Watch Live: President Donald Trump delivers speech on immigration and border security

Watch Live: President Donald Trump delivers speech on immigration and border security

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  1. You are the reason our country is divided so severely. People, PLEASE fact check and realize that Democrat doesn't automatically mean they don't care about security, and Republican doesn't automatically mean racist. Sure there are some, but it's not all. This country desperately needs more intelligent moderates who actually care about AMERICA instead of taking sides and just hating the other side. Most people have good intentions, as hard as that is to believe.

  2. I can hear liberal heads exploding as I write this. Just wait until Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg retires and Trump gets another Supreme Court pick.

  3. I just don't understand why we are entertaining this line of thought – he made a campaign promise and said Mexico would pay. Now he wants the taxpayers to do that…clearly he is on campaign mode and wants the votes. He has been rambling!!!

  4. There are 2 types of folks in America. Those that pay attention, and think for themselves. Then there are those who don't pay attention. Don't contribute or give back to America and take and take and believe that the world/government owes them something. These folks are usually left leaning, uninformed indoctrinated people that cannot think for themselves. These are the folks that cannot think or apply common sense to their own lives, much less anyone else's lives. These are the Anti-Trump morons that just don't get it. They don't understand that they have been lied to for decades by their leaders that have failed them and then point the finger at others to hide. Its not about Trump. Its about America. It's about putting the wellbeing of our nation as a whole, above special interest's. "We the People". "For the People, by the People". America First. Keep MAG Mr. President.

  5. I wish he had another speech writer. Much of what he says make sense, imagine if Obama was saying the same thing. The Democrats would be all over that wall.

  6. The President spoke about the Catch and release policy supported by the Liberals, gays, lesbians, and Dummycrats. That ends now! The protection and safety of Americans comes first. Thank you Mr President. God bless and God bless the United States of America.

  7. $208 per Immigrant per day in 2018. who made this insane budget?? and it never gets to the Immigrants. American Tax Payer's money is being pocketed by Corporate Prison Corporations that hold Immigrants in ICE Custody while they are processed slowly… for weeks, months, years…!!!

  8. What he says makes sense. Europe have found out the HARD way and now Pay these 'refugee' to get out! For the govmt shutdown, why do all blame Trmp? I is up to Democrats too to say "enough, we will agree for the sake of the people", but no, they are like little kids:  "pee wee pee wee we won the House hehehehehe now we can do what we like. They are the ones behaving like immature idiots!

  9. President Trump is absolutely correct and we need protection from ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. What do the Democratic’s not understand about ILLEGALS vs LEGAL. Build the wall!

  10. Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas

  11. The libs will only concentrate on his clumsy roundabout speech style…Obama would say the same thing and they would buy it…

  12. theres no way his gonna get the money from the democrats,he needs to learn how to win the democrats and thats to ask them nice with respect so they can be on his side.

  13. By housing asylum seekers in "massive facilities", you've just given them asylum. Donald Trump is the biggest assclown on planet Earth.

  14. These "tent facilities" are, presumably, to be erected on US soil. So they have to get in to get into a tent. This gut is a horrible liar.

  15. I just want to see the human trafficking put to an end.
    And the illegal drugs.
    And the gang members.
    And the job stealers.
    And those who disrespect American laws.
    And what America stands for.
    And ___
    Fill in the blank. There's so many reasons to build the wall & protect the America I know and love.

  16. why is the subtext on the headline on the bottom say, "announces new plan to automatically deny immigrant who seek asylum"? I kept hearing him say, "catch and release" is over. I feel like that means that we will detain illegal immigrants until the court procedures can be, like fully done, or seen through until a court can decide when or if not to give them legal status. I feel like that should be a decent thing for people fleeing really bad situations. I know many people that have been in jail for long periods of time and… oh, he just said, "they will be going to court, they will be going to court. believe it or not." so, ok.. are the banners done in real time then? I don't have a tv so I'm not familiar with tv broadcasts.

  17. Trump makes sense to me. What kind of idiot wants holes in the wall? Only those who profit from illegal activity. El Chapo testified to paying bribes to Nancy Pelosi and others. Hmmm

  18. It is interesting how he uses the "black" people to suggest that they have been working for America since it was born even though Africans were slaves for the first 100yrs. Not to mention Washington was a spy/double agent and the issue with the Thanksgiving thing which led to a genocide. Where exactly did this president get his history right?

  19. GUYS NOW THAT ITS NO LONGER A RISK TO EXPOSE, I MUST REDPILL YOU ON SOMETHING. the republicans show how far they are ahead on the chessboard vs the opposition, Cohen is a patriot, and thank you for your service mr Cohen. You see Cohen had a very hard role to play, "the fool". Research the history of the fool in medieval courts and what services they provided to the king… see if you can find the one… anyway… its obvious how trump played the opposition and ran some very impressive game. even as cohen calls trump a racist, its clear he is on trumps team and this was all a setup to play the democrats… nice job trump and cohen…

  20. They are not Asylum Seekers! They're people from poor countries that want to jump to the front of the immigration line! GO TRUMP!

