Why Empaths Attract Toxic People | How to Protect Yourself | FREE COACHING GIVEAWAY

Why Empaths Attract Toxic People | How to Protect Yourself | FREE COACHING GIVEAWAY

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  1. before I even watch the video I think I already know the answer: Easy prey. That's why we are targeted. But as soon as you become more hardened and stand up to BS behaviors then you will not attract those people as much anymore. And yes I used to believe that people were mostly good because up until that point I was very pure of heart and never did anything to intentionaly hurt. Until I was hardcore bullied in school and then at the same time was lowkey bullied by my best friend, that broke me so hard and my faith in humanity and I developed social phobia and trust issues for many years after. Now like 10 years after I'm finaly back to a state were I can make new friends because I'm not shitting myself every time I'm speaking to someone and fearing for my life that they are just going to use me too. So yeah us empaths really have to learn it the painful way that the world is filled with very selfish people. But I also kinda wished I would have seen a video like this or been taught by a parent instead of having to ruin 10 years of my life from trauma.

  2. pretty good information
    Is with a narcissist and I got discarded after 22 hours of abuse across several state lines and that was over 3 years ago so after 6 months of serious CPTSD I just decided I couldn't figure out how to go back to a sense of normalcy and it's because I wasn't supposed to so I resolved living in my vehicle and that's what I've done ever since. The universe had a very specific prescription for my life so that I could unfold as a psychic or open up my gifts even further but have the ability to have regular practice so I went through this obstacle course driving lift an Uber customers around gave me the opportunity to learn to trust myself my intuition and follow the guidance I was given for those people but it's pretty much come to an end now and I know that because there's no more place for growth and now I'm waiting for that whisper what to do now I pretty much have an idea because I've been getting a lot of requests for business cards and I haven't had any made up yet
    is everything happens for a reason my father was my original and I did what most people do when they're trying to figure out what happened to them how it happened and where it came from and how not to repeat those patterns but I agree I don't really see the point in overdoing anything and learning a ton of stuff about a narcissist because really it's about you so you examining your own behavior and what it is that triggers you to act that way but to understand that a lot of this is also biological so you're having a chemical reaction to these behaviors that are triggered by your emotional state and if you know that then you understand that it's an addictive process and it's one that you can stop because once you're aware of it you can make efforts each time you have those feelings come up to take a closer look and have a conversation with yourself. Definitely put space between you and others for sure because what you're seeing and what you're experiencing is usually not what it really is And even though a person might not be a narcissist with a personality disorder they just might have a high level of traits and that in itself is very unhealthy as well it will end up being extremely unfulfilling and self-defeating. Which keeps you in that cycle and then you find that you really can't move forward That's not advisable.

    The Vegas nerve has a lot to do with the triggers and staying in that triggered state of sympathetic versus parasympathetic where you're resting and digesting so sympathetic basically means flight fight and freeze and depending on which one you are in at that time IC flight as adrenaline fight as cortisol and freeze is probably a combination of them both That's just my guess but when you're in rest in digest it's kind of like an oxytocin thing kind of also like when he's love bombing you and you're in that euphoric state That's when you start releasing the oxytocin which is the love molecule it's that almost DMT type reaction dimethyltryptamine if I'm not mistaken

    so now I'm realize and I knew this before because before he and I got together I was a hermit for about 8 years I had no romance in my life and I was happy to not because I had already gotten rid of one narcissist in exchange for another in each one was worse than the other which is kind of funny because sometimes you go up and down back and forth then they're degrees and other times you'll get the grand narcissist while my last one was the grand he actually even told me that he was surprised that I took as much as I did he didn't realize that I was that strong but he should have known because he picked me like an apple that was ready off of a tree so he could drain the life force And he did.by the time he discarded me there was literally nothing left I felt like a prune. Now I knew and I even said to him probably about halfway through the relationship which was all of two and half years that he was grooming me so it's exactly what you say here but I didn't realize what I was saying I was just speaking from a very intuitive place and I wasn't looking for information about these things because I never even considered that it could have been narcissism I don't think we know enough about it I don't think there's enough conversation around it and it's in very important subject matter.

    Why do I say that?

