100 Replies to “Veteran forced to remove security camera”

  1. Depending on the apartment complex policy more than likely the landlord has the right. Being a veteran doesn't give you privileges over lease policies. Should have checked with the landlord first.

  2. I feel like ptsd or not, he has the right to have the doorbell no matter what. I don't see whats wrong if several or all neighbors had one

  3. Smoke weed and stop being a cry a baby. Put a glock on your pillow. Your scumbag stealing money from the goverment. On DISABILITY getting at least 5g

  4. I would've said I'll remove it when I receive my security deposit then I will promptly move out of your crappy authoritarian apartment complex.

  5. Although I can relate being a veteran with ptsd and having a wife who is a resident manager for and apartment complex, he rents his apartment and most contracts don’t allow mounting of anything not just doorbell cameras outside of your apartment. If the camera can see anything in the other apartment then he and the management company would be held responsible if there were any complaints of invasion of privacy or similar incidents. Apartment maintenance techs, the office personnel, and even the management company cannot make that call, only the company that owns that property. I hope he wins but if he didn’t get it written into his contract he is most likely SOL.

  6. U mean this place did that, Leasing Office Hours
    Mon. – Fri. 8 AM – 6:00pm
    Sat. 9 AM – 5 PM
    Sun. 1 PM – 5 PM
    Call Us | (281) 480-8555

  7. Going around the world kicking peoples doors down – now you afraid of having your door kicked down. Aint that something!? You get PTSD from terrorizing people who had nothing to do with 9/11? Aint that something! Don't worry Vet – They want Iran now –

  8. Its the neighbors id be worried about They obviously have something to hide. Probably a drug dealer or cheater not wanting to be caught

  9. So you can take a service animal on a plane but not have a security camera outside of your door? They treat service members like ish. Man risked his life for a country that won't be understanding towards his ptsd. Wow. This is America. Sad

  10. Open's the door to one hell of a lawsuit
    Just because she is the landlord doesn't give much wiggle room if it is not in the rental agreement then they just acted under illegal grounds without a court order. So not only 8s there private legal issues they can incur but also criminal aswell because officer's have now involved themselves and abused the power given to them and they also violated there oath of office to serve and protect….. hope this guy is smart enough to file two lawsuits one agianst the landlord for invasion of privacy/ self protection and law enforcement that acted outside the scope of there jurisdiction without a warrant or court order to remove personal items from a valid rental with no itemized can't do within the rental document which is a legal document….

  11. Not cool… This man served our country he deserves to feel safe and have a doorbell camera!

  12. He needs to sue! He has every right to protect himself, as long as he replaces it when he leaves!! They have no legal right whatsoever to stop him!

  13. That's cause they selling drugs over there in them apartments. The manger is the ring leader. Texas treat there veterans like trash. Texas the fake Patriots state.

  14. id foreseen a scenario like this occurring over these new wifi cameras.
    so i hid all my cameras out of sight, so passers by cant see them.
    because i thought to myself it wouldnt surprise me if a prowling thief saw them and complained about some right to privacy act.

    i love these cameras….i can call the police or a neighbor/friend to my house before a thief can even get in…..without even leaving my work……amazing.

    be smart.
    hide them…. and never have to explain yourself to idiots again.

  15. Fricking redick he has a right to security and neighbors don’t have a expectation or privacy in a common area but renting from liberal communists they own the property would like to see them loose this case

  16. My complex has rules that you cannot modify the exterior of your unit. So I installed a peephole camera and the problem was solved. A raspberryPi and you're off to the races for under $150.00

  17. What a sad excuse for a u.S. military veteran. He needs a video camera on his door to sleep at night. What did the ww2 generation do to feel safe after their service?
    And this whole thing if claiming P.T.S.D. is an embarrassment. It’s becoming s cheap trial lawyer technique- or a way to get your pet on the airplane.

  18. He is one of many who have fought for them and us but they disrespect him like this. The camera is not harming anyone and what if one day that camera records a person who robbed a neighbor or assaulted a woman or child. That helps him relax just a little bit but nope you have not done enough for us so we don't want you to have that.

