Video Doorbell Arkmido πŸ‘€ Wireless Wifi (LESS $$ THAN RING) SECURITY CAMERA REVIEW πŸ‘ˆ

Video Doorbell Arkmido πŸ‘€  Wireless Wifi (LESS $$ THAN RING) SECURITY CAMERA REVIEW πŸ‘ˆ

so today we’re going to be reviewing the Arkmiido wireless video doorbell we’re not technical experts but we do
like high-tech products that are functional stay tuned to learn more
about this video doorbell this video doorbell by our kameido is similar to
the ring doorbell and this is our first video doorbell at first we were a little
concerned it would be very hard to install or get working but it’s actually
very simple and easy to install and use we have one installed by a front door
and we have another one here that we just got out of the box and put the
batteries in and charge those it takes two batteries – 18 650 batteries they do
come with them but you are always able to find them on the market if you need
any more to charge so we got as I mentioned we have the one by the front
door and then we got this one here to give to a relative we wanted to try ours
out first so why don’t you show how to access the batteries alright so this is
very simple only have to do is flip the device over located on the back you’ll
find a little clip and you just simply open it up I believe you are able to
charge it via USB micro USB cord yep that’s that’s how I charge him initially
was with a micro USB so there then the there is a plate that fits on the back
yes all you have to do is slide it on very simple there are some prongs that
you line up with it therefore you slide it on and slide up very simple very easy
to use and put on now it does come with some hardware for when you put the
device on the exterior of your home the best way I
recommend doing that is to take off the backing right here just set this down
for a second and you will find four holes on the sides I originally thought
putting screws in here but the threading didn’t work so I was wrong but you have
four holes here and just the amount of screws to do that put it in your desired
place on the exterior of your home and then slide this on when you are ready
and I do recommend that you make sure you have the connected Wi-Fi connection
everything working before you install it we did that so this is a 720 HD tour Val
camera with night vision and it’s controlled by an app and we’ll show you
that in a minute it has two way audio and motion sensors there is an optional
wireless plug-in chime receiver and we we did get one of those because I like
hearing the chime in the house and not just with the phone app and that’s that
was very easy to say very easy all right so here’s the sleep that came right off
the box does tell you the functions of the store Bell such as has two 3400
milliamp original batteries that can be used for six to eight months at a time
has a high-definition resolution with 1.7 millimeter wide angle lens and then
it supports mobile phones as a wake-up device so this is good for your Android
or Apple devices it doesn’t matter which type which that makes it even better
because everyone is so split nowadays about that now this does support 2.4 G
wireless Wi-Fi make sure that if you do have 5g in your house that you are
switch it to 2.4 so that you are able to set this up yes so you do that confuse
me the first time that I set up one of these smart home devices
another another device you can you switch down you switch your phone down
to the 2.4 but you can go right back to the 5 gigahertz once you have it working
so you don’t have to keep it on the 2.4 now this does have an intercom option
where you do speak through your phone app say there’s someone outside and you
were asking who they were maybe if you wanted to actually open up the door or
you can actually hear what it’s going on outside if you were to record any
footage this supports a PIR motion detection so when someone passes the
doorbell it will automatically send a notification to your app we’ll go over
that a little bit later we’ll show you a little bit about that very handy feature
and great for security the reason the red light is flashing now on the video
doorbell is that it’s waiting for Wi-Fi configuration and actually I’m looking
at the camera screen and it’s coming across this yellow but it’s definitely
red alrights the last thing mentioned on this function list is the day and night
mode what had which provides an automatic switch so you don’t need to
switch at any point of the day from day to night so that you’re able to see and
have full security of your house and it comes with a user manual that has some
most the steps that you need to get it working I guess you could say it has all
the steps you need to get it working and then within the app itself you can
figure out all the additional settings you need to change for your own personal
convenience all right so when you first get the device you will need to download
the to C app which is looks just like this and it’s available on both the
Apple and Play Store and you just run through the sign-in process pretty
straightforward you will need to setup an administrator password to access some
of the phone so you see right now outside our front
door yeah just to clarify once again you will not see the screen the first time
that you download the app it will go through you’re setting up of an account
process and various other steps to make sure you pair your device once you do
pair your device that is the first thing you see and you just click on it to view
what’s going on right now it’s loading but as you can see there are a whole
bunch of buttons down at the bottom to aid your security and see a little bit
more yeah you’ve got some volume button that’s right here you do have your
playback button so if you think or maybe heard something that happened a little
bit ago you can play back especially if it did trigger your phone app to bus yes
and I’ve gotten actually quite a few of those every time there’s some motion
detection it will start recording now that up in the upper right hand corner
are the is the way that you can change the sensitivity to the motion detection
that will that’s one of the areas where it will ask for your password so once
you get logged in you come across a lot of settings these essentially just help
you decide what you need and what your level of security you feel you need to
protect your house with you do have the option to flip between on and off the
ultra low power consumption you can turn the device indicator light on or off
depends on maybe you do have a lot of motion outside or you don’t want someone
to see that they know that you’re watching or they know that you were
triggered to see this they are more I think it’s a great feature that they can
see I like to leave it on them because I want and you want to know that yes
they’re being recorded but if this is the kind of thing you kind of have to
play around with and explore to see see what settings you like one thing I
wanted to point out was the motion detection sensitivity when you first get
