Very Fast Kidnapping Teaches Car Use in Self Defense | Active Self Protection

Very Fast Kidnapping Teaches Car Use in Self Defense | Active Self Protection

You must know how to use your car effectively as a self defense tool. Hi, everyone. It’s John with today’s Active Self Protection lesson out of Mexico. Here we’re gonna see a kidnapping go down that teaches us some very significant lessons about awareness, about being ready in the moment to protect yourself, and using the tools you have with you effectively to get out of the danger zone. The white car at the bottom of the screen is where our bad guys are. And they are waiting for their prey. And you can see them put it in drive because they see her coming down the road right here. In the original, they waited just a little longer. Now, you can see them block her off, but she’s left a little bit of distance. As they get out of the car, she kinda thinks about running them over, but isn’t able to do it. You see the passenger door not open there, but the driver’s door did. They pull this woman out of the car, and she’s gonna put up a little bit of a fight, but man, against two of them, three of them, she’s not gonna be able to do much. They are gonna stuff her in the car and drive off with her. And that’s just how fast a kidnapping happens. Now let’s learn some lessons. There are eight lessons on our website on this one. Click through the link in the description. Let’s talk about some of them here. The first one is you gotta be aware of what’s going on around you. And this lady was, I think, initially, and you notice here when they pull in front of her, she stops with some significant distance. Leaving your car some significant distance for maneuvering, about a car length or so is really smart, because your car is meant to drive forward, it does that the best, and so you wanna keep some space in front of you. She did okay. Now as soon as she started to see what was a threat there, you notice she started to drive off, but she just wasn’t willing to finish that. And what I wanna tell you is you gotta have the emotional fitness that if you’re in danger, push that accelerator down and get out of the danger zone. Use that car, because it’s the most effective tool you have. She could’ve gotten out of there. Now, next lock your doors. The passenger door was locked, but the driver door was not, and because her driver’s door was unlocked, they had access to the cabin. She, if her door was locked, could have hit the gas at that point as well and gotten out of there, but because her door was open, now she’s in a hand fight. She decides “Oh, they want the car”, but they don’t want the car. They want her instead, and you gotta recognize when it’s time to fight. I’d rather use a car, but if you’re going to go hand- to-hand, man, don’t ever get taken to a second location. If they’re gonna kill you, make them kill you there because nothing good happens at the second location. As they’re taking her here, told many people this, would really recommend, last ditch scenario, just drop all of your body weight and go to the ground. Make them carry you into the car at the very least so then that way you make a harder target, they might get frustrated and not take you. Unfortunately, this woman was taken. So, learn the lessons about using your car, make sure you create space, have the emotional fitness to use the car effectively, if you have to, keep your doors locked, and cover your ASP.

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  1. UPDATE: Police rescued this woman unharmed, thankfully!

  2. Poor lady but also stupid bitch. She could of drove off, the mk4 would of overheated or something random 30secs into the chase.. I drive a mk4 so I would know lol

  3. if that was my wife sister mom or any female I know I'd slap the shit out of them!!!! especially because she had the room to haul ass!!!

  4. Ok, this lady is useless. If you are going to show you have money better learn to defend yourself. I would have hit the gas light a bat out of hell.

  5. Iam srry, if it was that easy. Then you deserve to get taken like that. Iam so confused right now

  6. she is so dumb… if 3 guys jump out of a car in front of my car i am either going backwards or run them over but i would definetly not just wait for their actings…

  7. Hell no. I'm not going anywhere. If you want to try to kidnap me your gonna have to kill me. I ain't going anywhere. I might be dead but at least my mom will be able to bury me. If I get taken somewhere and killed my family may never find me or know. Also….if I was her I'd have ran over every single 1 of them, backed up, and done it again.

