Wireless Security Camera System Design by CCTV Camera Pros

Wireless Security Camera System Design by CCTV Camera Pros

This drone video footage provides an overview
of a wireless security camera system that CCTV Camera Pros designed for a self storage
facility in Boynton Beach, Florida. The drone is taking off from the parking lot
in front of the storage facility’s main office. We will start by flying up high to capture
an overview of the entire property. This storage facility is on seven acres of
land and consist of many separate storage buildings and a storage yard for boats and
vehicles. The main challenge in designing a security
camera system for any project that consist of multiple buildings is running cable to
connect the security cameras to a DVR. For this project, we used a combination of
hard wired and wireless security cameras. The DVR that records video surveillance footage
from all of the cameras is installed in the main office building that you see here. This is the long range wireless antenna that
receives the video signal from the wireless camera systems installed on four storage unit
buildings. It is an omni-directional antenna which means
that it can receive wireless signals from 360 degrees. The receiving antenna is wired to a PoE injector
and network switch inside the office using CAT-5 cable. Next, we are going to fly to the four wireless
security camera system that are installed on the storage unit buildings. This is the first of four wireless IP camera
locations. The distance to this location from the receiving
antenna on the office building is 400 feet. There are two high definition IP cameras at
this location that are connected to a power over Ethernet network switch located inside
that weatherproof power box. The transmitting antenna is also wired to
the network switch inside the NEMA box. The video signal from both of these IP cameras
is sent over WIFI back to the receiving antenna on the office building. CCTV Camera Pros has more technical details
that document exactly how these wireless camera systems are installed on our website. We will include links in the description of
this video if you are watching on YouTube. Next, let’s fly over to the next camera
location. This is basically the same setup as the previous
building. There are two high definition security cameras
transmitting their video signal over WIFI using a long range wireless transmitter. We’ll get in a little closer for a better
view. Notice at all of the wireless camera locations,
the transmitting antenna sticks up above the roof line for a direct line of sight to the
receiving antenna. This is important in wireless installations
like these. Onto the third wireless camera system location. Again, these two cameras are installed using
the same configuration as the last two locations. These cameras monitor the boat, automobile,
and RV storage yard. The last wireless camera location has just
one IP camera installed. The rest of the setup is the same consisting
of a weatherproof power box that houses a POE network switch and POE injector for the
wireless antenna. This diagram shows in more detail how the
IP camera and wireless antenna are wired to the network switch. There is an even more detailed explanation
available on our website. In addition to the four wireless camera locations,
this installation also included some hard wired security cameras that were installed
on the office building and the storage building directly across from it. We are going to fly back over to that location
to talk about those briefly. This is one of three HD CCTV cameras that
are installed on this storage building. The reason that we used hard wired security
cameras here is because there was already RG59 coax cable in place that was run from
this building to the office location. We are back at the office building where the
DVR is located. This is another HD security camera that is
hard wired to the DVR using RG59 Siamese coax cable and BNC connectors. There are 5 other hard wired CCTV cameras
installed on these two buildings. All of the security cameras used in this installation
have built-in IR LEDs that enable infrared night vision. Business managers and owners are able to login
remotely to view their security cameras live using desktop software for PCs and mobile
apps for iPhone and Android. Recorded video search and playback is also
supported. Before we wrap up, I want to thank Farryl
for capturing the drone footage seen in this video. Farryl has been on our team for many years
and he is one of our system designers that works with customers all over the country
to build systems like these. CCTV Camera Pros designs video surveillance
systems like the one seen in this video for DIY and professional installers worldwide. These multi-building wireless camera systems
are not limited to storage facilities. We design systems like these for all types
of businesses, homes, and government installations. To learn more about the security camera system
seen in this video and the design services that we provide, please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/storage Thank you for watching.

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  1. what dvr is on this system , Im looking for a dvr that will support already installed analog cameras as well as wireless cameras for a car wash application . The existing system have 16 analog cameras we want to keep and the ability to add wireless cameras to two seperate wash bays not connected to the main building , similar to the system your showing exc. smaller .

  2. Hi
    I was wondering if you can zoom into the video after playback ( when reviewing your footage) to focus a specific area on a PTZ or/and Motorized Varifocal camera.

    What is the difference between a PTZ and Motorized Varifocal camera other than the Pan and Tilt function?


  3. Like i have a call box in the center of the community however i do not want to run cable however its 30 ft from the dvr across the road

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