Will the sin Afford your protection? Kannada Short film | #mohanclazarus

Will the sin Afford your protection?  Kannada Short film | #mohanclazarus

Brother, brother, get up. Stop there. It seems crowded there Look how school boys are lying
drunk here. PC
– Sir Check what is happening.
– Okay Sir. Everybody leave. Don’t make a crowd here What is it? Two school boys are totally drunk. Take them to the vehicle now. Okay sir. Those who love….. Sir What, dear? Sir, Ashika is crying.
Why? Sir she tore my note Sir. Jerusha! I did not do it Sir.
She is lying. Really?
Is she lying? Here take the stick. Beat Ashika yourself who lied. I only tore the book sir.
Beat me Sir. Very good Jerusha.
This is what I expected. Don’t do this mistake again. Sir, Head Master is calling you. You go, I will come. Keep silence everyone.
Okay? Come, Sit down. It’s alright.
You say, SIr I always make you sit and talk because of
your discipline and punctuality. But your son is opposite to that. Today morning your son and Mahesh
from 10th standard have brought bad name to our school. What are you saying Sir? Today morning Because of them
it is a big shame for me. Mr.Chandran, this news is spreading
like a virus in WhatsApp. Please go and
try to stop that. Okay Sir. Sir,
what are they saying? They have purchased
the drinks illegally. They are not telling the details
where and from whom they bought it. Leave it.
I will investigate. Okay Sir. Son, you are a student. Without making it hard,
tell us where you bought the drinks. If you tell us
we won’t do anything to you. We will catch the people
the sellers of the drinks to you. You can go home immediately. What happened?
Tell them where you bought them? What happened to you? Just tell them.
If you tell we can go home. How hard hearted you are? Your news is spread badly in WhatsApp. Everyone is asking how Tasmac opened at 8 am?
Was it a good drink or illegal drinks? So many questions are coming up. But you…. Being quiet without
saying anything. Rascal. Sir, my name is Chandra.
I am a teacher at the boy’s school. Oh is it you? Sir, my son… Are you asking
why we have arrested him here? Your son and the other person
have bought drinks illegally and drank it. They still have not told the details of
from where and whom they bought the drinks. Based on what your son says only
we can catch the illegal gang who sells the drinks. Please don’t take it wrong. You are a teacher and if you didn’t teach
discipline to your son, how will the society get better? So many people gave lives to get the freedom for us. Even if we cannot make the nation proud,
at least we can try to not bring shame to it. If you son has answered,
we would have brought him to your place. But he is not telling it at all.
What to do? Every moment that we are here,
it is a shame for us. Please tell them fast son. If I say that,
your name will be destroyed. What are you saying? Last night in our house, there was
a foreign bottle that you hid in the bedroom… That was this dad. How can I say about this dad? No one is coming to help. Oh no,
Did God forsake me? What can I do? You are a teacher and if you dint teach discipline
to your son, how will the society get better? Siva, your dad is also not here.
I think we are caught badly. Yes, if the Lord delivers us,
then definitely we will be delivered. Hey David,
When Jesus went for a Judge Job? Wait and see, one day you will also face danger,
you will come to Jesus at that moment Jesus, save me.
I have spoken badly about you. Forgive me. David told me that you will give
the real freedom Buit without believing you,
and being lethargically But I believe you now Jesus.
Please do something. In this world,
there is no way for my son to get delivered What will I do now? If Son of God, Jesus delivers you,
you will get real freedom. Will Jesus deliver my son? Jesus give us freedom. I don’t know what to do.
Please do something Jesus. I believe you. I believe you Jesus.
Please help me somehow. Hello? Okay, I will take care. Sir, answer our questions Sir. Please wait. What are you doing here?
Why are you holding students here? First give advice to them and let them go. Ok sir Sir, where are the students who were drunk?
Can you give more details? Is it really very important
to release that story in the news? If it was your brother or mine,
Will we publish it as a news? What is wrong in this Sir? We are publishing the truth only right? It is good But this news will destroy
their future. Is that alright for you? They should have thought
about it before committed the sin Yea, that’s correct. They did not think like it
I ask for forgiveness on their behalf. Sir, you are a Higher Police officer. Why are you asking forgiveness for them? I feel it’s not wrong.
It’s my country, my India. I care that my nation student’s
life should not get spoiled. I hope you also feel
