Windows CCTV DVR Software 1080p HD Security Camera View

Windows CCTV DVR Software 1080p HD Security Camera View

The Windows client software for iDVR-PRO CCTV
DVRs now supports remotely viewing HD Security cameras at 1080p video resolution. Here’s
a live camera view in the software. This is a 16 channel DVR that we’re connected to and
it currently has 12 cameras hooked up to it. Cameras 1 through 5 are 1080p resolution analog
high definition security cameras. Camera 6 is a 720p resolution AHD security camera and
camera 7 is a 1080p HD-TVI security camera. Cameras 8 through 12 are standard definition
analog CCTV cameras. These controls allow you to switch between the different camera
views that are supported. When I double click on a camera, it brings me to that particular
camera’s single camera view and the software automatically adjusts the video stream to
the max resolution that the camera supports. This is one of the 1080p security cameras,
so the video stream is adjusted to 1080p resolution. This camera monitors one of our tech rooms.
This is another 1080p camera but this one has a 180 degree lens. This particular camera
monitors our sales floor. This is another 1080p AHD camera that monitors
our warehouse. Here is another 1080p AHD camera that monitors the front door entrance to our
building. Here’s a 720p resolution AHD camera. This is a 1080p resolution HD-TVI security
camera. I’m going to switch back to the 12 camera view and make the software side menu
visible again. In addition to standard definition analog CCTV cameras, iDVR-PROs surveillance
DVRs now support 720p and 1080p high definition security cameras. AHD and HD-TVI high definition
security camera types are both supported. The Windows DVR viewer software for iDVR-PRO
allows users to view all of these camera types. In addition to the live camera viewing, the
Windows software also lets users search and play back video that has been recorded on
the DVRs hard drive. If you’re using PTZ cameras, the Windows software can be used to remotely
control pan, tilt, and zoom movement of PTZ cameras. The Windows software can be used
on the same local area network with the DVR is located and also remotely over the internet.
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  1. SO FUCKING CONFUSED iam trying to use Wifi/wireless cameras .. and just build my own dvr system out of a pc I got shit loads of HDD's and extra parts .. what all do i need?

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