Utah Officer Operates With Precision | Active Self Protection

Utah Officer Operates With Precision | Active Self Protection

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  1. You can watch me shoot this marksmanship standard on the ASP Extra channel; it's challenging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOApjYmhEK0

  2. Def no t warranted . ! This cop should go to prison! What the fuck are you guys doing out there ! A real man would have drop kicked her inthe neck . This cop is an absolute pussy!

  3. Jon ! Instead of gushing over his skills !
    Why don’t you acknowledge how she wasn’t moving toward the cop or the stupid ass boyfriend who just chose to hang around . She was not a danger to anyone he had a gun and she had a fuking screwdriver! A real man would have drop kicked her! Nuff said ! That cop is a pussy!

  4. Have to agree with both the district attorney and the officer review board. Shots weren't justified; the officer followed all appropriate escalation protocols to support a valid shot scenario. Why?

    In a situation where "hypothetically speaking" the officer did not have a weapon, there would have been more active conversation with the victim the the perfunctory verbiage the officer conveyed. He appeared to simply be going through the motions without REALLY addressing the mental health issues. Yes, crazy people do crazy things. He appeared familiar with the woman from a previous interaction. Having a screwdriver does pose a threat yes. . .with this guy being an EXPERT marksman with significant distance between the two of them, just REALLY how threatening to the officer is it to bring a knife to a gun fight? Additionally, he intentionally shot her in the leg and not center mass.

    Shooting checked the dots. . .perhaps may not have been necessary to have fired his weapon. . .PS – he did miss too. Civil lawsuit.

  5. Was not a justified shoot…..PERIOD we need to stop defending bad cop decisions and the good cops needs to stop letting them get away with this foolishness

  6. Why not use a non lethal 12 gauge round to knock her on her ass? I guarantee that she won't hold onto that screwdriver when that thing hits. If a private citizen did what this cop did they would probably get attempted murder.
    Edit: I really don't buy the commentators rationalizations here. Put it this way, if a private citizen would go to jail for doing the same thing, then it's not justified. If someone was talking s$%t from 20 feet away with a screw driver, and you "smoked them", I HIGHLY doubt you would not get put away.

  7. Mace, pepper spray, open handed skills and courage can take her down, even a hand full of dirt or sane can do the trick. When it’s legal to kill people I suppose they can go the killing route, she did have an accent when she talked.

  8. I like your vids but FYI, The RATS tourniquet is fukn awesome… It's small, lightweight and effective… what're you talkin about dude? CAT is SHIT but approved by TCCC… They like to break when you need it most and the windless is attached to sewn in fabric… junk… and no tourniquet's been approved by TCCC since what? 2007? SOF & contractors disagree with your input…

  9. Most states do not allow a firearm to be intentionally used as a less than lethal tool. A firearm is deadly force.

  10. Teasers never seem to work thus ending up compromising & risking officers lives….. Why has nothing been done to upgrade or replace these fake stuff?!?!

  11. If a civilian had taken this shot in these exact circumstances, would they have been charged? Probably yes. She has a distance tool and was several yards away, not advancing towards the officer at the time he shot. If it's not okay for a civilian, should not be okay for a man in costume.

  12. I think shooting is unnecessary I believe cops should be tought kra maga and if someone has a knife tazingg them should be the most they do and then disarm them

  13. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the use of potentially deadly force in a situation wherein nobody is in danger; albeit, I'm also not sure what non-lethal alternatives, such as bean-bag rounds or spray, these officers had on them at the time. It's cause for unnecessary risk, and what could be long-term damage to her legs or lower body. It's also possible that he may have missed, and escalated the situation to an extreme, but who knows? Overall, cops should be more concerned about minimizing harm to all parties, instead of escalating by talking shit and going for trick-shots on the person they're trying to arrest.

  14. Aren’t you not supposed to shoot people in the leg since I’m pretty sure the leg contains one of the biggest arteries in the body?

  15. No matter if people think this was unjustified or not, the fact is she had a weapon and didn't want to drop it. The officer done a great job in keeping her Alive even though she had the mentally to challenge the authorities prove she could have killed him trying to prove a point.


  17. Am I the only one here that would have preferred he plucked her out of the gene pool? Just thinking out loud :/

  18. Active self protection it's sad that this really proves we are in a war between police officers and people who are having a rough time in life

  19. All you have to do is watch at 2:52 to make a judgment call on this cop. She's just standing there doing nothing but talking, like she was the entire time. The cop just randomly decides, "Fuck it, I'm gonna shoot her!" for no apparent reason. Legally, you could cite what's considered justifiable by law, but it still doesn't excuse excessive violence that was totally not necessary. Even the presenter of this video (Active Self Protection) in his analysis says at 6:26 that he felt the cop would have been justified in "shooting her center mass" (ie: killing her) at that point in the confrontation. Insane! You would kill a woman standing 12-15 feet away from you holding a screwdriver who's not coming at you? And the cop was just itching to shoot. Did you notice that he kept calling the screwdriver a knife? Trying to psyche himself up for the gunfire. I can pretty much guarantee that at any time during this confrontation the two cops could have rushed her and tackled her without any problem. IS everyone a pussy nowadays? Did watching this woman really make you THAT afraid that you'd shoot her?