  19. I mean I support veterans but it’s up to the landlord just because you are a veteran doesn’t mean you get special privileges unless stated otherwise

  20. Who cares if he has camera! It's not like anyone is undressing in the hall way! It provides safety for all neighbors!

  21. He should have got that in writing when he agreed to move in.
    ALWAYS get it in writing. If they won't put it in writing then they are keeping their option to change their mind. Just like they did here.

  22. That seems like it'd be a violation of his Constitution rights. I could be wrong but it seems like it violates his 4th Amendment rights.

  23. Hopefully he gets paid. So he can afford to move somewhere that already has security cameras, a gate, a moat & even a sniper tower if he so chooses. Sue those suckers buddy! 🤑

  24. These people have nothing better to do then harass this guy over a door bell camera??? They must feel like real heroes

  25. I don't think he should've listened to those cops. They have no right to enforce for the landlord unless the courts say so.

  26. WTH is going on anymore. This is absolutely ridiculous. Where are these “rules” coming from.
    Thank you for your service. I feel your pain, as a vet I find myself fighting my new place on how I have the US Flag displayed.

  27. I was a Landlord for 20 yrs. Lease states that the Lease Holder has a Reasonable right to Security which is the Responsibility of the Landlord. Equal to Breach of CONTRACT. When he is Awarded – He can move. People Sue Stores all the Time for Lack of Security.

  28. This is awful! I, too, have PTSD, and I have 4 security cameras now, and will be putting in 2 more. Those without PTSD have NO idea what life is like for us…if I cannot sit with my back against a wall in a restaurant, I find another one. A sense of security, and having complete "situational awareness" is paramount for people like this man and myself!

  29. That’s some bs I mean something shady has to be going on for the landlord and neighbors not wanting a camera I mean it is nothing but a camera that records outside

  30. I wish the tuttles had one of these. Maybe they wouldn't have been murdered in cold blood by the corrupt pigs.

  31. I own a rental home. I would never force a renter to remove his security camera's!!
    He has the right to security. Then every police department needs to remove their body cams & camera's on their properties!!
    Houston PD is DIRTY!!!

  32. ALWAYS GET IT IN WRITING and I would definitely claim it as a "reasonable accommodation" for your disability.

  33. Whats wrong with it? Oh you come in my apartment when im not around and dont wanna be caught? Oh and the nieghbors beat thier kids in the hallway we cant have that be seen.. call the cops

  34. see folks the cops will come threathen you to keep you from having a camera at your door. what more do you need to know you live in a police state

  35. That woman looks like she's sucking on a lemon. She has no issue recording him apparently! Typical busybody.

  36. Another power hungry woman. Another prime example of a woman getting out of hand and not staying in her lane.

  37. Blacks in Houston don't want to end up on one of Colin Flaherty's videos when they break into the guy's apartment.

  38. Guy must be using the camera system to violate his neighbors in some way. If my neighbor had a RING system, it wouldn't bother me unless he was being perverted or something. I'm guessing this guy is going too far for the cops to be call on him.🤔

  39. Move…….and sue……for a lot $$$
    Sue the landlord, the neighbor, and cops,
    Individual suits. Good luck to you my friend, and thank you for your service.

  40. Sounds like the neighbor doesn’t want to be recorded doing something illegal, maybe selling drugs. I wish assholes would stop treating our vets like second class citizens.

  41. The angle he had that doorbell installed it was to watch people leaving and coming home. No one wants to be recorded leaving and coming out of their apartment.

  42. I encourage people to start talking this veterans neighbors. Let’s see how long it takes them to request permission to install a security camera of their own.

  43. the whole shared hallway thing, but why would anyone not planning to do wrong give a dam?    and make dam sure you DOCUMENT agreements with landlords.    modify the peek hole thing to BE a camera, on the inside of the door. I bet someone sells a kit already, or will get on out ASAP if they see this comment.

  44. I have ring installed and love it. You can have two way conversation with them and link it up to the WiFi in the home. You can make zones with the app to ignore neighbor door. It sends me a notification when someone's at the door.

    What I don't understand is if he had permission. All he had to do is show the written permission to the cops. Also, most states I know you can freely record open public space.

  45. On the landlords side here. After what some young punks did to my rental. No changes, period!. Not going to acomadate anyone, anymore

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