Why Is Mitch McConnell Blocking Bills To Protect U.S. Elections? | The Last Word | MSNBC

Why Is Mitch McConnell Blocking Bills To Protect U.S. Elections? | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Why is he blocking the bills?: Money. Russian aluminum giant to build a factory in #moscowmitch district. It's all about the cash! Check out tyt live weekdays 6pm eastern. They break down the corruption. It is vast.

  2. I can't imagine Moscow Mitch getting ANY votes if he is still dumb enough to run. But I'm sure there are people who will vote for the turtle

  3. In the Uk and Ireland we vote with a paper ballot for this exact problem. Why can states not apply this law themselves, to protect you from having your freedom taken away by another country? Asking this due to living in Northern Ireland, and I’m young enough to remember postings in papers saying, Catholics need not apply in big bold writing. Which as a child at that time had my eyes opened that people hate me due to religious beliefs and a warped ideology backed by London was quiet shock to me when I asked what it meant! That was m first time ever known
    People just hate my religion. It was really a culture shock how others think about me at that time.

    I’ve been brought up in a great home which always was respect others as a requirement you carried everywhere. Why have we as people lost this little item no one truly can take away, when you let them take it they take your soul with them. Never lose sight of that America!🙏🏻❤️🇮🇪

  4. In Australia, we can manage to have an entirely paper based election system AND compulsory voting and have it work perfectly…..so why can't the self proclaimed "greatest country in the world" manage to do the same thing???? Seriously failing to be impressed by US exceptionalism……

  5. The reason why he's not protecting the election because he wants Trump to be president in 2020 and he probably know about the Russian is helping him and Trump probably told him not to do it


  7. Republicans have implemented so many ways to cheat in elections including allowing Russia to have influence in elections.
    The republican party doesn't have anything to offer the younger generation and minorities.
    McConnell is claiming that democrats are looking for ways to dominate the elections is just insane.
    If McConnell accepts any bill that wants safe guards for our elections would mean that Trump is a illegitimate president.

  8. People don't seem to realise that there has already been a coup by the republicans. Democracy is gone and there will never be another fair election while they are in charge. Only the military can remove them now.

  9. I hope you don't think Moscow Mitch is not going to do anything about our elections , any other Country he would be a dead man walking. TRUMP wants help thats the only way he can win.

  10. Who cares..MISCOW MITCH MCCONNELL NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED FOR BEING ANTI AMERICAN AND A BLATANT TRAITOR. Party over the good of the nation. Soon we will be another Russian owned government !

  11. Why aren't Americans doing anything about Republicans and Trump instead of talking for hours everyday. After Muller they all should be behind bars…

  12. BooHoo ! Just heard Moscow Mitch fell and broke his shoulder..sure hope he has good government Insurance. To bad he didn't fall on his head it might have made an improvement

  13. Mosco_Mitch-EPUBLICAN ARE SO AFRAID! THEY CAN NOT OPEN THEIR MOUTH NOW WIT TRUMP RACISM!!__On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper took the time to point out all of the Republicans who refused to come on the air to discuss the atrocities of the weekend. The list is longer than you’d expect, and it shows just how incompetent and inept the Republican Party really is. They know what the issue is, but they can’t speak out about it because they are terrified of the NRA. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.DOMESYIC TERROTISM!! PROMOTED BY THE USA PRESTDENT TRUMP!! B AD THE GOP! ???? THEY NOW CAN"T SPEAK! DON"T OPEN THEIR MOUTH!! MOW THEY GET MUTE!!-REPUBLICAN ARE SO AFRAID! THEY CAN NOT OPEN THEIR MOUTH NOW WIT TRUMP RACISM!!__On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper took the time to point out all of the Republicans who refused to come on the air to discuss the atrocities of the weekend. The list is longer than you’d expect, and it shows just how incompetent and inept the Republican Party really is. They know what the issue is, but they can’t speak out about it because they are terrified of the NRA. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.DOMESYIC TERROTISM! PROMOTED BY THE USA PRESTDENT TRUMP!! BUT THE GOP! ???? THEY NOW CAN"T SPEAK! DON"T OPEN THEIR MOUTH!! N OW THEY GET MUTE!!

  14. There has to be a term limit for these guys,how possibly you can stay in Congress or senate for 30 years and more. Mitch has to go if CAROLINA elect him SHAME on them. It is always about money. SAD!

  15. Y’all REALLY F$&cked up when y’all elected the kkk/white nationalist into the White House. Good luck getting rid of them. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Our government has to know every trick known to meddle elections. We’ve been doing it for years to other countries.

