Wyze Cam Pan Review

Wyze Cam Pan Review

hello I am Wanderer001 and this is
my review of the Wyze cam pan undoubtedly you probably have heard of
the Wyze company and their Wyze cam well this is think of it as the Big Brother
to that camera so this is the Big Brother to that camera same company same
philosophy great product I’m just going to start that off with saying for the
price point this is an awesome camera that moves that’s the whole idea between
behind this as opposed to the version 2 camera this one rotates but not only
does it rotate it left or right it also has a camera motor here which will allow
it to do even more granular movements so let’s take a look at the camera itself
here you are looking at a device that is 5 inches tall with a width of 2.36
and a depth of 2.36 that’s because it is a perfect cube so to speak if you’re
looking to get an idea of this compared to the original camera well here you go
it’s pretty much two just shy just a little more than two of their previous
cameras stacked up on top of each other now coming around the device itself is
very unobtrusive we’ll start on the back here just so we can you have your
speaker you have your USB for daisy chaining the product this is not for
powering it or the wise sense going in the future left and right you saw
that there was absolutely nothing on the top there’s absolutely nothing here on
the front you have a microphone because this does support to weight audio it
also has a status light for setting it up and letting you know that the camera
is on now I do wish that they would change so that you could have this
status light be off when nobody’s actively viewing the camera and then
turn back on when somebody is sadly it’s an on/off right now coming up to the
camera itself you have 6 IR lights on either side of this and
a head that moves now the lens has a field of view of a hundred and twenty
degrees so that is a nice large field of view coming down here to the bottom you
will see a little dusty this is your rotation pad it is rubberized you can
also mount this to something akin to a tripod that’s what that’s there for you
have your set up button right there and you have a micro SD card slot now a
similar complaint that I had with the version 2 camera the SD card slot is a
little tricky to get to now on the version 2 the lip around the side here
was rather hard was rather high and made this hard to get to well sadly this
motorized area here makes it a little trickier to get to that so I would
suggest just like I did in my other video use a paperclip poke not the sharp
end you know fold the paperclip poke it and it will spring right out for you so
one of the key factors with Wyze is these simplicity of use so the question
then becomes how easy is it to set up the new well it’s not new anymore how
easy is it to set up the cam pan here well let’s take a look at that in real
time alright so this is set up of the Wyze cam pan first thing you’re gonna do
is make sure that you go and install the Wyze app if you don’t you kind of need
it so I already have it installed so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to
select three dots in the upper right hand corner here and we’re going to say
add a product which might be a little hard to see so zoom in on that a little
bit adda product and right there to the right you see the cam pan and we’re
going to hit add product you’re gonna select what you want and here we go we
want the pan did you remove the film yes there is a piece of film across the lens
there so we’ll make sure you remove that and in our case we’re gonna just tap
that because we did so next we need to connect your phone to a 2.4 gigahertz
Network that you have password ready Kinect
camera to power and then you’ll be prompted to push the button down there
now currently I do not have my phone connected to 2.4 gig so I’m gonna have
to do that alright so I put it back on the 2.4 gig network that I use for my
IOT devices so we’re gonna go ahead and plug this in with the provided cable which is just a little tricky to do
around the camera considering the base plate is where you’re plugging it into
which makes sense because the top part is going to rotate now I did hear some
clicking the pan start spinning I’m assuming to indicate that it’s ready
because there is no status light on this like there was on the Wyze cam v1 or v2
we’re gonna click the setup button right down here as prompted there alright and
then we press the setup button and when it says ready to connect we hit next so
here is the 4 gig no 2.4 gig Network we’re just gonna hit next which there is
a QR code which you scan that you scan with your camera let’s see if I can do
this around the actual camera so I’m tapping I heard QR code scanned
and we’re just going to put that back there it’s a little tricky to do I felt
like the setup on this one was much faster than it was for the version two
they really streamline this process compared to what it used to be like
although connecting on the app is still there we go so we’re gonna enter a
device name and we’re gonna cheat livingroom text-to-speech now we’re
gonna hit OK and finish setup so it’s successful so if we come back to my main
page there we go we’ve got the campaign and we’ll just click on that to make
sure that everything is connected all right so there are some firmware updates
