What F150 Front End Protection is Best For Your Truck? F-150 Front Bumper Compare

What F150 Front End Protection is Best For Your Truck? F-150 Front Bumper Compare

On this episode of “THE HAUL” we’re armoring
up and showing you a few different styles of front end protection for your F-150. Hey, guys, Justin with americantrucks.com
here. Now the F-150 is no doubt a very functional
utility vehicle, right? Whether it be for work, play or maybe even
a combination of both. And just like the F-150 and its many different
uses, there will also be many different ways to help protect that front end whether on
the job site, off-road with some buddies or maybe even in your grocery store parking lot. So in this video, we’re gonna give you a few
different flavors of front end protection all brought to us by our friends over at Barricade
who do offer some very affordable armor solutions for your truck. So with all that said, let’s get into our
first pick. First up, we got the Barricade HD Bull Bar
here in black, complete with your Skid Plate and 20-Inch LED Light Bar for right around
that mid-$200 price point. Now full disclosure here, guys, these things
are gonna be an aesthetic mod first and a protection mod second. Why do I say that? Well, the majority of your bull bars here
in the category really aren’t up to the task of handling any hardcore beatings or abuse,
so you should be aware of that before pulling the trigger on one for your rig. However, that being said, it’s still gonna
serve as a great first line of defense against low-speed stuff, wayward shopping carts in
the parking lot and of course, any inconsiderate parallel parkers. Materials for the Barricade do include 3-1/2-inch
tubular stainless steel and in this case finished off in that textured black powder coat. But if you prefer these things a little bit
more flash, you can also find them in a polished or chrome finish here on the site as well. Now aside from that bar or hoop design here
of the bull bar, you’re also getting a skid plate kicked in which is gonna give you a
little bit more protection for the underside of the front bumper but does stop short of
things like your oil pan or other vitals underneath the truck. However, the cherry on top, in my opinion,
is the dual row LED light bar, which obviously doesn’t do anything for protection but it
is one of the nice pros of going with the bull bar because it adds auxiliary lighting
to the front end of your truck in a clean manner and best of all without having to drill
a ton of holes. Now doing a circle back and just state that
while yes, most of the options in the category are really not up to the task of high-speed
impact for serious abuse, you can find options out there such as push bars for instance or
you might want to consider one of our next few options instead. However, if you are looking to make a visual
improvement while adding some low-speed protections from minor dings and bumps, the Barricade
HD bull bar would be a great choice. Up next, we have the first of two complete
bumper replacements from Barricade. This one being Barricade’s Off-Road HD Bumper
here complete with two LED Cube Lights all for that mid-$600 price point. Now when you completely change the front bumper
like you have in this case, you’re getting that extra protection in the form of superior
materials. Case in point, 5/32 cold-form plate steel
here, which is gonna weigh more than double the weight of your factory bumper. So very stout, very, very solid. Now that cold-form plate steel has been finished
off in the textured black powder coat as you can see, which is pretty much par for the
course in the land of aftermarket bumpers and will help provide you with some additional
protection from scratches and corrosion over the years. But maybe one of the coolest things about
the off-road variant here from Barricade is its modular design, which basically allows
you to add to this thing and increase that protection even further. For instance, you can add an optional overrider
bar here which will give you some solid protection for that grille area and there’s also an optional
skid plate available on the site that will increase protection for your truck’s vitals
such as that composite oil pan. Now obviously this is going to add to the
price, but even fully optioned out the Barricade off-road HD here is still gonna come in far
less than some of your more expensive options currently in the category. But enough about protection, let’s briefly
talk some features here at the Barricade because there are a couple of dimension. First and foremost, this is the off-road version,
so, therefore, you are getting a little bit more approach angle, thanks to the bumper
ends here and that’s also gonna help deliver a very cool pre-runner style look. However, that design does make your crash
bars visible on this bumper if you have not modified them yet, so just be aware of that
if you’re shopping the off-road variant. Secondly, we did talk lighting, let’s cover
it again. Twin 3-inch cube lights are included with
this bumper but you do also have space for up to a 31-inch light bar in the center there
for the ultimate lighting firepower. But all in all guys the Barricade off-road
HD is a great looking, great fitting affordable full placement with the add-ons possible to
only increase your front end protection. Up next we have the non-off-road version of
the Barricade HD and again this is their base bumper coming in at right around that mid
to high $500 price point. Now just like the previous bumper, you’re
still getting that same toughness thanks to the 5/32 plate steel here, cold-formed, but
because there is more material you’re just getting more coverage and therefore more protection
overall. And along with that 5/32 plate steel, you’re
also getting that same two-stage textured black powder coat to help aid in durability
over the years. But whereas that some fitting off-road variant
does kind of limit your material for functionality and approach angle, the standard Barricade
HD is gonna lay upon that angular plate steel thick and therefore provides you with a ton