  17. McConnell is not a patriot. He is ideological. Someone who believes his definition of America is the only correct one and those who don't fit within that view are the enemy. These types always come out of the woodwork before the demise of any country or society. They are a sad precursor of the inevitable collapse that's on it's way. He's not operating in a vacuum afterall. He is an elected official excreted from and supported by enough like minded voters to put him in the position he is in and keep him there.

  18. So it wasin't Trump, it was him all along?' I totally believe this, you can tell just by looking at him, he must be a Russian spy.😂😂😂😂😂

  19. We will see how many republican tRump sycophants, apologists and enablers come forward to condemn 45's abhorrent racist behavior. Note those who either fall silent or continue to march in goose step to tRump's racist, hateful rhetoric. We have the opportunity to rid our government of these cowards and traitors on election day. Don't Boo. . .VOTE.

  20. Moscow Mitch will not improve gun laws or election rules. No rules for republicans or laws or shame, drain the swamps

  21. 6:05 Even with paper ballots, electronic machines are used to count those. They should be manually counted if there is even the slightest doubt. Voting equipment should be open source, otherwise they are ripe for corruption.

  22. It's obvious! He is a Russian asset.. There is no other way to put it! How can you block a bill to protect our election security!? I can't stand that dude. Shame on the Republicans for being complicit!

  23. American Hitler Trump, Moscow Mitch, Lenin Lindsy shame Trumpers shame you're bringing America down again.

  24. Trumpster love people who protect their number one entertainer ask people from the Russian State of Kentucky. Republicans will never be proud to be American they only serve the Actor Trump. the Senate has no Heart, Its all about the money.

  25. This guy if he is guilty the Low has to give him death penalty so that way no one else is going to do again

  26. Because the democrats have laced the bills with control of government by democrats! There bills tried to regulate the president! There deal, is democrats rule, or nobody does! And you Americans, shut up and we will tell when you have rights!

  27. This COUNTRY is ridiculous. Look at us. We're A MESS! We are our own worst enemy! White nationalist are the new terrorists!!! Wake up America

  28. Simple. Republicans can't win a straight up Presidential election. They have the EC place the loser in office. The Republicans haven't won a Presidential election since 1988 when George H.W. Bush actually won. Think about that!

  29. Moscowmitch is bad news but also is a homophobic as joy here who has said bigoted things

    i refuse to listen to bigots sorry MSNBC as long as you put her on as the filler for someones 3 day weekend WEEKLY and have stopped watching your channel entirely

  30. So it's plain and simple. If you vote for a Republican knowing they're allowing Russia to interfere i say move to Russia. If you don't like democracy your not a patriotic American get OUT

  31. People forget #moscowmitch received donations from voting machine lobbyists before squashing these votes. You can buy #moscowmitch for $3000.00.


  32. I am tired of hearing about who to vote for and all of these stupid people in office who don't care about us, all it takes is us as american in this country $20.00 x 40,000 people which is 800,000 dollars and we can start our own businesses. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell Mills May 22, 2017.

  33. Is this why things have been so crazy? People in power rule the narrative to hide their dirty deeds? Some things never change everyone & everything is bought,sold or made to hate. :(So where are we going from here? Is there anyone out there that can clean up this sickness that is not apart of this cesspool of corruption?

  34. Mc Connell will support all the Bill's after a Democrat is elected. He will demand them and claim how unpatriotic the Democrats are for having won.

  35. Yep. McConnell's bank account cup is running over with Trump and russian money. straight up. In the end, the only language these people understand is money.

  36. whatever happened to the days when good men, from our forefathers on down through history, shed blood to make this country safer from all enemies, foreign and domestic? During the cold war, Russia was our most dangerous adversary, and now we're just handing them the keys to our house?

  37. Here’s what I don’t get: If you own an election machine company, would you want to be known as being opposed to open and fair elections? These companies and their top brass need to be outed.

  38. Mitch…you are too used up…old and staid in your ways! Get out of politics and let some new fresh blood in there. Preferably someone that actually loves our country and it’s democracy! Someone who will not let another country, a hostile country, decide who our leader will be! That is a decision for Americans only and no amount of money under the table should change that!

  39. Why isn't this man being charged with treason? When I complain (frequently) about the lack of real action against Trump, his cronies, lieutenants and general toadies this is precisely the sort of thing I'm getting at. We've got a wannabe Fascist regime, the sort of regime against which (a bit late perhaps) real ACTION was taken in 1939-45, and real resolve, determination and ingenuity shown. Why aren't we getting the same now? I'm not advocating civil war of course, but I am advocating the sort of decisive step demanded by 'Trumpocalypse', i.e. charges of treason against this creep. I'm sure it and other action could be taken if the right people just 'grew a pair'. Where there's a will there's a way, and at present the 'will' bit seems singularly lacking.