the app it is already standard to be put right into the middle of sensitivity
very or what it calls low and it does say 10 second delay trigger on PIR
motion detection so it’ll be a little bit before you get a notification that
something outside is moving or there’s someone out there that if you have if
you have if you are close to the street have a lot of cars going by and your
front doors close to the street and your head you’re getting motion you’re
getting the camera turn on frequently with motion detection alerts you
probably want to set it to low yes because there was an instance where we
were figuring out why it took a little bit for us to get a notification that
something was going on outside it does let you know in the motion detection
sensitivity how much of a delay there will be depending on what sensitivity
level you are at so if I have to turn it all the way to the top at high you did
no delay and it’s going to respond just like that to anyone outside I do believe
that is going to be a little bit more costly on your space and record
recording your SD storage yeah and you will get more alerts if you don’t want
to get those if you if you even if you have like birds or something flying by
it might detect those but if you want to if you want to be able to take any
activity whatsoever then definitely go to the
so we like that middle bit okay middle and with that one there is a five-second
delay trigger on the PIR motion sensing which is nice there isn’t a complete and
utter disconnect of maybe one a mailman delivers package but you can see what’s
going on so I just wanted to reiterate that we’re not tech experts we like a
lot of smart home devices but we just kind of figure things out as we go along
and we were able to figure this out pretty quickly and we’re still exploring
some of the variables some of the options but there’s nothing really
difficult about it if you if you know where to look if you know most of most
everything on there self-explanatory the settings menu is very very helpful for
you to customize your experience with this device especially if you do on high
security or you do want to be able to just have a camera doorbell for low
security just in case something happens everything is in this settings menu for
you to adjust now I’m just going to try to I’ll go out and ring the doorbell and
then you can see what it looks like in here all right I do want to point out
that this is most definitely a live screening right there it does tell you
at the top live but if you go into playback section it will show you past
videos that it has taken but oh there you go you can see her right there she’s
right there yeah she just hit the doorbell and so let’s talk there is an
intercom button right here hello yes we can very clearly – no thank you good bye so here’s how it looks from the outside
when the doorbell detects motion blue light flashes all right so like we
mentioned earlier there are a lot of buttons right here you have volume
playback scene fullscreen screenshot speak and record we just you speak to
use for the intercom alright since this is real-time we can sit here and watch
it you can also hit fullscreen and you turn your phone sideways to get more of
a cinematic view you can also access all of your buttons here at the bottom there
come along this side very easy very nice big view and as you can see that is a
very clear wide-angle view yes it makes it easier to see all around so I think
this is a great security device most definitely this is great especially if
you want security or need more security this would be great a great subtle way
to provide a little bit more safety are you going to in even the deterrence
value of having having the device next to your door anybody that comes out that
may be just some sort of mischief will know they’re gonna be recorded all right
so just a little bit more information about the chime now the job is it’s
optional you can purchase the video doorbell without the chime or you can
combine them you can choose just to have traffic going straight to your phone or
if you’re someone that’s not tech savvy who doesn’t have their phone with them
at all times then this chime would be the best thing
to get very simple to pair with the device I recommend when you have the
device before you install it make sure you have it next to it find an outlet
and then all you have to do is hold down the volume button on the side until you
hear one ding then the the doorbell itself will ding back and then you can
choose whatever chime you want for when someone comes to your house I think it’s
very handy especially if you do go from level to level consistently or you’re
not a good tech savvy person who has their phone all the time it’s very handy
and makes the device a lot more home friendly and there are a lot of
different sounds or chimes available yes you can get customize it to the from one
more length or if you want something short and simple so volume switches are
on the side as well why don’t you run through a few of those sounds all right
let’s be plugged in ok like I said before the button is on the top to
toggle through that and the two bottom buttons are your up volume and down
volume to adjust the sound depending on what part of the house you put this in
that is the first sound you get the pretty standard one across sounds just
like your regular doorbell there we go this is another one nice little tune they’re very different
doorbell sound right than your standard one something’s bit like a lullaby you
know so that’s a look at the Arkmiido video
doorbell as you can see it’s picking up the video from the doorbells that is
actually installed at the front door not much going out there on out there
right now please check this chirps in section below for more information
thanks for watching you

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  1. I was very skeptical>>> Β Β  because previous experiences with wireless doorbells was terrible. Tried Ring, was easy to install, and worked perfectly. I'm amazed at the unit's capabilities and performance. I purchased the most inexpensive version and since added the remote chime. I'm planning on getting the high end doorbell next. Give this one a shot, you'll be pleased.

  2. Hi great video. I've just ordered one myself and whilst watching reviews of them yesterday I found out that the cheaper door bells support TF card storage whereas the higher end "RING Doorbell" uses cloud storage and for that you need to pay for a monthly subscription, I don't think they make people aware of that until they've bought it.

  3. is the doorbell waterproof?

    i see two version of the battery; one has a protruding top while the other is flat. Which battery is used?

  4. I ended up buying one. Thanks for the cool review! As a bonus, I show how to install it with the AC wiring from the previous doorbell.

  5. Went with this and wouldn't be without a video doorbell now – can't believe how long the battery lasts – It's working out great so far

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