We Tested $30 Tiny Spy Cameras From Amazon

We Tested $30 Tiny Spy Cameras From Amazon

Michelle: What are you doing? Emma: I’m looking for the camera. Emma: Is it on the doorknob? It’s not on the doorknob. So, we got our hands on
some spy gear from Amazon. These are so tiny. There’s supposed to be some cameras hidden inside these normal-looking objects. Let’s start with the clock. The camera’s right here. Like now I can’t see the camera at all. And then, the smart charger. Wow. It looks like a normal USB charger. The only thing, the camera’s right here. And then the last one is a dice. So we just chose these three
items, but there are plenty of other kinds of spy cams out there. We saw some coat racks, some light bulbs, pens, and even a screw. Some Airbnb hosts have been
putting cameras in their homes to spy on their guests,
despite the Airbnb rules. These spy cams are pretty easy to hide because they look like everyday objects that you would put on a
desk, or use normally. I’m gonna set these up tomorrow morning before my coworkers get
in, and see if they notice. Today, I’m gonna be setting up this alarm clock right over there. And it should pull up the view. And there it is. We’re gonna use this USB
charger as our next spy cam. So we’re gonna insert our
little memory card in here. Looks like a normal person
just charging their phones. I’m gonna put this dice and record her. There it is. We’ve hid these spy
cameras around the office for a couple of hours already,
and nobody has noticed. And that’s honestly really
shocking and really surprising. There was one that was like
literally right in front of my coworkers, and
they just didn’t notice. I’m gonna show them clips of themselves, and see how they react. I feel like we’re being interrogated. Alright, what’s this? Alright. You’re up to no good, Michelle. Here it is. Is this secret footage of me? Yeah. That was us. What recorded me? I’m scared. – Wait, what?
– Are you spying on us? – What are you doing? I’m looking for the camera. If I turned to look, will it still be there in a way I can determine? Yes. Is it on the doorknob? Ah, the charger. Is it looking at us right now? Mmm-hmm. That’s so spooky. It’s the clock then. [Gasp] That’s a camera? That is wild, and dangerous. I’m terrified by it, but I want one. [Laughs] Oh, this is bigger than I thought. We were having like a
private moment talking about the package over there. Ingenious. Not cool. I hope I’m not like picking my nose at my desk, or something. This is like “Spy Kids.” Is there any, like, given way to tell? Unfortunately, the best way
is just, like, examine it. If you look really closely,
you could kinda see the camera. Just watch your back now, ’cause we’re gonna get you back. Oh no! In today’s society, nothing is secret, nothing is apparently sacred, so thank you for opening my eyes to
the dangers of technology. I feel like I’m in an episode
of “Black Mirror” right now. These cameras are a big privacy issue. It was all fun and games because
we’re in a office setting, and all of these are my
coworkers, and I would tell them that I filmed them, but if it were coming from someone you didn’t
know, and in a place where you thought was a private place, then it’s a different story. Next time you go into an Airbnb,
or even anywhere private, always just double check
things that you see around you because there may be a
camera hidden inside. And if you do end up
finding a hidden camera, you should contact the local police.

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  1. airbnb hosts may be breaking the rules but what if they steal shit from their hosts' house? how do they keep their stuff safe? or what if they damaged something in their homes? or what if they had sex like all over the place and covered it up or dirtied up the place and didn't bother cleaning it up?

  2. As someone who has done a lot of research on spy cameras because I have a lying sack of shit partner who would bring people over to have sex with while I was gone, I can say that these sort of technologies are a hit and miss. Yes, it's neat that you can connect to the camera remotely. I haven't had issues with this for any of the cameras I have purchased. The problem comes in when you're trying to record while you're gone (what are you going to do, sit and watch the camera live while you're at work or out for the evening with friends? Didn't think so). Many of these cameras tout motion sensitivity. I have found, even on the better model cameras, this feature is super unreliable. Also, you can't really record constantly because you don't have a big enough memory card (these cameras have a max size memory card capacity, most being 16-32gb and you would need like over 100gb at least to record for a whole day). The next problem comes with visibility. In most moderate to low light situations, these cameras are hidden behind the glass, but if you get sunlight on them at all, or bright light on them, the cameras announce themselves and that could potentially be very awkward).

    With all the cameras I have purchased, I only managed to catch my partner in the act once, and that's because I had happened to tap into the camera via my smartphone at just the right time, and not because it was recorded (again, motion sensitivity is unreliable). I had purchased several cameras, one had failed completely when I was away for a couple weeks, another one doesn't detect motion very well, and the most reliable one that was actually half-way decent at detecting motion got discovered….lol).

    Also remember that these cameras do not record continuously, just like a dash cam, they record in 10 minute or less chunks, so if you have it recording for the day, you'll come back and have to sift through hundreds of video files.

    All that being said, secret surveillance is not as easy as you might think. I found the technology unreliable, and many times I was just way too busy to either tap into the camera via smartphone or to review the video footage. This is often times why people hire detectives to do it for them, because it's a very time consuming and energy intensive thing to spy on people. Also, spy cameras are all cheap shit made in China. Even "high end" expensive spy stuff looks very sketchy. This is because reputable companies don't invest in making this stuff, just strange pseudo-entrepreneurs and the tech isn't very highly developed unfortunately.

  3. they are all crap they dont work or burn out after a week. Chinese making millions from selling crap that dont work. The girl in video is advertising for them probably from china too

  4. this is good gadget to check about your wife or husband if they cheating 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  5. I have a spy cam on my desk, the clock one. Everyone knows i jave it and if the footage goes off for any reason itll be obvious you did it cause the camera is facing the entrance and you would have to come in and unplug it from the other side of the room.

    (My sister once used it to prove to her friend that her friends boyfriend was hitting on her. She showed him to mu bathroom and he blatently said he would rather see her bedroom. She asked me to email the footage later and that guy is cheating on somone else's best friend now.

    But i kinda wanna buy one for my boyfriend, he thinks his roomate is stealing his stuff when hes at work. That dice camera might work, we play d&d so dice lying around is not uncommon.

  6. You probably committed a felony in order to conduct your test, depending on your State’s law. For your next video you can show us about negotiations with your Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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