View HD Security Cameras on iDVR-PRO iPhone App

The iDVR-PRO Viewer app for iPhone supports
high definition viewing for HD security cameras. When you first connect to a DVR, the app launches
in single camera view in standard definition. I tap on the screen to enable the app’s
controls and tap on this HD icon to switch the video stream to high definition mode. This is a 1080p resolution HD-TVI security
camera. I tap on the screen again and select the 4
camera grid icon to switch to a 4 camera view. I double tap on camera 2 to load that camera
full screen, then select the HD video mode again. The app supports digital zoom functions by
pinching and stretching the screen. IN addition to the live security camera view,
the app also supports playback of video recorded on the DVR’s hard drive. Here I will use the timeline search function
to select a date and time to playback video. Just like the live mode, I enable the controls
and tap on the HD icon. The digital pan tilt zoom functions also work
on video playback. Users can also load multi-camera views during
recorded video playback and tap on any camera to switch to a single camera view. When I am done viewing the recorded video,
I tap on the screen and select live view Another way to playback recorded video is
to search through the event log. The event log can track events such as motion
detection and external alarm triggers. ON the log screen, users can select a timeframe
and the types of events that they want to view in the log. To view the video recorded by a specific event,
I tap on that event in the log and the video begins to play back from that point in time. Again, when I am done, I can tap on the screen
and select live view. Want to learn more about HD security camera
systems? Please visit Thank you for watching.

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