    Because when I went to The domestic violence shelter 2 days after him discarding madagascation and not having any work to go him not even giving me my clothes from the trunk I walked right into a facility that was supposed to help me that didn't even discuss it and they ended up being narcissistic also their program was narcissistic and the people who are running it were highly narcissistic. When you came into that facility you were pounded for 3 days not a breath not a nap not a shower nothing until they got all their paperwork signed all the information statements and such documented to send to the government in order to get their money and they flat out told you you had 30 days and at that time they would review your case and decide if you could stay or if you had to leave. Basically the only thing they cared about is if you were ready to leave did you have the money and if you said no then they would want you to get another job. They never asked you what you had saved they never offer to give you any help they mention something about giving you furniture and things like that once you found a place but they never offered any help with security deposits for your utilities for your place of living nothing and basically the only thing they did was feed you breakfast you had to serve your own lunch which at a cabinet and then dinner and every single thing that they offered except for some of the breakfast foods was non vegan that was a problem for me and my son. The fact that I was a psychic was also a problem because I was stirring up too much in the house Justin conversating with people and being highly intuitive about how things were working there and things were getting back to the people running it so they gave me discharge papers after 2 months even though I didn't have anywhere to go and I didn't have enough money to get a place they didn't care they basically told me that they were tired of my negativity and that if I didn't agree with your their decision I could appeal with the board of directors unless it was a matter of discrimination and a circle the word discrimination in red pen. So that was them admitting to discriminating against me and my son

  3. Part 2
    this point I was just really sucked dry I had been through it and I was exhausted we were almost at the 3-year mark at that point of being abused gaslet triangulated love bombs hooked nailed to a cross and burned at a stake I had just had all that I could possibly muster so I tried renting a room from a person I met at a local gas station and he ended up having Asperger's that was not a healthy situation we stayed there for month and I paid $450 that took everything I could muster because working was not my priority I was so emotionally drained and damaged at that point that I really just couldn't find The will to push forward. And then there was the two months over at the domestic violence shelter which was a very bad experience and then I spent 2 months or almost 2 months with a man who lived alone in a park from his wife who was definitely narcissistic and it was because his little narcissist son who is a buddy of my oldest son wouldn't allow me to stay with him and my son and then I spent like 2 weeks living with my son and his baby narcissist friend who was related to the man that was separated from his wife there was a final blow out there where he literally almost broke his neck because he would intentionally come home and do things that were triggering me like screaming or playing strip poker in the living room and he didn't care who was there is matter of fact he got a real kick out of doing it when somebody was there and he knew they were resting cuz it was his house and that was his feeling about it like I'm going to torture you because I can't and so my son was in his room and I was in the other room that was supposed to be for me and my son and I was getting up cuz I was going to go to work but he was screaming and slamming doors and I walked out and I said oh it's so nice to have a place where I can rest in peace and quiet kid lost it start a cursing and screaming and slamming stuff and just raging ran down the stairs raging and almost busted his face and broke his neck that was it I had had it I wasn't going to deal with it I didn't care what package it came in what dynamic of a relationship I didn't want anything to do with anyone like that and that's what I said okay this is I'm going to live in my car and it was the middle of the winter and that was a rough winter even though North Carolina doesn't get rough winters we had snow we had ice we had eight degree weather and when you're in a car and you have six windows you don't really have a lot of temperature control my son turned out to be very nasty I didn't want to see that I did one believe that but that's why he and Miss person are still friends and now he works for him so it's just been a really crazy journey and the reason I'm telling my story is to the people know you're going to meet them everywhere the best thing you can do is keep your distance and don't make any rash decisions about who you be friends who you do any business with for the that's a roommate or an employer or even when you're looking for help like don't be so quick to jump in cuz you never know who you really dealing with and this this day and age we're seeing a massive rise. now I live in North Carolina and there really are no resources what they did was illegal by putting me out they were supposed to transfer me to another shelter but they never did that and I went for help at United way and they were Paul that I even suggested that I was discriminated against and turn me away by saying you know you must not really want help okay well I'm not a beggar and I do have a choice I'm not living in a shelter with murders that have been released from prison I'm not sleeping in a bed that's full of bed bugs I'm not sleeping in a room with people who are addicted to heroin and meth because I'm highly sensitive and that energy will be harmful to me it isn't because I look down on anyone it's just that I know myself and I know how toxic energy can actually harm me. So I have come through breast cancer and lung cancer in my car without any support without any help from anyone and without any sympathy or empathy And I don't feel bad for myselfI realize it was part of my journey it was meant to make me strong it was meant to allow people to leave my life without chasing them because they were on healthy and because I knew finally my worth and I didn't make excuses for people when they showed me who they were I believe them

