World’s Toughest Dogs? $40,000 Protection Canines

World’s Toughest Dogs? $40,000 Protection Canines

LEEDOR: There’s no convincing these dogs, you can’t negotiate with them. Getting through
an alarm is fine, but you’re not getting round the dog. 00:12
COMM: This might just be Britain’s toughest dog. Drago, a 92lb Doberman has been trained
to take down burglars. 00:22
COMM: We jump over the wall, try and break into the house with balaclava’s. They’ll let
the dog out and the dog will attack us. 00:29
ROBERT: We will train the dog for real life situations. No-one attacks with dog training
equipment such as sleeves or whips. Someone’s gonna attack you with a metal bar or point
a gun at you and these dogs have to be ready for anything. 00:44
COMM: Trained by friends Leedor Borlant and Robert Dye, the protection dogs sell to the
rich and famous for over £20,000. 00:52
LEEDOR: The prices vary, it really depends on the dogs. They can sell anywhere from £10,000,
way upwards of that. Some people are really high priority and really fear for their life.
I’ve also, we’ve sold to quite a few foreign dignitaries, premiership footballers and to
just sort of affluent people. 01:10
COMM: Robert and Leedor search far and wide for the right dogs to train. 01:15
LEEDOR: For sourcing our dogs, it’s a very difficult thing to do because, I mean I go
to Serbia a lot, we go to Czech Republic, we go to Moscow, we go to America. We may
see a hundred dogs but we only come back with one. We really test for the temperament of
the dog. We don’t actually look for vicious dogs, or aggressive dogs whatsoever. We’re
just looking for strong stable dogs. 01:34
COMM: But despite their ferocity in the face of attack Leedor and Robert insist the dogs
they train are also safe family pets. 01:42
LEEDOR: These dogs we trust with out own. Family members, friend’s kids. We could never
sell a dog like this if it had any sort of aggression towards kids. One bite of this
dog for a kid, and we’re over. People have said they’ve got no off switch, it’s complete
nonsense I mean the dog, he’d kill Rob for me now, but at the same time it’ll sit and
lick him, he’s got no personal attachment. 02:02
ROBERT: He’s completely stable. LEEDOR: Completely stable dog. END

100 Replies to “World’s Toughest Dogs? $40,000 Protection Canines”

  1. Oh my god…image that bite! Oh my! That dog is touching and heart loved by there owners and they love them back for doing this! Tough though don’t want to get bitten by one of them….

  2. and then one day it messes up and doesn’t realize that toddler wasn’t trying to hurt him and gets put down for killing a child

  3. Oh the UK, where protection is reserved for the financially elite. Ill just stick to the U.S. With a handgun for 500 USD

  4. man when i pretend to broke and steal all the stuff our dog jumped in me and like my ear when im down and the other dog who is always angry he bit my ear my arm and legs its painfull thats my dog i trained them alot since 2015 im 6 yrs old and he is play full we have 4 dog its the 2 body gaurd in our front door and the other one is in his house

  5. The thing which worries me slightly about this sort of thing is that the people who buy these dogs would rather see a burglar mauled to pieces, than they'd see him make away with insured goods. I can sort of see the appeal with companies that need to protect trade secrets and dignitaries living under threat of personal attack, but my insured TV is not worth someone's arm.

  6. I have 2 wimpy dogs bc my wiener dog will bark and pretty much run away and my husky will howl and pretty much run away so I wish I had tough dogs

  7. $20,000 I could buy an extremely advanced security system. Security doors windows locks and maybe a panic room

  8. Once my uncle almost got attacked by a pit bull and he grabbed the dog by the throat and didn’t crush its throat but damn near I never messed with that man again

  9. Even though I love dogs and do anything for them.this types of training is good but also is making people and countries despise dogs and are creating rules on what dogs are permitted for that particular country

  10. This is a strong dog but….

    When you see a Kangal,co basically sarplanic,shar pei,Akita and African mastiff you'll change your mind about these dogs being scary

  11. my dog was so little hes like a chuhuahua and he bites a little but hes kind and very gentle he is not barking and hes only 3months old and i have never herd him bark he keeps licking my foot hands face and hes not that good at eating but hes fat not very but just fat and his also cute and my dogs name is chimmy

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