that need to be done but hopefully and we’ll actually zoom in on that you can
kind of see my hand moving in the background there so you know that it is
connected so that was the setup process for the pan here and I’m just gonna do
the upgrade and everything will be fine nice and easy so as you saw not terrible
at all to set up and that I greatly appreciate now what you get aside from
the campaign here you also get a power brick and a six-foot cable now the power
brick I appreciate because it is just a USB two micro we come all the way to the
end of the 6 foot cable here micro USB cable so that means should you need a
longer length of this you can just get a different cable and plug into it that I
really appreciate especially with other products that use hard wires or
proprietary cables now let’s talk a little bit about the camera up here you
are looking at a lens that has an f 2.3 a pitcher with a 3.5 millimeter focal
length and a image sensor that is we CMOS
sensor for me I just have this in my living room and that’s partially why I
got this instead of just using the version 2 that I have which I have in my
basement I needed to be able to see around my living room and kitchen the
version 2 while I had it in my condo sat on my mantle and covered everything I
needed the ability to move around now a lot of the features of this camera
because the box that houses all this is very unassuming so realistically it’s
all in app stuff so why don’t we take a look at the app and see what we can do
there all right so this is the Wyze app now this is the main screen that you
come to when you first log into it some of the stuff I did talk about in another
video put a link over there so I’m not gonna talk about it in depth in this
video because I’m trying to stick to the pan itself but I will gloss over some of
these other features so currently you are on home events will allow you to see
events for a selected camera so here you can see it’s cycling between workshop
living room so throwing everything here it’s showing you that these are the
dates that it happened on if I wanted to I can select person which will just
cycle for a person I can also select device so which one of these devices do
I want to grab now moving on discover again that’s just do you want to see
other people’s videos shop early access to products that are coming up but they
also do sell products through here and the last area at the bottom is account
which will show you information that’s kind of all about your Wyze family of
products so we’re gonna come back to home and again here you’ve got
notifications you have your quick sets up here you can add a product sort
products group products edit add edit rule which are these up here and cancel
so again group products means you can watch all of the videos all of your
video cameras at once but we’re talking about our living room because our living
room the pan cam now if you saw my review of
the original version 2 you’ll notice that there’s a big difference here and
that’s this toggle down here well obviously that’s how you’re gonna move
stuff around but we’re going to start by coming up here this is your HD so
tapping on that will allow you to select HD standard def or a 360 so if you want
to save a little space on the card that’s inside your camera you select SD
360 I have had when my internet was really shoddy it downgrade to that just
so that it could actually send a signal we’re gonna cancel here you’ve got Auto
night vision on night vision off and then Auto it will toggle between the two
based on the ambient light around it now I’m gonna skip this one for now only
because there’s extra things or lots of things to dig into with this menu so
we’re going to come at down here sound on or off well right now it’s muted but
I can turn that on and then I would be able to actively hear what’s happening
on this end now if I wanted to I can talk to them using voice tapping on that
and speaking you might not have heard hopefully
because I tried to turn it off before it actually started cycling recording well
if you want to record what’s happening on your screen right now and this is
live you may all be it a little difficult to see cuz this is a slightly
different setup than what I had in my condo recording will record this screen
live so I can do that and it is recording exactly what’s happening in
real time so this is different than the cloud storage that you have or the event
recording to your SD card or the perma recording to your SD card this is
recording right now directly to my phone based on what I’m seeing on this screen
and turning that off it saves it now we talked about the voice we can take a
picture there we go took a snapshot of what I see on my screen very useful if
somebody is in your house that shouldn’t be there over here we have more now more
has more features than the version two now there is motion tagging turned on
might be a little tricky to see cuz I’m kind of far away and not moving enough
to cause motion tagging but that would be a little green box that pops up
around a target I I will link to a video or b-roll some in here of actual video
from this device motion tracking what this will do is if you turn it on always
closes that submenu which kind of annoys me a little bit but what this will do is
