Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro – HD Surveillance Camera with Lurker Detection

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro – HD Surveillance Camera with Lurker Detection

Get to know the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro. It’s the only smart home camera that can intelligently and automatically deter a threat ensuring that a lurker knows they’ve been spotted. And it’s so smart, it knows the difference between people passing by and actual threats, only notifying you of the moments that matter. SMART HOME OWNER: Can I help you? Plus, you’ll get live and recorded HD video from anywhere even when zoomed in making it easier to see important
details like faces or license plates. To get an Outdoor Camera Pro for your home, give Vivint Smart Home a call today.

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  1. Hey maybe you will get Cody Martin as your tech, and he will promise to finish a job and never comeback. He even stole one of my DeWalt drill batteries. Smh.. I do feel somewhat sorry for him. Plus folks be aware and get used to always having to reboot your panel and have some of your cameras have technical issues. I also had a problem with a sales rep come to my door telling me he's going upgrade my panel to the new version because mine was the old panel. Not tell me I was going to end up paying for it. I found out later when I got the bill.

  2. Great Review! If you want to get a free installation and save on your monthly payments use my solution number 36KTL and my name Irina Varosyan. Try it today and see how much you can save !

  3. I’m an existing Vivint customer. I called to have this new 4K camera installed. it’s priced at $399. That includes installation. What they don’t tell you is that if you have the previous model sky panel ( with the all white front bezel) you’ll need to upgrade to the latest model sky panel ( with the all black front bezel) because this camera is not compatible with previous sky panel models. that panel will run you $500. Total out of pocket cost about $900. Not a smart investment. New Arlo 4K camera will cost you half that. Same with the nest iQ 4K camera. Vivint is a rip-off

  4. My problem with these cameras is nobody at Vivint can tell me why they don't detect vehicles. I can drive up my driveway and just sit there and it doesn't detect that, only when I get out of the car. Is that by design, settings??

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