  4. And I want to say now I'm extremely vulnerable I'm not afraid I don't have trust issues I simply know myself and what I want and I know that no one can harm me unless I give them permission or I give them access

    So basically I'm the kind of person now as gentle as I am as loving kind and compassionate as I can be I'm also very much the type of individual who will stand up and do the right thing if I am a witness to something that is immoral for illegal or unjust and I don't worry about ratifications Don't get me wrong I'm not Rambo but I refuse to live in a world That's inherently sick and be completely complacent or okay with that and mind my own business. It is our business to make sure that this world is a safe and healthy place and if it's not and you have information then it's your responsibility to do the right thing. so I'll give you an example and this is just a mild one I'm sitting in my parking spot in Walmart and a guy comes in here with a Dodge charger and he just decides to be narcisistic and start pushing the pedal and then all the sudden he starts to take off there are people walking through this parking lot and their children And so he's getting out of hand and I just got really upset about it without eternalizing that I just laid on my horn. So he knows he's being watched and that his behavior is unacceptable to someone and what I have found about a narcissist that they are cowards if they think people will put up with that or they think that they're behaviors intimidating then they'll continue but if they can't hide it or they can't get away with it then they'll be a little bit more cautious

    to just approve my point that that young man that my son is friends with is truly a narcissist if it didn't convince you about the raging running up and down the stairs screaming about how it was his effing house And he would do what he wanted when he wanted and how dare anybody say anything to him about anything. I'll tell you a little story he told me one day when I came there to pick up my youngest he said I got in a car wreck and of course I really didn't care I didn't want anything to do with him but a narcissist can't stop trying to get attention from people or approval and any kind of emotional feedback positive or negative will feed them negative feedback will actually kind of piss them off and drain them to be honest with you something they benefit from unless it's negatively affecting you then they really love that. so he tells me the story because I asked not that I care but just you know whatever and I said oh really I said what happened he said well I went to Burger King after I went to Jack in the box and Jack in the box wouldn't serve me any burgers it was 3:00 in the morning I was hungry and I had worked all day helping someone to move their things I said oh and then he said he went to Burger King and he was told that their drive-thru was closed and he said but it's not possible because it's a 24-hour establishment. So I didn't understand why he would have had a problem but he did and he just didn't tell me that part I found out later. so he left there upset that he couldn't get a hamburger at 3:00 in the morning and he drove his truck straight into a tree. now that part he told me but he didn't tell me why Burger King refused service and that's because he had been there before and caught on camera or recognized by the employees after he thrown lit firecrackers through the drive-thru window. So you tell me is he a narcissist?I don't think anyone needs to answer that question because I know for a fact but just to give you a little taste of what it's like in the event you don't really know or your unsure if you're experienced with someone makes them this or that. I don't think you need a pH degree and there's people out here that will tell you that no one has the right to diagnose anyone else and it's like okay so if you want to school for and you think you have a right just because you ever prescription pad doesn't mean that you have one either but whatever.
    sometimes I think a lot of those professionals are also narcissistic I know for a fact the woman who was the therapist at the woman's battered shelter was she had as very strong reaction to the information I gave her about my situation during our intake and even though it was mandatory for each of the clients to have group sessions twice a week and once a week of one-on-one I never received a one-on-one in the 2 months I was there she clearly had strong feelings and aversions to me and that's probably because she herself chose that position to feed her narcissistic personality disorder. it's kind of like a fireman sometimes become fireman because they're in love with fire and the damage that it creates and they have this ego that they want to feed because they want to be the superhero so they start doing things they shouldn't do in order to have those opportunities and they've made movies about this stuff.

    so that's my experience and it's been really wild but now after and how my gift operates and what certain sensations signify I believe it's time for me to finally step into my power and that is to be giving some assistance to those who are ready for it and willing to compensate for some divine guidance in healing themselves sometimes it's to help to dislodge things that they've been internalized or didn't realize were affecting them energetically emotionally physically mentally and hindering their lives in some way

  5. So at the point im watching this the video has 113 dislikes… so you toxic people didnt like it?

    I dont get why people gotta take advantage tho :/ sucks butts big time

  6. Yeah I was reading a study that said something like the next stage in mental human evolution is for people to be psychopaths…and I’m starting to believe that there’s a duality necessary to successfully exist in society…burnout and depression is very real and sometimes being selfish is a necessary evil….