  40. McConnell and trump commit treason right in our faces, they aid and abet Russia, because they are on Putin's pay roll, they are selling our country out!!

  41. The people did not vote for Trump, they actually voted for Hillary!! The electoral college votes voted him into office!!

  42. Americans are stupid….. You're so stupid, its been 2 years, and you STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till you hit a depression….. #FkAmerica

  43. Remember when hanging chads were the only way the republicans could cheat their way to the Whitehouse? Now they Putin in a new way. The Big Orange Kremlin Gremlin, Moscow Mitch, and the Mao Chao. Throw in Wilbur the horse face Ross and tax evading Devos, and let me kiss your orange rear Barr, and all the rest of the corrupt Trump administration appointees, and you have the DC swamp transformed into the DC cesspool. Full of corrupt putrid Trump turds and stinking to high heaven.

  44. Report: Kentucky aluminum plant benefited from McConnell-backed …


    Aug 14, 2019 – is denying that he knew a project in his home state would benefit from the U.S. ending sanctions against a Russian oligarch. In January, nearly …

  45. How a Russian Firm Gave An Economic Lifeline To Appalachia | Time

    https://time.com › Politics › Economy

    Aug 13, 2019 – An idled blast furnace in Ashland, Ky., where Russian money is behind a … The $1.7 billion plant would take aluminum slab and roll it into the …

  46. Here's how Mitch McConnell's efforts to lift sanctions on Russian …

    https://www.alternet.org › News & Politic

    Aug 14, 2019 – … outlining McConnell's opposition to sanctions against Russian companies — opposition that was followed by a major aluminum plant project …

    Russia's Rusal invests $200 million in Kentucky plant after US lifts …

    Apr 15, 2019 – London (CNN Business)Russian aluminum giant Rusal spent most of last year under US sanctions. … Rusal, the largest producer of aluminum outside China, will help fund and supply a low-carbon aluminum rolling mill under construction in the eastern part of the state, parent company En+ …

  47. Have you noticed republicans can't win a Presidential election by popular vote anymore. McConnell is just adding to the list of schemes republicans need to stay in the game. The list only starts with gerrymandering. Sure both parties do it but republicans need it to counter voters turning away from them since …They Don't Represent Americans. They're actually not a political party so much as a syndicate that exists for the next time they can get close enough to the treasury to rifle it. How many times does it have to actually happen for that to become common knowledge? Their voters must like that millionaires and billionaires are disproportionately funneled their tax break while you, you get your couple hundred bucks to keep quiet. Republicans are corrupt and have to become extinct after the endangered species list they're already on.

  48. Moscow Mitch is ready to cheat people yet again ! this coming election 2020. His boss trump a con man and a nasty liar…… following the instruction by trump asset by Russia, They will do it again Russia is standing beside them….US is going down because the White House is full of people working for Russia… more chaos while Trump, Moscow Mitch, Barr, Some republicans is in Russian payroll. They are destroying America . So 😞 so sD.

  49. Let us REBUKE evil. EVIL is taking control of the world. Fascism is evil, yet it is trending throughout the world. Christians REBUKE EVIL by calling your representatives saying " Enough is enough, you must act now to restore democracy, the rule of law and allegiance to the constitution."
    Every Sat. Betw. 10am-11am

  50. Let me tell all you socialist liberals something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No President in my lifetime of 74 years has done as much good for America , in their complete presidency , as President trump has accomplished in the first year of his presidency . Between speaking with forked tongues and political correctness , there is not a true man in Washington and there is certainly not a Trump among them . President Trump is certainly the only one that has ever tried to do everything that he promised the American people while campaigning for President !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO YOU PRETEND to worry about the Russians interfering in our elections , while Washington is infested with socialist Russians like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton . Who makes it plain that they are socialist , just like the Russians ? Who sold one of Americas most vital resources to the Russians that could be used in weapons of mass destruction against us ? If this leaves you speechless , it ought to , for going against one of the very best Presidents America has ever had . All the Democrat leadership is doing is committing suicide . The more determined you are , the 10 times more determined we are , to stand behind President Trump and Vice President Pence !00% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your crowd took America so far into the hog pen that it seemed impossible to get it out of the mud , but It's steadily coming back out , in spite of the furious opposition . You caught the true patriotic people almost asleep and with their pants down . but now we are wide awake and fully dressed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray that God will bless those that are right and give them the victory—————————————————————————————————————-Ernest E. Johnson

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