Women’s Self Defense Strikes : Self Defense Side & Stomp Kicks

Women’s Self Defense Strikes : Self Defense Side & Stomp Kicks

For women’s self defense this is serious
stuff. You want to be able to strike and be effective at the same time. If you’re going
to use a kick, we can do the roundhouse kick, you can do a front snap kick, anything you
want but my most, my favorite one, is either a side kick or a stomp kick. To use that for
your feet you want to use the heel of your foot. It will come up and down as hard as
you can on your heel for a stomp kick or the same thing for a side kick. If somebody is
coming in and you don’t want them to, obviously this is women’s self defense, the kick would
come up and straight out to the side here using the heel of your foot. I would go to
the leg, you can either come to the knee, to the shin or to the thigh here. Come straight
up and powerhouse through that with your heel. Also if you are going to use a stomp on the
foot or if they are on the ground already once again use the heel, boom, and strike
into it.

6 Replies to “Women’s Self Defense Strikes : Self Defense Side & Stomp Kicks”

  1. Effective when the opponent is on the ground.. otherwise you are probably not goingt to hit it because its such a small target!

  2. The groin kick is good when it connects, but men naturally protect that particular area very well and most kicks are ineffective due to misses. A kick to the knee (side or frontal) is very effective and easy to perform and most men cannot protect the knee well enough to avoid an incapacitating injury. A knee injury is very also painful. Remember, if the attacker can not walk/run/or stand up, his attack will falter or fail and give you time to either escape or further incapacitate him.

  3. In all seriousness you can't just watch this and know the mechanics of a side kick, you have to practice and get a feel for putting your body into it. took me about 6 months before i could execute a good powerful side kick from my normal stance, and if you are in a sideways stance like that you are very easy to take down. Fighting is more complicated than watching these videos, your best off doing a thrust kick from 300 to the solar plexus, groin kick, eye gouge, or a palm strike.

  4. What is so stupid about the video is that if the dude likes getting kicked by women, then you'll get him off and turn him on.

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