  7. I I realized I am happy with my self Iam in good place. Now I don't want a relationship. Because I am free. I. Dontwant to put My energy in some one . relationships take alot of effort. I like me way I am alone and happy!!!!

  8. All my life I dealt with narcissist, but not anymore. I’m still happy I’m an empath and codependent not a narcissist.
    Thank you so much for the information, I’ll work on myself now, more. Thank you.

  9. Annnnnnd that would be me. To a T. It's a blessing and a curse. And my last two relationships have drained me to death. Loyal to a fault, for sure.

  10. I stopped thinking all people were good after dating a narcissist and realizing they had this disorder. Now I know to gather information about someone first. Knowing that not all people are good was hard to accept but it helps stop toxic people from coming into your life.

  11. I’m an empath and I married a Narsasist , I love him and he kills me and my energy I still don’t get why I love him lol I just do .

  12. Thank you so much for this nugget of knowledge. It has tremendously helped with building healthy walls for myself and to love myself better.

  13. Just found out I'm INFJ after watching vids on the subject omg!!! After watching your video I'm so thankful to know the relationships in my life were all my fault becuz of my INFJ personality I mean you straight up described a relationship I'm in and how this individual hooked me 💯 by being 2 different people…the normal & the nars. I've finally realized last week this person never loved me and they have 0 empathy. I'm working hard to move on…it's a slow process but I'm feeling so much better today that im taking time to take care of my needs. Wow, I can't talk enough about this video. Thank you Stephanie much much ❤️ & respect.

  14. ohh God I guess I'm going to live this life alone then bcs both my mom and sister are the same, they laugh at the fact that their words are spiteful and say you too sensitive I'm tired of them…and I always ask God why dd he put me in such a negative environment

  15. I would consider myself a bitter empath. Played as a fool by so many narcs, I now have trust issues and a very cynical perspective. But even with all my cynicism I still get duped by a guilt trip or a sob story. I hate it

  16. Let's talk plain here. Empaths are chumps. I can say that because I'm a chump. So many sleazy narcs pull the wool over my eyes and turn my world upside down.

  17. Boundaries! Boundaries! Boundaries! If someone shows you who they are and don't respect your boundaries, RUN LIKE HELL!

  18. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t an empath. Sometimes I love being an empath.
    All in all it’s extremely draining because I can feel everyone’s feelings on an extreme level. I feel so tired at the end of the day.

  19. Very informative… Makes a lot of sense.. I think of it now that an ex asked me "your an empath aren't you?" OMG! I didn't even know he was manipulating me from the very start… This is a damn shame

  20. Hi stephanie, i am new to your channel and its really good watching your video coz it really helps us a lot to understand better. I just want to ask if is it a good idea to tell a narcisist that he is a narcisist and i am aware of what he is doing or i just pretend that i am not and dont tell a thing?
    He is done with the bombarding love phase and he is now on humiliating phase.
    Thanks and godbless 🙂

  21. Narcissists are parasites; they use empaths as their hosts.
    I am learning to not engage in relationships with them, once I spot their internal behavior.
    Unfortunately, I work with 2!

  22. as an empath people suck out all your good. and when you ask for love back as the broken empath in need to not feel like you are unlovable in totality from a life of abuse from narcissist. they act like your asking for the moon and stars and there wallet, and despise you . i thought hugs and connection were good. but to a narcissist they know you want to feel loved so they gouge you for it and exploit you to the most while giving you the least. its like a diabetic sick from low blood pressure in the middle o nowhere and they come across a person with a jumbo purse sized bag of skittles they nabbed from there uncles store for nothing. the diabetic asks for a skittle of two because they are in shock and they got a giant bag. the other person then gouges them acting like giving a skittle is the most precious thing and make it this big game of you want it, but you cant have it, what are you gonna get me for it, your in the middle of nowhere and there noone around for days. but if you had what the desired they would ask for the sun moon and stars feeling entitled to it and expecting it. and would not even give a thank you in the end.