  20. I'm just glad he didn't use lethal Force it's not needed if I was in that situation "ha your taser didn't work" I'm flinging my baton open and cracking knuckles!!
    Now anyone with older siblings that used to have pretend sword fights with cutoff Broomsticks knows how effective a rap across the knuckles can be
    Whatever you got in your hands you're dropping

  21. interesting how this lady acted like she's all big and bad and that she's in control and she could take a bullet but then she changed her tune when she actually got shot go to show the biggest attitudes can't stop bullets

  22. This analysis is good, however that woman did not represent a lethal threat. If I were in front of that woman, unarmed, I wouldn't be scared at all, and I'm not highly trained like a police officer. Could the officer use a technicality to justify killing? Yes for sure, but whatever words he uses, his life was never in danger, so it would be immoral.

  23. She was not walking towards him he was walking towards her is a nuisance to them but not a threat police officers have to better learn how to deal with mental illness

  24. If you shoot someone in the leg like the police did in this video. Can't the suspect sue you for damages and hospital bills?

  25. this could have been done slower , she was drunk or mentally ill, the taser failed ok reload it, she never charged at the officer's or attacked the dude near her, they had all the time in the world.

  26. Ooooh, camouflaged midgets– very dangerous. Little threats are best addressed with little bullets. "Paging 9mm, your party is here."

  27. Am i the only one who thinks is crazy that she got shot without even trying to hurt anyone?? She was just standing there! wow….i mean really wow

  28. Coward… Dude is too much of a pussy to handle a woman with a screwdriver… Any cop that needs to use a gun to handle that kind of incident is a fucking coward… Prove me wrong using facts not emotions

  29. This woman either had loose shingles on the roof or was affected by some variety of illicit/prescription stimulant. This is not an excuse to act like a munter and paid for her stupidity.

  30. I think everyone owes Bernhard Goetz an apology.
    The press said how dangerous it was for him to shoot those poor unarmed black teens on a moving subway train…
    They also said he wasn't in any danger with them coming after him with screwdrivers.
    The Press's slant was that they weren't really a dangerous thing to come after person with.
    I do know that when they said about how they were using screwdrivers to break into video games and take the cash I remembered at that point that it's a very fine blade screwdriver that at that time was usually made with a long screwdriver blade 8 or so inches long. A small amount of sharpening and you have a long icepick…

    Now if the officer had to shoot this woman in the leg instead of aiming at the arm or hand then I guess that Bernard Goetz was perfectly justified in aiming Center Mass.

    My sister met Bernard Goetz when her cat left her apartment and cornered him in his kitchen.

    I'll be honest she was a very mean cat who bit my arm so severely once that it got infected to the point that I had to go to a doctor and get treatment to save it. I was shielding her from other cats in the apartment that were trying to attack her.

    I would have liked to have met mr. Goetz, but I didn't feel it was my place to intrude on his privacy.

  31. i bet a lot less people would be shot by cops AND a lot less folks would try them IF cops were allowed to knee cap fools

  32. I see nothing wrong with what the officer did. He did a great job using non lethal and when he had to fire to shoot at the lower extremities.

    He gave her many outs. This is how it had to end. In the best possible way.

  33. It seemed like the cop wanted to shoot somebody, but on the other hand. She should have listen to the officers commands an it wouldn’t of happened

  34. Cprl Dunn. You make me proud you have the Dunn name . In citrus county Florida there was a crazy man who got off a bus. He had a knife walking down us 19 in Crystal river Florida. I think the cops shot him 12 times. Like 5 times in the back. Most cops once that they pull the trigger. They can't stop. I'm glad that you are a Dunn. We were born Dunn, stick a fork in us because we are Dunn. LOL from Florida

  35. I'm not going say that the officer should face charges or anything like that, she did deserve it. I usually side with police, but this one maybe could have been deescalated. I know it is different being on scene. Both officer did not seem distressed and it doesn't show on camera her approaching the officers. Just my observation, I know some will disagree. Stay safe men and women in blue.

  36. if the average citizen shot a threat in the knee they tend to be liable for medical bills and then some. Even if you were protecting yourself and others. messed up system

  37. I understand she wasn't complying with his demands but, I wouldn't have fired on her at that point and I don't believe he was justified in shooting her at that point she wasn't a danger to him you could have maintained his distance and kept trying to talk her down. I don't expect officers put their lives in danger but I also don't expect him to just shoot somebody when there is not an imminent danger to their lives or someone else's life.

  38. I hoped that he would not kill her, as the officer did in another video with the girl. these officers did everything right and humanely

  39. Definitely not something to try unless you have the legal privilege of a law enforcement officer.
    Having immunity and your coworkers make a judgment is very different than how a civil use of force is judged.

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