of coverage the entire width of the front bumper as you can see and one that protrudes
pretty far from the front of the truck as well. So if you’re gonna hit something, you’re gonna
catch this monster first before you get up into your plastic. Now ultimately the standard HD doesn’t pack
the modular design of the off-road bumper, meaning there is no hoop option or skid plate,
but base for base, the standard HD is gonna provide you with a ton more coverage and therefore
a lot more protection, which is the point of today’s video. All right guys, a couple of quick things to
point out here with the Barricade. First and foremost, this sucker is heavy,
150 pounds to be exact. So you know it’s solid but you also want to
make sure you have a buddy around to help you get this monster in place. Secondly, I really enjoy how this bumper still
retains your factory tow hooks behind those little plates there. So if you do a lot of off-roading, you need
a recovery point, that’s certainly a key thing to point out, something that every aftermarket
bumper is going to offer. You also have a spot for your front-mounted
license plate there if you do need to run one in your particular state. Last but not least, lighting. You have a ton of options here with the standard
Barricade including some cube mounting options on the ends and a 20-inch standard LED light
bar, can go nicely right there in the center. So again, you can really build this thing
out if you like to pack a ton of lighting, but all in all guys, the Barricade HD, a very
affordable way to add a tough look and a lot more protection when compared to your standard
factory bumper. All right, guys, last but not least, we have
this guy, right? The brush guard and not just any brush guard,
we’re talking about the Barricade HD or heavy-duty brush guard here which is just extreme protection
in every sense of the word, right? Whereas a bull bar or a bumper gives you a
little bit more protection, but in selected areas, this guy is basically bulletproofing
the entire front end. We’re talking coverage for your bumper, the
grille, the headlights, and even your hood here, thanks to a brush guard along with a
very tough look. But let’s talk about how you’re getting that
big time increase in protection and it’s pretty obvious, right? The coverage is there, which is kind of a
given with the brush guard, but you’re also looking at some very, very tough materials. First and foremost, you have these incredibly
stout vertical supports, solid steel, which basically act as a home base for your tubular
sections. Combination of both one and two-inch stainless
steel tubing going on here for your headlights. Two-inch stuff’s basically gonna incorporate
the grille area and that’s all been finished off in that black powder coating. But here’s where the HD name comes into play. Now a lot of these brush guards in the category,
sure you’ll get the vertical supports, sure you’ll get the tubing over your headlights,
but where the HD is coming into play is this really tough steel punch plate up front there
which is gonna be key in protecting your grille area from rock chips on the highway and stones
and branches off-road. Now a couple of quick things to point out
here with the Barricade HD, it’s gonna hover right around that mid-$500 price point, so
bang for your buck, pound for pound or whatever you want to say, this is gonna be one of the
best and most affordable ways to completely bulletproof the entire front end. Now as far as weight is concerned, yes it’s
as heavy as it looks, so kind of goes without saying, this is certainly gonna be another
two-person install, just be prepared for that. No auxiliary lighting is included with the
Barricade here, but there is a ton of options to mount those lights, whether it be cube
lights, light bars, whatever the case, basically anywhere there’s a bar you can clamp onto
without drilling into your rig and that’s one thing I do really like about these particular
options. Some drawbacks with something like this. Well, listen, if you have a 360-camera, front
camera kind of gonna render that useless with this in place. And also if you have adaptive cruise control,
this really isn’t gonna jive [SP] too well with that either. So this is a great way to really bulletproof
the entire front end. The Barricade HD here is gonna be really hard
to beat when looking for all-out protection. Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap up our brief
look into some of your front protection options here on the site featuring the Barricade products. Now with that said, I do want to point out
that there are a ton of other options currently on the site from great companies like ADD,
Westin, Iron Cross and more. So if you want a full list of what we do have
to offer in regards to your front end protection, feel free to check out the product page at
any time. Hey, we want to hear from you guys, which
one of these options are you digging for your rig? Get involved in the discussion and drop us
a comment. And, hey, you like what we’re doing here,
feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well. In the meantime, I’m Justin. Thanks for watching. Remember for all things F-150, keep it here
at americantrucks.com.

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  1. Which option would you pick? 🤔
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  2. Great video Justin.

    On the brush guard. It is not superior to a full bumper replacement. I have seen plenty of vehicles with brush guards totaled due to front end collisions mainly impacting 1 side or the other and very few full on collisions. I would trust a full bumper replacement like the 2nd or 3rd shown here over a brush guard. A brush guard is simply that, a brush guard. Will it take paking lot bumps? Yes it will, but not anything else over 10mph. Deer country people always go with a full bumper with upper protection like ranch hand or frontier.

  3. None of these look like they would provide the protection I’m looking for. Especially the last one, it looks as if it would barely protect the factory bumper at all. Thanks for the 10 minute Barricade ad.

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