  23. Can a Narcissist …..create another Narcissist ? Like a Vampire biting somebody…..and now they are a Vampire ?

  24. I never knew I was an empath…I just found out I was codependent. Now I’m working on detaching and maintaining boundaries.

  25. im schozphrenic acatatonic and was abused in the worst situation on my lifre for a person withotu feelings.. abusing the sick is sin

  26. Thank you much for these videos
    I've had 25 years of self doubt
    As I'm writing this I can't stop crying. I've loved my husband and have forgiven him so many times.He was a true casanova when I met him. Unfortunately, for me that drastically changed. He's so good that he had convinced people that I loved that everything was my fault. He's cheated multiple times, lied over.and over. He makes major decisions without me, He constantly puts others before me. He knows, unfortunately the abuse that I've tolerated in the past. He uses that to his advantage. Sorry, I'm going.on.and.on. This is the first time I've ever made a comment on
    Anyway, your series of videos are helpful and validating what I've known for a long time. Thank you

  27. If you're with one of these demons, female demons as well, please check this website. There's also an open letter for lawyers with clients that are fighting these demons in court. www.lovefraud.com

  28. I had a narcissist boyfriend who didn't know that I had a limit to what I could tolerate. The breakup was very bad but I put him in his place!

  29. Right! Maybe that’s why I am always always attract the same type of people abuse or bully me: because I am empathetic.

  30. I think a disempowered empath which is a codependent may be targeted by narcissists. Once an empath knows there power they are actually at an advantage over them.

  31. The government is using gaslighting
    Called therapie
    And in foster care it's used alot to gaslight the mother
    And it's still not easy to define sexual abuse in court
    And these perps are in my face everywhere demanding all sorts of things
    So it's hard to escape these people

  32. i never where actractive to a narsisist thill i met a covert narsissist! they are the most horible people one mother earth!

  33. Wow I wished I seen something like this 10 yrs ago…after 10 yrs..the mask of my wife has come off for sure..I had doubts but never until my spiritual awakening realizing my full empathic gift that I am married to a narcissist. Thank you for now my "new Awakening" to now to move on.

  34. Good grief! Your described my x and his toxic ways. Omg. Yeah. I’m the empath who chose to walk away for my own health and sanity.

  35. I wonder if a narcissist does all this on purpose. I guess not, I’m sure they think they are perfectly nice and really believe you are the stupid bad one 🤔

  36. Narcissist Gemini Taurus Scorpio Cancer Leo Aries and you may say hey yo I'm not interested but see you don't realize that you got to do solar system so your moon sign for your Mars or you're Venus but these narcissistic people cannot see beyond their hands cannot see beyond their mirror

  37. It's worse when you're raised by narcs my parents Taurus Gemini totally narcs I'm a Sagittarius and they attempted to raise me as their life slave always give me guilt-trips whenever I want to pursue my own interest or unavailable and it's kind of turns into a unwanted learned behavior within yourself with your children.

  38. Can someone who's an empath also snap sometimes and become threatening if pushed too far?? I scare myself sometimes and other people they can't believe the difference in me from one moment to the next!

  39. She's making me violent I threatened to knock her out this morning before she went to work because she got up at 5:30 and started slamming around because I had left a pan in the sink I washed all the other pots but left the pan to soak n she called me lazy, selfish?. I'm walking around on eggshells everyday and it's starting to affect me

  40. Bottom line Takers recognize other Takers.
    They need a Giver to attach like a parasite and try to suck them dry.

  41. Omg, you are so right. I finally recognized that I had to care about myself, my sanity, my dignity and my health. I never knew I had unhealed wounds from childhood until an abusive relationship happened to me. But I always knew I was a fighter. And I am taking ME back and the peace I feel in my body and soul are just the beginning 🌹 I had major cognitive dissonance; a total mind warp. I will never take on another’s responsibility for their stuff or try to fix someone. It is God’s job to do that, as well as the responsibility of the other person to RESPECT others!

    Thank you for your videos.

