VeriLock® Sensors: Smarter Windows for Smarter Homes

VeriLock® Sensors: Smarter Windows for Smarter Homes

TITLE: VeriLock(R) Sensors: Smarter Windows
for Smarter Homes My name is Carl Hansen. I am the third generation
Hansen to be building homes. We’ve built over 1,200 homes. One of the things that our company is known
for is just a high degree of integration of technology. And when we heard about the Verilock
and what it did for windows and security, we thought this was a really great piece to
be added to our repertoire of technology and home automation. Presenting smarter windows featuring VeriLock
integrated security sensors, available on select E-Series products. Now windows and
doors can be part of today’s smart, connected homes and they’re only from Andersen. Security is very important to families these
days. They have young children that they want to make sure are safe in their home, or older
children, or even just family members or friends that are coming and going from their homes. You know, we’re looking for things that just
make sense technology wise. VeriLock is something that really makes a difference in how a home
functions and how people feel about it. VeriLock sensors are a patented technology
that not only indicates whether a window or patio door is open, they even tell you if
it’s unlocked. No other sensors can do that. The result is improved peace of mind and energy
efficiency. I think what’s very exciting is people are
accustomed to hearing that they can tell whether their window is opened or closed with a traditional
security system, but what’s different is that they can tell whether its locked or unlocked.
That’s what clients respond to, because they understand the importance of knowing “Is my
house locked and secure?” And since they’re integrated, VeriLock sensors
preserve the beauty of a home’s windows and doors while keeping the warranty coverage
intact. For years we’ve been installing traditional
security contacts, and there always is a warranty issue when it comes to drilling holes in perfectly
good windows. With the VeriLock, we don’t need to destroy the window in order to get
it to do what I need it to do for security. What’s more, these smart windows and patio
doors give you a choice of methods for monitoring your home: self-monitoring and professional
monitoring. With the self-monitoring option, you can easily
monitor and access data from your VeriLock sensors on your smartphone or tablet via an
app – giving you peace of mind at a glance from virtually anywhere. For those wanting professional monitoring
of their VeriLock sensors, Andersen has teamed up with leading security providers for around-the-clock
monitoring. Depending on the provider you choose, an optional app may also be available
that allows you to self-monitor through your smartphone or tablet. VeriLock sensors can
be ordered on your windows and patio doors now, regardless of which monitoring option
you choose later. It’s really nice to know that you can be traveling
away from your home and access your security system through a remote smart device – iPad,
iPhone, whatever it may be. It’s just a great added capacity that you can, from wherever
you are in the world, or in your neighborhood, check on your house and make sure that you’re
secure. The VeriLock windows provide a sense of security
unlike anything else, and the peace of mind that that provides is priceless. To order VeriLock sensors, talk to your Andersen
dealer. Smarter windows for smarter homes. Only from

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  1. What is missing here is there is no video system to see and identify any "peeping-tom's" or other animal or person that is looking through the windows unbeknownst to the people inside, such a video may prevent future break-ins.

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