as something moves through your frame it will follow the camera will rotate and
follow I’ve tested it with robot vacuum cat myself depending on how large the
object is and how fast the object is is how well this actually performs now
smaller things like a cat that moves rather quickly it stuttered a lot and
and had trouble refocusing refocusing refocusing to move and follow it bigger
objects such as myself like a person not as hard because you move slower your
larger target it keeps you in frame much easier I’m gonna turn that off and we’re
gonna come to pan scan now pan scan when you turn it on will automatically turn
off your detection zone so that’s an option up here which we will talk about
so what pan scan will do is it will cycle through four predefined targets so
if I wanted a more expansive view of my living room slash hallway here pan scan
is how we can do that and I’m going to leave that on only because in the
options it’s going to show us that more in depth album selecting this will show
you hey here’s the video that I recorded well while we were talking this is a
time-lapse that I took so if we download this by actually clicking the download
option there you will sit here and wait and this is a 341 Meg’s so this is a
rather large time-lapse that I did I will say I did try and download download
this prior to doing this video you have to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the
camera in order to download so while that’s doing its thing we’re gonna come
over here to photos and there is the photo that I took earlier now you’ll
notice that the time-lapse is not there yet because it has to fully download now
I’m going to pause and through the magic of editing this will be done when you
come back so time lapse was rather long to download I did a little segment about
it and then didn’t realize I had the mic turned off so time lapse set it up
download it there’s an option for it I’ll show you later similarly to time
lapse you have your video you can watch it turning your cell phone on the side
will make the image bigger you can do this on the main screen as well time
lapse you did not have the sound option but you did have the share and delete
sound because this is an audio recording and not a time-lapse video you can toggle
us on sound on up you also have the expander over there in the corner or the
arrow to go back to this view don’t be like me check your microphone make sure
you actually have it turned on so for this we’re actually going to delete it
because I don’t want it on my phone photo album still there we can select
edit up in the corner which will allow us to select share or delete a photo
we’re going to delete and now it’s off coming back we were in album time-lapse
which is how I set up that video that I deleted you can set a start date and
time you set an end date start date end date and time and then you set your
interval minutes seconds and there you go once you’re done you hit set I won’t
be doing that again back to more talk about time lapse this is turn off this
this will turn off your camera with a quick toggle if you so chose so those
are our options there now you notice the thing I talked about
before this allows you to move the camera and this is why you’re thinking
about getting the pan you can also drag it using your finger which is kind of
cool now what will happen after 15 seconds of no more moving the camera
itself or itself to its start position now the start position is very important
because you have to angle the body of the camera where you actually want it to
start so similar to the version to camera you put that where you want it to
be because that’s the view that you’re going to see with this one you have to
make sure that the camera is facing the way that you want to see 99.999% of the
time because once it’s done here it will toggle itself back there but we’re not
going to way around for that to happen down here at the bottom we can select
view playback now playback will only work if you have an SD card in the
camera so you can see this camera does not stay on all the time so this green
marker is actually what you can scrub back through you can turn on and off the
sound you can record directly from your playback you can pause your playback you
can take a photo from your playback and then you can view the album of
recordings and so forth coming back to live stream we’re gonna come up here to
settings because this where a lot of the extra options are you can change the
name by selecting that event recording you can schedule either
all day which I generally leave on or a start date and time as to when events
will be recorded meaning push notifications or recording
to your SD card if you so chose detect motion obviously I want that to tech
sound yeah why not we’ll turn that onto for the purposes of this demonstration
and you can see it’s they’re doing its thinking and my network timed out oh is
my network giving me issues nope there we go
notifications send notification on or off person detection on or off so that’s
that AI you will need well the pan camera does do that all
motion I have toggled off because I only want to know if it’s a person and sound
we have toggled on so now that will push notifications if it hears the sound
detection settings you can detect you know high or low sensitivity I don’t