  42. This is soooo true….I’m a co-dep empath. And my last 3 girlfriends have been Narcs…definitely a pattern.

  43. I think it depends on what kind of empath a person is. I’m an intuitive and emotional empath. I don’t feel loving and see the good towards everyone. It all depends on what I’m feeling from them on how I treat them. If their a narcissist, the conversation is short. If they are sincere, I will embrace them. My motto is just like the song from the late 90’s but empathically, “You only get what you give”. Genuine people think I’m the nicest guy. Narcissists think I’m a dick. 😉

  44. Being a Christian, I know everyone is not good. Period, because of our sinful nature. But..every single person has a Good side of themselves and a Bad side to themselves as well.
    The issue with this is we as Empaths see their potential thinking they will be wise to rise to this potential . Unfortunately, Narcissists are incapable of doing this.

  45. Empathetic folk are are in a higher state of consciousness, that the darkness of others(narcs or socialpaths, become attractive to those that live closer to the light. Black naturally absorbs light.
    I found krishna and His philosophies on love in The Bhagavad gita 'As it is'. And was healed from past abusive and narc control. Slowly im still overcoming and putting up healthy walls.

  46. Everything you said in this video was absolutely the best advice. It's NOT just knowing about narcissistic abuse, or how to spot a narcissist, it's ALL about finding a way to love yourself so much that no one can break that love. You have set boundaries and stick to them. You respect yourself, you won't tolerate any form of abuse again and have the strength to leave a relationship, should red flags appear. I've been involved in 3 relationships with both narcissists and a true psychopath. I have learned so much and am on the path to self discovery and self love. It's not easy, but I'm doing the work daily and feeling better about me, slowly but surely. I am far from where I want to be, but I have faith that I WILL get to a place in my life where I'm strong and love myself more than ever before.

  47. Putting into words, I have gone three days no contact with my narcissist for reasons mainly cause they dont respect personal and business boundaries. Like Stephanie said, she put up walls emotionally when that's the support I want from her but ignored when I set limits on helping her financially. Basically, she her way or highway

  48. Ouuch!!! I missed the boat by jumping at the wrong time and landed in the arms of narcissistic shark for a very long time.

    I’m out finally, but have to now do the work to recover. I’m getting there one day at a time. It was shock for me to realize that I was “codependent” empath (Oh no, oh my!!!!).

    Thanks Stephanie, your videos are very helpful and have helped me to get on the road of healthy recovery.👍🏾😀

  49. what advice would you give someone who is struggling with being an empath that is has Aspergers and also is a scorpio? I have a very hard time talking to people, holding jobs and finding help. When I did have a good job I would help all my family which maybe I shouldnt have but I did cause it made me happy to help but when the time came where I fell all my family left me in the dirt. I been talking to professionals but they just keep giving me pills that dont do anything except more problems from the side effects, I cant seem to talk to my mom and dad without them freaking out and somehow becoming im the problem and then im left trying to figure out my problem. My moms husband who is my step father is a hardcore narcissist and she is way more of an empath then she wants to admit, and everything you say about how narcissist uses people he does to her but I cant say anything cause she is lost and its not my place to make her see his ways cause when I try im the bad guy. He has done everything to her except physical but he has cheated, put them in debt with gambling and such thing but im now jobless with this huge problem that I dont have support to get through.

  50. As said, majority empthas have no boundaries and do not love themselves and they see themselves as victim of this vicious cycle. But the energy among those 2 is the same. Like always attract like.
    Yes, if they learn to love themselves the true love comes.

  51. Great points! I love your videos. All that you say applies to me 100% and so it helps me learn how to deal with different personalities 😹

  52. I still look on the good things he did even if he broke me I almost died. I cant remove the hope that someday he will change. He still hoovers while being with the other woman. Sigh*

  53. I am such an empath BUT i have life saving narcissistic tendencies… if i feel like i am withering away from being around you, YOU GETTING CUT STAT!!!!

    Also i love being alone coz im so awesome 😏

  54. Wonderful, validating and logical explanation for so many choices many of us have made with abusive partners. Our inate goodness, love and loyalty that we expected to be reciprocated was treated with the most heinous contempt and severe disdain.

  55. I thought I was an empath but maybe I'm not because I know for a fact that most people are vampires with ulterior motives. Whatever it is I feel in people it's made me want to distance myself more from them. Always remember, if they are talking to you – they want something from you.

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