Wide Angle HD Security Camera (180 Degree Lens) 1080p AHD CCTV

Wide Angle HD Security Camera (180 Degree Lens) 1080p AHD CCTV

The AHD-BL25 is an ultra wide angle security
camera that has a 180 degree lens and captures 1080p HD surveillance video. For this demo,
I mounted a BL25 to the ceiling of our sales office at CCTV Camera Pros. Here is a close-up
view that shows how this HD security camera is mounted to the ceiling tiles. Please note
the location of these two desks below and to the left and right of where the camera
is mounted. Here is the view from the camera. This is a medium-size room at 29 feet wide
by 16 feet deep. Notice that the camera is able to see those two desks below it and at
the same time see the other side of the room clearly. There is one small blind spot right
here. The effective angle of the lens is actually about 170 degrees, so this small area is not
covered. When I stop here in front of the camera and
wave, I’m about six feet in front of where the camera is mounted. When I position myself
closer, I’ll place my right hand on the wall below where the camera is mounted. You can
see that only my hand is not visible, and I’m basically right below where the camera
is mounted. Next, I’m going to turn off all the lights in the room. When I do, the camera
detects that there is no light in the room and it turns on its infrared LEDs and engages
its IR cut filter. When the camera operates in this infrared night vision mode, high definition
black and white video is captured. I use the flashlight app on my iPhone so that I can
make my way back into this area again. I’ll turn the flashlight off and position myself
again about six feet in front of the camera. You can see that the camera’s infrared mode
does a good job of illuminating me and the entire room. I turn the flashlight app back
on so that I can make my way back over to the light switch. When I turn the lights on,
the camera automatically turns its infrared LEDs off and disengages the IR cut filter
so that color video is captured once again. The AHD-BL25 is an AHD CCTV-type camera that
must be connected to an AHD compatible DVR to record video. To make this video, we connected
ours to an iDVR -PRO surveillance DVR. This camera captures full 1080p HD video. The camera’s
built-in infrared LEDs and night vision technology allow it to capture video in low light and
zero light conditions. The tri-axis mount of the camera allows it to be ceiling or wall-mounted.
The camera’s housing is IP66 weatherproof-rated, which means that it could be used for indoor
and outdoor video surveillance. The 180-degree fish-eye lens provides an ultra-wide angle
of view. CCTV Camera Pros supplies this camera for home, business, and government use. For
more information and current pricing, please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/bl25. Thank you
for watching.

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  1. Is this compatible with the Samsung SDH V5100 DVR? I have existing bullet type Samsung cameras that comes with it, however, I want to see if I can replace 4 channels with this camera.


  2. Dexter, is an Amcrest technical support person, who assisted me in getting my 3 cameras operating>>>t.co/irQIz9aYYl  He was quite patient and very professional in getting them up and operating.

  3. What are those other lights that come on in the hallway at the top right and right center of the room automatically? I would say you dont need the flashlight app with those automatic lights coming on.

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