What is that? Strange creature caught on security camera in Youngstown, Ohio

What is that? Strange creature caught on security camera in Youngstown, Ohio

a little after midnight on August 27
2017 a residential security camera in Youngstown Ohio caught the following
images there’s been some stuff going on in past
few days clicking noises from the patio trash cans knocked over and the dog goes
absolutely crazy around midnight I was sitting in the kitchen playing my mobile
game on my phone when I got a notification for movement detected on
our garage camera at the same time my dog a seven-month-old 50 pound German
Shepherd goes insane barking growling snarling is something on our deck I get
up to go look and see this thing to take off running past my car and down the
driveway it ran 15 feet in two seconds it looked
like a humanoid bird I saw it on the deck with my eyes and it was a little
better than what was on the camera but it was tall had bird-like legs that were
thin and the feet pointed outwards as if it was standing still the left foot
pointed left and the right foot pointed right it was probably three to four feet
tall had jet-black fur or feathers whatever you want to call it I don’t
know what it was its head was white with I really don’t want to call it a beak
but more like kind of a snout then again it was 12 o’clock at night and it was
pretty dark so I can’t be too certain on that there’s been a lot of strange
droppings in the yard they are not for my dog I know their bird-like but
they’re massive I don’t know what the hell this thing is
but I’ve lived on this street my entire life that house I’ve been there for 13
years now I have to say there have always been strange things that went on
but it wasn’t until just last night that I finally found something I’ve never
seen anything like this it doesn’t look like it has arms wings or anything
it looks like legs torso and a head at first I thought it was a turkey or maybe
an emu because I know there’s emu farms but it’s not big enough to be an emu and
it’s definitely not a turkey the witness stated the car the creature
runs past is a 2003 Monte Carlo the video was taken with an Arlo smart home
security camera system do you know what this creature could be
contact the national cryptid society if you have any other information on
sightings of a similar creature in the Youngstown Ohio area

30 Replies to “What is that? Strange creature caught on security camera in Youngstown, Ohio”

  1. I'd leave some food out on the back porch same time each night and gradually tame "ir". $$$ cha ching

  2. Where does it come from originally in the film? You only show it starting from the rear left side of the vehicle. Also the way the car slightly pulsates as the entity travels up the side looks suspect. Do you have a copy that you can play without the edit and the zoom?
    With what is shown here im leaning towards video tampering with stop motion filming based on the way the car behaves as the creature "walks" by.

  3. I wonder if this thing is responsible for the weird sounds i heard coming from the woods by the park? If i started an exploration group, would anyone be interested in helping me find this creature?

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