  8. This girl is a idiot, lock all your goddamn doors, or u shoulda reversed the fuckin car all the way to the intersection where people can see what's going on, or just drive n run them over😑😑or keep sum pepper spray in your car and with you everywhere you go

  9. As a kidnapper I would have dump her a few meters away. It was so fucking easy that makes me wonder if it was a police trap

  10. Hey moron, leg shots are effective. It's amazing how little someone like yourself knows about something you talk about and yet you make an opinion so heavily based on a video clip alone. FACT: this guy was both on drugs and was far more than just intimidated by those punks before this camera caught the incident you moron.

  11. You went over a lot of tools in this video. I have to show my kids the things you must do in this type of situation. Thanks!!!

  12. Keeping the door locked is also dangerous in the case an.accidents, that's why we're advised not to lock the doors while driving but only if she could have locked it before she was attacked.

  13. How the fuk this guy just said make em kill you right there wooww thats smart when you ppl could just pay Ransom Smfh hes teaching ppl to get killed unnecessary !!!!!!!!!! White idiot

  14. Yup. I live in central Mexico as a missionary. Carjacking and kidnappings happen all the time. There was a 5 day period this month where 19 people were murdered in my little town of 60,000 people. My state, already has 750 dead this year so far, and is ranked as the most dangerous most violent state in all if Mexico.
    The woman's mistake was to not continue after she started moving. Chances are, she's now dead. 75% of all kidnapped are murdered in Mexico. ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS drive with your doors locked. Never take the same route twice, change your timing EVERY TIME, and prepare for the worst every time you step out or drive on the streets of Mexico, Houston, El Paso and San Antonio included. Same mentality, and they think it's still theirs. Do dry run drills to know what to do. Practice them with a buddy or group of people. I've been a martial arts instructor for 41 years and teach situational awareness and altercation avoidance as well as fundamental and advanced principles of self defense. Know your surroundings, your vehicle, and your limitations (you are not Superman) and know your courses of action, and stay alive.

  15. Just saw your update. One out of four people live through kidnappings in Mexico. Glad she made it. So, so lucky to be alive.

  16. Idc about anyone else’s life I would run all them over and pop there heads with the back tire like a pimple for fun lmao fuck these people

  17. She had to of unlocked that door. Her car locks automatically once you hit 20 kph 16 mph. Even if you unlock it, it will just re lock 10 seconds later or once you hit 20 again. My theory is one of them had a gun(not the guy she almost hit, likely the guy in gray sweater with red strip on the biceps) and that's why she didn't run the one guy over. It's why she unlocked her door, figuring cars not worth my life. Then once she was out she realized they didn't want her car, they wanted her! That's why she started to put up a little bit of a fight.

  18. This is a perfect example why some victims will always be victimized. Unlocked doors, slow reaction to drive away, not put up a fight, no screaming, no nothing. Unbelievable!

  19. being in this kind situation before all I can say is get a better vehicle (preferably a good derby candidate) and go for glory. I've always been told a car is like a gun, it's all in how it's used and just like a gun you should practice for any situation you may come across, doesn't matter if it's a 357 magnum or 350 sbc.

  20. Another reason why women shouldn't drive. So emotionally and in shocked and don't know what to do in situations like these.

  21. This is common sense but it needs to be memorized by some people because people don’t use their commonsense when they feel they’re in danger sometimes, they get scatterbrained. Great video.

  22. Thanks for this video man I will have my wife and relatives watch it. Here in Mexico those kidnappers are brutal. I concur don't let them take you. And what about them having a gun? Having a knife handy on the side of the seat/neck knife also good. Also don't dismiss if you perceive someone taking photos or "texting"ponting a phone to you. Take different routes home and have the balls to run over someone. This woman payed millions, but police likes to take credit. Also don't be a show off drive a non luxurious but potent/solid car. AWD preferably.

  23. This ticks me off real bad. She knew what was going to happen… and yet she let it happen. Hesitated to run them over. I would not think twice about it.

  24. It's not easy to run someone over using a luxury car that has an automatic pedestrian collision prevention system.

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