responsible like that. Sir, we are also
the children of this land. Hello. Dad, Jesus gave me freedom. What are you saying Son? Yes dad.
The Police told us both to go home. Beloved in Christ,
I greet you in Jesus name. Youth is the time to be happy
that God has provided us The time of being young,
studying at school or college. Those are happy days and
there will be everlasting memories occur during the young days. There are two types of things in this. One is attaining happiness in the good things
and the other is in the bad things. Wrong habits, relationships, friendships
those who pursue this end up with shame. Drinking, Drugs, bad relationships
everything ruins your holiness and your witness. Your studies get spoiled by this. Your name in the society
will be damaged. Your parents will get hurt because of this. Look how many things are there in this. So, in your youth,
be careful about being holy. Caught up for being playful
and accompanying with friends It was a hard situation and
are you worried about that? I need freedom from any
bad relationship or bad habit or a wrong thing. Jesus will deliver you. He will never push you
saying you are a sinner. He is a friend of sinners. He hates the sins
and not the sinner. I sinned, I am caught in this hardship,
Who will help me? Jesus will help you.
He loves you. Since he loves you,
he will never betray you to others. He will never let you be ashamed. He will secretly forgive us from our sin
and deliver us from that hardship and makes us happy. John 8:36,
“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” Not a Fake or Temporary but
It is a complete deliverance. Jesus will provide you What is your problem today? Where have you been caught
and struggling to get out from? It can be the wrong relationships occur
through your mobile, or any strangers or your friends What will happen
when your parents know about it? They will be badly hurt.
How much have they trusted you? Get the deliverance. Ask Jesus as, “Please give me freedom from the sin”
Definitely He will deliver you. He is a Lord who understands. He understands the diversions and
distractions we get in our youth. He understands the struggles. He will never point out you as
“a sinner” or “bad” and defame you He loves you and say,
“My son, My daughter, I will give you true freedom” How can he deliver me?
I am trying so hard and I fail. He died on the cross for our freedom. He was nailed on the cross.
His body was tied onto the cross. Beloved, The Blood of Jesus cleanses
all the sins and make us new. As soon as you ask him to save you from the sin,
you will witness a metaphysical miracle. The power of his blood
will save us from our sins. There will be a deliverance
from the sin and obtain the new heart You won’t show interest
in any of your past sins. You will throw them away. You will not even think about it. Your heart will change. If you give space to Jesus,
he will deliver you. Today, now he will deliver you. Because he died on the cross for you. Will you pray with me with faith? From which temptations,
do you need a deliverance? I will pray with you. I need deliverance from this bad habit,
relationship, fear, worry, depression Need a deliverance from this disease
that occured even at this young age Whatever it maybe,
God will deliver you today. Shall we pray? Kneel down Humble yourself in from of Jesus and pray. I will join with you and pray. Father, I pray for these lovely
young son and daughter. I need a deliverance from it
for being entrapped or could not give up any bad habits Whoever is praying like that,
let the power of your blood touch them If Jesus delivers, then there is a real freedom.
Let there be freedom as you told in Jesus name. Let the bonds of sin
be cut off in Jesus name. Let all the spirits of sin
be condemned in Jesus name. I command you leave the children,
Freedom in the name of Jesus. Let there be peace and happiness in their heart. Change the guilt from their heart Guard them not to be tempted again Let them free those who bound with fear
in the name of Jesus Christ Let the people who are inflicted and depressed shall
be delivered in the name of Jesus Christ Let there be deliverance in whatever
they need in the name of Jesus Christ Thank you for your hands are touching them. I praise you for giving them freedom
by the power of your blood. From now on, bless them with a new life. We pray in Jesus name. Amen Amen Beloved, God heard your prayer and delivered you. Praise him with faith. He forgave and forgot your sin
and provided the freedom. Keep praising him for forgiving and delivering you. You will see the miracles. Read the bible and pray every day. Bible verses will talk to you. It will make you Holy. You will grow in love and faith in God more. Let his hand guide and lead you.

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