  21. MR.Trump I want to live In USA with pomp So come forward n Make way for this 🤴 Prince Pal Singh Who own everything,n It would be a historical moment for whole USA ,WHY you bothered about India It's already debt ridden n depends on other biggest countries like UAE N SWITZERLAND ,N same offer for the same countries Top officials ,Let's see Who supports me on a positive note🤴

  22. look at that 70% approval rating on this speech. You idiot SJW morons are the minority. Face it he has been good for the country and you morons have tried to ruin it. You are failures…ugly people who would rather be in rags than have jobs and a powerful nation.

  23. I have 2d option. And I have my ideas build the wall. And build second wall like twin tower. Only one wall not enough. # 2 wall for miltary seciurty. To protest America grate.

  24. Landmines, Fire guns on Walk Throughs, Weaponized drones and Man power! Sounds harsh but they will keep coming otherwise. 1st few shootings and deaths will stop all visible cross border crossings. Guaranteed!

  25. Deport them IMMEDIATELY , they are asking for their right, ok their right is to deport IMMEDIATELY to Mexico because they allow this INVASION !!!!,l

  26. Byparbson infinstructin on infinstructin. Dems dot care about gas prices. Build walls around there houses. Got guns in the hands of their scurry.

  27. The answer from the Demon-Rats are 71.000 death from drugs 2017, the answer from the Demon-Rats California 114.000 homeless,

  28. He proven in many ways the basest President in American history. Cowardly, selfish, grasping, suspicious, and vengeful, he seems almost incapable of any perception of the Country. He thinks only in terms of his power and security and is unmoved by reason.

  29. Anyone that does not support this President should move to Venezuela because that's what you support, you should do some research in history, something you missed.

  30. We have too many unemployed citizens who are well qualified or even over qualified for work they are denied because illegal immigrants are both 'minorities' [affirmative action laws] or simply because they are CHEAPER [coming from a nation of relative poverty, many of them will work for very low wages and they then shack up so many that once in Santa Rosa, CA they busted a house with 50 illegals in it.

    They are just too inexpensive and easy to get to not hire in many cases.

  31. He's the right person for today's president..he has the backbone to do it..usa has to let the nice Obama days go.

  32. The president is doing his work " protecting his citizens" I'm part of those citizens, I feel happy that finally, I feel protected and I don't want to work with criminal daca morons, people for real, I lived in California, I saw these daca morons how they hate American people and all the people living here legally.I think the daca, the liberals, the demoncraps and the media, example like CNN, are the real enemies of the real American people. Deport all the daca morons.

  33. CBSN, Are all a bunch of lies, why would anyone who lives in America would want Illegal Allen's coming into the Country by the thousands knowing drugs, gangs, human trafficking is happening and yet Liberal Democrats are 100% for Illegal immigrants flooding our Cities putting AMERICAN Citizens in danger, WHY?

  34. You are the one taking the money from us trump;not elegal immigrants.Your the one spending billions of tax payers money to force them out beat them starve them and throw them back to their country


  36. Come to Minnesota Somalians overrun us
    Somalian cop kills
    White woman
    Somalian throws 5
    Year old kid off a third
    Floor balcony.
    Control cab industry

  37. Dispatch the military to the border to hold the illegals' hands I suppose, cause you won't allow them to gun down the invaders.

  38. My neighborhood has been run over By Latinos here in Arkansas, they can barely speak English, rent trailers, move in more and more illegals, Breed chickens all over the place. I know longer see White or black children at the bus stops on my way into work. but 80 percent are Latino's at bus stops. We are probably too late to stop the border….They are freaking all over the place, trash their yards and drive property prices down….Welcome TO AMERICO….

  39. What a lying sack of crap! Trump does not want to stop illegal aliens from coming here, because he hires them. He's paid over $1.4 million in fines in the past hiring illegal aliens, and we just caught him with 38 illegal aliens working in his NJ golf courses, so if you stupid Trump people don't get that, pay attention! Illegal aliens come here because pigs in both parties like Trump hires them. If Trump really wanted to stop illegal aliens, all he would have to do is make E-Verify mandatory , then nobody would be able to hire them unless the government clears their paperwork. Of course if he did that, business's would have to hire Americans, and you whining Trump is our man losers wont like that either because things will cost a whole lot more. Anybody who believes anything this lying draft dodging, woman molesting piece of piece of trailer trash says is to stupid to win a Darwin Award!

  40. Question: Trump/Republicians held all three government houses for the first two years.

    Why did they not address any of this?

  41. At the realdonaldtrump. “…..Sorry, can’t let them into our Country. If too crowded, tell them not to come to USA, and tell the Dems to fix the Loopholes – Problem Solved!”
    6:45 AM · Jul 14, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

  42. I watched this on You Tube specifically to read what people were commenting…I am ecstatic to see all the comments that I read (top 30 or so) are from my fellow intelligent Americans who support President Trump. He keeps his eyes focused on his goal to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (yes I said it!) despite the tireless efforts by the communist bile spewing people that have slithered into congress. MAGA TRUMP 2020

  43. Well said and well done done President Trump. CBS News is a joke and continue to perpetuate fake news.
    Merit based immigration is the way to go!

  44. The Reason why he repeats his self. Is because the dumb reporters Ask Him the same dam question over and over! President trump is the greatest president ever! And the democrats will Stop at nothing to stop them! His a president for the people by the people! God-bless you Mr. President!

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