Why You Should Wax Your Car (Restore and Protect)

Why You Should Wax Your Car (Restore and Protect)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you why it’s a good
idea to wax your car, because if you don’t, your car can end up like this,
all faded and rusty, and to think that this was once my car, I sold it to a
customer years ago, needless to say it hasn’t been waxed even once, in all those
years, now as crazy as it sounds, the paint on your car is still somewhat
flexible, and if you don’t wax it and keep it pliable, it’ll crack fade and
rust, now once it starts cracking, it’s too late,
so you need to wax it so the cracks never start in the first place, now you
don’t want to wax over dirt because the dirt will scratch it, and it won’t seal it
right, so first you have to wash your car, use a little soap that’s made just
for washing cars, then rinse the car off before you use the soap, and when you’re
cleaning with the soap, don’t use a sponge they can actually scratch the paint, I
use this sheep’s wool mitt, it does a good job cleaning, and it doesn’t scratch,
let’s start cleaning, and if you notice, I’m doing it in the shade, don’t wash
your wax a car and a Sun, it’ll spot up, you want to do in the shade, so you can
dry off easy and the Sun won’t make it spotty, then rinse all the soap off, and then when you’re done rinsing, you
want to get a chamois and take it off, I use ione of these synthetic ones, because they
work fine and they last for years this thing’s over five years old, still
doesn’t have rips and tears and it dries fine, keep squeezing the water out,
and wiping it off, so there’s no water spots, and then comes a patience part, you
want to wait an hour or so in the shade, so it dries off, because you don’t want to
wax a car that has any water on it, and you don’t want to put it in a Sun, because
the Sun will get it too hot and the wax won’t work right, then once the car is
totally dry, get out the wax, and start waxing, now there’s all kinds of waxes,
solid ones, liquid ones, ones that claim they last forever, but really, the solid
wax ones that are hard, that are a little bit harder to put on, but they last
longer, and they’re going to make your car look better in the long run, the ones you
squirt on they don’t hold up as well, now once the cars dry, you get one of these
applicators, rub it inside on the hard wax, and then do circular motion on the
car, do a section at a time, because you don’t want to get a whole
bunch of an on, then when it dries, it’s too hard to get off, so you do like the
hood, do the whole hood, and wait a few minutes, and then start buffing off the
first side you did, then the other side, when you see it starting to get dry and
hazy like this, it’s time to buff it off with a towel, now some guys are fanatics
and Ithey will use these microfiber towels, me, I use our old house towels and they’re
worn out and the wife is going to throw them away,
hey I run it through the washer they’re nice and soft and they’re good for
buffing, you just gently buff it off in a circular motion, and you turn the tile
every so often, so you don’t load it up with wax, and when you’re done with this
side, you can now see that the other side is dry and you can buff that, waxing your
car section-by-section, gives it a good gloss, doesn’t build up too much, and it
will buff out really nicely, if you do the whole car and then go back, some of
that white stuff is going stay on and your car is going to look horrible, and of course
people are going to say, okay how often should I wax my car, well it’s a good idea to
wax it four times a year, once for each season, and yeah it could be a hassle and if you’re lazy, you can pay a wax place to wax it for you, but just
realize, are they going to do as good of a job as you are on your own car, and sure I’m as
lazy as the next guy, but I’m also cheap so I do it myself, because really do you
want your car to end up looking like this, at least while you own it, and
really wouldn’t you rather have a nice shiny car to drive around in, and
remember if you got any questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel and
I’ll answer them as soon as I’m done drinking some of this moonshine!

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  2. this is why you live in southern Arizona. rusting is near non existent on cars around here. I think I washed my car outside of the rain somewhere 10 years ago lol

  3. Just so you know if you use a Circular motion if you have anything on the applicator or removal towel you will put spider web scratches in the paint & those are crazy hard to remove later brah

  4. I just painted my beetle and the guy told me to wax it. Do I need one of those orbital machines and big puffy pads to wax my car or can I do it like how Scotty did it?

  5. After washing your car you should clay bar it first to remove embedded dirt in the paint's pores, then wax, but never do it in circular but linear (the length of the car) motion to eliminate waxing swirls. BTW, my synthetic absorber is nearly 20 years old and still works great! LOL

  6. I'll wax my car next weekend but just in case I don't get to it then, I'll do it the week after … or the week after that.

  7. Hey Scotty

    What do you think of these ceramic coats that some car detailers offer? Is worth it or waxing the car is fine

  8. This is perfect!! Thank you!! I bought a black Mustang almost 2 years ago and I’ve been so confused about how to take care of it (polish? Wax? How often? Wash it myself? Gas station car wash?) This video sums it all up and keeps it simple! 😃👍🏻

  9. Don’t use a shammy because it scratches the paint. What’s the point of washing it at home if it’s just going to get just as scratched as taking it to an automatic car wash? I used to detail new cars at a dealership, and we had to use a shammy, and even though the paint has never seen a car wash before, you can see the fine lines on the paint after drying it with a shammy. If you’re lazy about drying your car, use a leaf blower. Faster and less effort, and the best part, no scratches.

  10. Is it necessary to polish a dashboard and side trims coz I'm so confused between polishing and not doing so. Please reply me Scott coz I'm so caring about my babe fiat grande punto. Some are saying that polishing the dashboard fades off the color and some says that it is necessary to polish to protect it from fading

  11. Ole Smoky makes some great moonshine/whiskey. I highly recommend their Mango Habanero whiskey, it's great for a cold shot (fridge not freezer). Nothing quite like it.

  12. That friend you have who’s just got a loud mouth but on the plus side atleast you can put the volume down on the video 😂

  13. Winter where i am can get to — 40 c ….. so i wax in july , august . Megs ultimate liquid lasts all winter. Its july now , still looks good .

  14. Some of us care about our cars, don't use old bath towels to wipe your vehicle! What tf is the point of waxing to protect your paint if you're just gonna scratch it up in the process?? I've watched quite a few of Scotty's videos, many of them are very good but despite his experience, he cuts a lot of corners.

  15. I love to see you talk, funny and informative. Good Job Scotty!!!, Hope you will success what ever you do in future.!!!, Salam from Malaysia

  16. Wrong again pinhead! I’m in the trade. Wax will not stop rust, rust is from un touched up nicks and scratched down to metal. Most rust is from inside out, all the foam deadened inside the panels retains moisture. Towels big mistake, hold dirt, very abrasive. Micro fiber! Get it right or shut up.

  17. Yeah, i washed and waxed my car last week in 100 degree temo. Nope nit fir me. Way ti much work, holy cow. It was an all day event. 😥

  18. This may sound dumb but how would you wash the wax off from the towels? Would you just throw it away after one use ? You can’t wash it with water cause it’s wax.

  19. I am no scientist but I can't imagine how wax would keep the protective clear coat pliable. I have a 20 years old VW that looks brand new because it sits inside the garage when not being driven. Nothing fancy has been done to it, just 3 or 4 hand washes annually.

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