24 Replies to “Voting While Trans: Protect Your Right”

  1. Great video and great resource as our voices do matter. Whomever does not believe elections matter, you still have time to get educated… and to have your voice heard. See you at the poles!!!

  2. Great video. I never thought of this barrier for Transgendered individuals. They have the right to vote just like everyone else.

  3. I was lucky, I had issues with my poll not being updated, but despite being in deeply conservative west sussex at the time. The poll workers were fairly apologetic for the screw up and gave me no grief…

    I may still think being an LGBT tory is an oxymoron, but thankfully the UK has jumped forward by leaps and bounds.

  4. A lot of the new "voter ID laws" means that it's impossible for trans people to vote, as even a legitimate ID in a state that won't allow us to change our gender markers on our IDs looks fake, due to 'mixed signals' of having an M or an F next to someone who does not look like a stereotypical man or woman. In addition to name changes.. these voter ID laws are really difficult to get around for some people.

  5. I know! Can you believe they're trying to take away trans people's right to vote? If trans people are denied the vote, our society is going to hell.

  6. Please educate yourself on a subject before you make a comment reguarding a subject that you have shown you know nothing about! Everyone has a rIght to theIr own personal and political beliefs, but please don't judge a group of individuals who are intelligent enough to undstand their rights to vote for OUR nation. It's non educated ignorant people who will determine OUR nations future if those rights didn't exist for many minorities! @TheNotoriousGamer

  7. There are so many things WRONG with your comment. You need to get educated before you speak out on these issues. Transgender people are people like everyone else, and DESERVE full rights just like everyone else. Trans people deserve your respect and courtesy, not your ignorance and discrimination.

  8. It hurts to think that.. wait, look at it like this:

    I just don't get why person X would want to suppress person Y.

    In ANY way, economic, cultural, governance? ..in ANY damn way. I just never understood that and so I always chalked it up to mere sociopath to want to suppress another human being.


    But now I read that our sons, our daughters, husbands, wives, aunts and uncles are being purged from the voter rolls in Florida ..? o.O ?


    Kicker's this: only military people.

  9. .. Lavern cocks…. Lmao was i the only one who caught that? I know it's prolly spelled Cox but that was still funny lol

  10. Not all military members are like that. I'm an avowed liberal and I've always stood up for the rights of anyone in the LGBT community while I did serve.
    I became quite a pariah in my unit the more outspoken I became.

  11. I'm trans and I not only vote I make sure no one at the county courthouse is discriminated against. As Dallas Counties only Trans identified election day judge my clerks will never discriminate.

  12. wow what a bunch of degenerate freaks. These people have severe mental illness. You cannot choose your gender your freaks. you are just mentally unstable cretins dressing as the opposite sex and mutilating yourself.

  13. I approve of Transgender Rights, they have feelings and are just as human-being than each and every one of us. Lets protect their rights and stand up for them, give a thumbs up!

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