Womens Self Defense : Self Defense Against Guns

Womens Self Defense : Self Defense Against Guns

In this series, we’re talking about the traveling
business woman, threats they may face and techniques that they can use to protect themselves.
In this situation, the defender is being approached with a gunman from the front. Now, in most
cases, the recommendation we have is if someone comes at you with a weapon and they demand
money, they demand your keys, your purse, it’s recommended to give it them, because
we don’t want to risk being killed for what material objects we have in our possession.
However, if the case is different, maybe the gunman is trying to get her to travel to another
location, get her to move into a car, or she’s fairly, you know, she feels certain that she’s
going to be shot anyway, then we attempt to do the gun defense. The principles are pretty
simple. The first thing we’re going to be doing is moving the gun off the defender,
out to a safe zone. Secondly, she needs to come in and gain some control of the weapon
so that the gunman can’t reacquire her as a target. Then she’s going to be counterattacking
so that, again, I am thinking about being hit not thinking about how I’m going to get
the gun back on her. And then, thirdly, I’m sorry, fourthly, she’ll be working on disarming
the weapon and taking it away. That’s really the least important. That’s really least important,
it’s very possible she might just continue striking until maybe I drop the gun or I’m
incapacitated enough where she could easily remove it without having to be technical about
it. Do it again, yeah, there you go, all the same. Another situation that may potentially occur
is when the female traveler is in a hotel room or possibly at a friend’s house and maybe
the attacker knows that she’s alone and wants to be in access. He may do this in a variety
of ways, possibly pretending to be a service personnel or a repair person of some kind.
We’re going to cover a few scenarios where the access is limited because the door is
on a chain and the person brings the weapon into the room and the defender needs to take
care of that threat. So the first thing I’m going to use is a handgun. Now this is a pretty
simple exercise, but it’s really important you keep your cool. Because the gun is dangerous,
the fact that I can shoot anybody in the room even though I’m behind the door. So what Amy’s
going to do is she’s first going to immobilize the gun by controlling the weapon but then
she’s used the door as a weapon against my arm. If the door for some reason isn’t strong
enough, she can simply do palm strikes into my hand, hitting it against the door frame.

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  1. I appreciate that you post these videos up. I think aikido is a healthy alternative to owning a gun (and in these days, I strongly feel fewer people should have guns). I've taken Bujinkan Budo, a type of aikido…and I've since had the same …complaint? (I don't mean to complain). I wish I could see examples of real aikido being used. I seriously doubt that a gunman would just stand and watch the attacked pull out all these aikido moves..you know? How would someone really strong actually react?

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