. I was going to get the Nest, so glad I didn’t. Thanks for such a detailed review!😊

  28. Have you had any connectivity issues where it will freeze and then the re-authentication process fails? I’ve had that problem with the older swiveling tower model. Not sure if it’s cause of WiFi or the app or cam itself.

  29. I need to install 3 cameras in my condo–living room, kitchen, bedroom–but I am not sure how to go about connecting or daisy chaining them together so I can be alerted to motion on my cellphone. Could you please explain what is the best method for me to follow? Thank you. I think your videos are the best I have seen so far.

  30. I installed the Wyze successfully (and btw my screen for the v2 is different than yours) but I am not getting notifications on my phone for motion activation and I have the notification button in the 'green', I set the zone, I see myself walk by, but I do not get the notification as shown on your phone. Why?

  31. I bought 4 in recent months. The two-way speaker function has never worked with any of them. Within a month, one of the camera’s IR stopped working. I contacted them about it and it took a week for them to respond, and when they did, they asked if it had started working again. They then asked me to jump through hoops to troubleshoot the problem. Then 24 hours later they asked me what the results were. I work for a living so I can’t get to troubleshooting THEIR FAULTY product in their timeframe. At that point I told them to just replace it which was going to be too much of a pain in the ass as well…GRRRR!!!!. This morning I can’t even review playback function with they’re products default excuse due to slow network when my network is running over 120/12. This is a built in Bull Shit excuse for their crappy product. The bells and whistles along with the cheap price will scream “BUY ME!”. But as with all things, you pay for what you get. This product is short-lived and DISPOSABLE. DO NOT DEPEND ON THIS PRODUCT TO PROTECT HOME, BELONGINGS AND LOVED ONES. Spend a little more money on a product that will actually perform as advertised for a longer period of time. You will only be frustrated with this product unless you’re just looking for a toy….

  32. Caveat Emptor if you receive a device that needs to be returned. I ordered 3 and 1 of the cams did not transmit clear picture but the colors were bright green/purple making viewing impossible. Amazon will not honor returns and you're stuck with Wyze. Amazon rep states will contact Wyze representative and promised to get back in contact with me. Never heard back.

  33. I will give your review 5/10 … you seem to be a random thinker. A tech review generally requires a sequential thinker … start at one point and move to another.

  34. so Wyze sends videos to cloud? and where? and what is the TOU? A security camera that sends your personal videos to some unknown cloud storage where we have no control? Hmm ..

  35. very thorough review. good job.

    I believe it records 12 second clips after motion is detected, then uploads to the cloud that 12 second clip. BUt it then stops recording clips for 5 minutes?
    or is it still recording to the memory card? and can you view it live even as it uploads that 12 second clip?

  36. How does it handle power outages? If you lose power and then regain it will the camera power up by itself without hitting resets or pushing buttons? I have power backups for my router and modem but a little harder to do when powering the cameras.

  37. More like $35 if you buy an SD card, which isn't included. Still a wicked deal though. Get a NAS and you don't need the cards anyway

  38. I have been looking for years now to find a "baby monitor" for my prizes show animals to monitor for births, predictors and other behaviors. For the longest time I thought I needed to get a nest but just recently I found about the wyze cams. I dont need most of the things it traditional security camera offers, like motion detection and two-way audio. My only gripe about the wyze cam was that I would have to store constant footage on an SD card and there doesn't seem to be a way to turn off the motion detection completely.

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