generally keep that on high detection zone got turned off when I turned on the
pan selection but turning that on you have an option and there you go so you
saw it right itself so we can move this selection box we can change the size of
it and that will tell us this is our detection zone and down there at the
bottom might be hard to see after 15 seconds it will return to its position
turning that off and moving on sound sensitivity I have it right now on
medium alarm settings so smoke and co2 it cannot detect smoke or carbon
monoxide but the camera will listen and if it hears a sound that sounds like a
fire alarm going off or it sounds like a smoke detector going off going off it
will send you a push notification advanced settings local storage so local
storage to the sdcard continuous recording or event recording
I have continuous this shows you the size and how much is left and you can
format it when you put your SD card right in there motor control so coming
up here this is how quickly it will rotate by default that’s left at five
you can move it faster or slower depending on your needs
pan settings well this is by default it selects one two three four or you can
set your own so right now what I’m going to do is we’re going to move this and
you can see the image change to my hallway there and then tap set and it
will add an image there we go next I want this to be the next point I hit set
I move on I hit set and I move on and we’ll get a picture of bowl set now you
can preview your selection and here you go
camera is rotating position one and then after ten seconds it will rotate
position two and after 10 seconds position three now I’m not going to make
you sit through that but you can set your own positions now reset position
what this will do is clicking this will have the camera rotate and reset its
position now this is why I said knowing where the start position is is very
important and making sure that that’s your 99.99% view night vision you can
toggle on off and auto from here pan you can turn on and off the IR light which
is awesome camera status light so that is the light on the front of the camera
so you can turn that on if you turn it on there will be that little blue
indicator light I do wish that they had an active
viewing light somewhere on the camera but beggars can’t be choosers rotate 180
degrees what that will do is if we come back to our video it will turn the video
completely upside down now my one thing with the rotate 180 degrees was I
thought that the pan camera was not supposed to be put in a vertical
position but the options there you do it at your own risk
time and watermark obviously they speak for themselves that’s that little logo
in the bottom corner of your screen show Wyze logo same thing record sound yes
and time sync well that kind of speaks for itself it’s a time sync
scrolling down schedule automations well right now I have a few rules set up for
this camera which are start at this time end at this time and then based on a
couple days so if I wanted to you can see it starts at 6:45 a.m. sorry
ends at 6:45 a.m. every day and then starts at 6:00 for free so
hypothetically if we came up here and press the plus sign you can create a
shortcut create a schedule or device trigger I don’t have enough Wyze
products just yet to do that device trigger so we’re gonna say schedule and
we’re gonna say living-room and we will say turn on camera next and then you
would set a date and say done now again I cover this in the other video that
I’ve done of this which is why I’m kind of glossing over it sharing will allow
you to share clips in that discover tab that you saw when we first started
device info is just that it is the device the devices information and
extended devices you can see right there Wyze since bridge this one does not have
one on it yet but it will in the future and then you can restart your device and
then delete this delete this device would not recommend and there we go
we’re toggled back now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to come back into
advanced settings and then we’re going to select detection zone on which will
force it back to center so if you’re panning panning you will not have that
option it will not return to center so that has been a longer look at the app
for the pan cam hopefully you found that useful and for some of those other
options that I glossed over I would recommend checking out my other video
that I did of this just to not have to be redundant so now that we’ve talked
about the app and you got to see what this can do let’s talk about some of the
specifics of the cam pan here you are looking at a device that operate
it’s only on 2.4 gigahertz not 5 gigahertz partially because well you
don’t need fast speeds with this but you do need it to be able to go for
distances the SD card here underneath can be either 8 8 16 or 32 being the max
now depending on if you have high def or standard def is how much time you can
record directly to the SD card if you have a lot of motion that again eats
into the time I will say just like in the original version 2 criticism that I
had the file structure on the SD card for Wyze could use some improvement I
wish they would but again it’s not terrible especially for the price of the
