welcome back to element games and a brand new wwe 2k18 story a recap is shown braun strowman is coming for john cena he wants revenge pyro is shown cole lets us know that a former wwe champion is back cmpunk makes his return the reaction is mixed punk says he is retiring from the wwe john cena interrupts negative crowd reaction for john cena. john cena wishes his friend the best of luck. he hits a wrestling move on him and betrays him the crowd are booing a roman reigns parody commercial airs john cena is caught on cctv the masked man will be reealed triple h is here he is looking angry he is mad at braun strowman strowman took him out last week triple h says kurt angle has been fired triple h is the new general manager of wwe raw triple h says it will be john cena vs strowman tonight braun strowman makes his entrance the match will take place right her right now triple h gets braun with a pedigree john cena runs in he hits him with the attitude adjustment braun keeps kicking out and now braun recovers bad news for john cena braun gets the better of john now it is back and forth who can win nobody knows powerslam by braun but cena shows heart braun has the win but triple h interferes. here comes masked man into the steel steps braun is out and now the reveal its seth rollins rollins is the guy rollins takes out cena and triple h a big shock for the wwe

88 Replies to “WWE 2K18 Story JOHN CENA’S SECRET CAUGHT ON CCTV! (Ep.29)”

  1. Cm Punk is back in UFC ring and fight again?This awesome video here!!🤘🤘👍👍💪💪💪🕹🎮

  2. Nice very Nice. But why does cm punk's career just end so badly. I enjoyed it but it would have been better if cm punk was the masked man

  3. Hopefully, this is NOT the end of CM Punk. Please don't end it this way. And he better main event WrestleMania against John Cena for the Universal Championship

  4. What would I say about this. An extremely unbelievable ending. Shit. It has completely boosted the ratings to a new high. Beginning and all whole episode was pale but the last part since we have a proper face now in the show it will be good. Let's see how you continue this episode. All the best to you Element Games

    Rating: 8/10

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  6. What is the song you use at the end where Cena is holding the ball of light? Also what did you use for Cena when he was in the straight edge cenation?

  7. This the first time I'm watching this and you did a really good job. Made it so realistic its amazing. Keep doing what you do cause it's dope

  8. Let's see who would make a good crew for cena? Drew mcintyre,cesaro,baron corbin,Roderick strong, and now the maybes lars,Eric young, and aleister

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