Welcome to the world – Cats Protection appeal

Welcome to the world – Cats Protection appeal

Welcome. Bright eyes, tiny paws, pink
noses. Welcome to your brothers and sisters. Welcome to the world. Welcome to noise, to rain and shivering cold. Welcome to fear and hungry, hurting
stomachs. Welcome to feeling all alone. Every year
hundreds of kittens are born into a frightening world. A world where, all too
often, cats are abandoned and neglected. It’s the harshest of welcomes but it
doesn’t have to be this way. Cats Protection is here to make sure cats and
kittens have all the love and care they need. We take care of the unwanted and
abandoned, the injured and neglected, cats who desperately need our help.
If you love cats and hate to see them suffer, please visit cats.org.uk/welcome to give just £3 a month. Your support could help
look after a cat like Mickey, who came to us with a terrible illness. Or poor Rouix,
who lost his eye. You could help show cats the kindness they deserve. So please go online and give just £3 a month to Cats Protection. Let’s welcome cats and kittens to a more
caring world.

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  1. Great work you do! Everyone should donate, volunteer, and always #AdoptDontShop! Our rescue kitties give so much love back everyday 🙂

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