camera keep in mind that you are going to be doing everything through the app
there is no on browser support for this they do offer RTS however if you use
that firmware you will not get firmware updates and what I mean by that is Wyze
pushed out a update to the version 2 and the campaign here which allow it to do
person detection if you would have done the RTS you would not be able to get
those features and again over there in the corner I did a little look at the
person detection for the camera so if this is your first Wyze product that
you’re looking at you may wonder well I have an SD card in it which is good you
can set up to continuously record you can set it up for motion detection you
can set up to detect and then record but if you don’t have an SD card where does
it go how do I view things well if you set up detection settings either sound
or motion it will send a short clip to the cloud which is a AWS server which
has end to end encryption and saves your 12 to 13 second clips there now in the
future there may be a product that offers continuous recording but part of
the reason I was looking at the Wyze family of products is I did not want to
have to pay for cloud storage with these you don’t you have local storage which
was important to me clips that are saved for free so for me
that’s awesome now those clips will only be saved for
14 days so you will have to download them to your device again using the app
to go in and download those I really do wish that they offered an easier way to
do that because if I want to record a two-hour clip because well I want to do
from A to B not just little clips you would have to open your app press record
and then let it play for two hours to record it I really wish they would work
on that maybe make it so that you can access the file structure on the SD card
from the app itself instead of having to pull the SD card and then stitch
together the clips now the sound on the back here while acceptable is not
changeable so the level of volume that it’s at is just the level of volume that
it’s at you cannot adjust that it’s enough to be heard my cats do not like
it but they didn’t like it on the version to either now because this moves
and has a motor you I’m gonna be honest you’re not gonna be spying on people
with this when it turns you do hear it if there’s other noise in the room you
may be able to rotate this and have it not be heard but keep in mind that’s got
a motor and that’s got a motor and they’re gonna make noise and people will
hear them but it’s kind of interesting when you use motion tracking with this
because well I have found for small things like like my robot vacuum and my
cats it’s a little jerky and and adjusts a lot if it’s tracking a person one it
tends to pan upwards towards the face and two does a little better job because
there are a larger box I have found however that if you have motion tracking
turned on and there’s a quick light change and the motion tracking box pops
up well then the camera starts going trying to figure out what’s going on so
one of the last areas of consideration for me
now as opposed to one of the first areas of consideration for me when I lived in
my condo where everything ran on electricity is
how much power does this use well when recording and that’s to the SD card or
not to the SD card it uses 1.9 watts of power compared to 2.1 that the version 2
used when the IR lights are on it uses 2.9 watts and again as opposed to the 3
watts that the version to use so it did get a little bit better in power
consumption even with the motor here but if you are rotating the motor it Peaks
out at using 4.1 so if you do have this tracking motion you’re going to be using
a little more power so I’ve talked about a lot of features that this can do the
question is when I say it’s affordable and cheap how cheap is it well depending
on where you get it you can get it between 33 and 37 dollars if you get it
from the Wyze site itself they do charge you for shipping Amazon does not and
again this is a very versatile little camera for the price if you’re looking
for a cheap baby monitor look no further I mean there’s no reason to go out and
buy a specific baby monitor when you can use this as a baby monitor and then and
then when you no longer need it as a baby monitor move it so that you can
keep track of Junior as these other places in the house it also has that
built in co2 and fire detection as you saw me talk about in the app so again
Wyze is making a large play at building out an infrastructure they’ve got their
two cameras I’ll be testing out the smart plug very shortly and their sense
and bulbs so all of them are interoperable with each other
thankfully right now they do talk to Amazon Google and IFTTT so really for
the price and all that you’re getting in this package there’s really no reason
not to give a Wyze product a try or in this case the Wyze cam pan so if you
didn’t get the message highly recommend I have been Wanderer001 if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the
area below and as always thanks for watching

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  1. We have one, it works great about a year so far. The only problem is We can't get it to work on 2 devices. When we try adding a second device the first stops working.

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