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  1. I got this att DLC alarm system offer for a discount for renewing my cell phone contract. But gave me more problems instead. 1. DLC controller keeps on loosing AC power supply even though my AC outlet is working fine after 4-6 hours and goes to battery back up power only that last for 6 hours only, my camera goes offline as well as wieless signal to all the locks when it goes to battery backup power. 2. I cannot use my wireless programs to control my security locks and cameras when the WiFi is busy due to internet use for playing games, streaming movies, using internet at the same time. 3. Cannot access the ATT online self help solution center when your DLC controller looses all the power. 4. Call technical support by phone and I can tell that they dont know what they are doing. Have me do hard reboot everyday to the controller just to get it working for the same problems. Mailed me a battery replacement instead.  5. Finaly made a technician appointment to replace the whole controller and power supply but never came, I called and ask but told me they dont have a record of appointment schedule set up for me on that day. I told them I dont want it anymore but they said too bad because I sign the contract. A total Scam!

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  3. Save you money people, this is a terrible system in all aspects, it's a rip off. I had it and it was nothing but trouble, the bottom of the barrel bad believe me 💯✋

  4. Not a good system or service! My services were cancelled and when I wanted to restart my services I was told that I would need to purchase a whole new system and my equipment was no good and needed to be totally replaced. No thank you! Now I have equipment but no service, paperweights!

  5. To whom it concerns: (Clearly no one at Att cares)

    On July 13 I had to call the roadside service for a flat tire. This was in South Jersey which was experience at heat wave. I called it in and was told someone would be there within 30 minutes after an hour (which in case you can’t tell is more than 30 minutes) I was told that the technician couldn’t make it but it’s okay I was only out in the hot sun having heat stroke for the past hour. (Oh and it’s because the idiots at the roadside club were trying to send someone from VA even though I live in and was in NJ!). I was put on hold for over an hour (all the while sweating in that nice hot sun) only to be told if I want someone to come, I now have to pay $55. I protested saying that they should negotiate for the technician rates after what happened but because customer service is NOT a priority no one cared, and I was told to pay it or call somewhere else. I was stuck on the side of 38 so I paid it because I needed to you know like not pass out from heat stroke.

    I then reached out to Att hoping to get response for customer service. Specifically, I felt a credit was due on my account for the amount I had to pay and shouldn’t have given the circumstances. I was told by several different people things like “We will get back to you” “We will resolve this for you.” Nothing was done about it except being told by one person that I had to fill out a complaint form and pay $200 filing fee and maybe I would get my money back. Are you serious?

    Please note that I bill my time out at $25 an hour and this whole ordeal with trying to get this resolved has taken up more than 4 hours of my time. I did get a message from “Mark” social media manager today after I warned (not a threat because a threat is something you don’t intend to carry out and I intend to carry this out) that I was going to be cancelling my account and switching carries and also that I will be posting all my documentation about this on YouTube to make sure people know just how little you care about your customers.

    Go stand in over 90-degree weather for 3 or 4 hours and have your cell phone company that you have been with for over 15 years treat you like garbage. It’s bound to make you feel upset.

    Please note it has been over a month and NO ONE has done anything to seriously help. At this point I am frustrated to the point of tears.

    Since you think $55 is not a big deal why don’t you just send me a check for that amount or hell you PayPal me the money at

    There’s no reason I should have to talk to over a dozen people and be given the run around. I know it won’t take that long to issue you me a credit on my account of $55 but it was Att’s choice not to so I guess now they get to lose my business and once I go public others will follow and they can lose way more than that in profits!

  6. This company has the worst cameras and their alarm  fails and if I am not home to hear the siren then the app will not notify me that my alarm has been disabled and my dogs will go nuts as the siren will keep ringing and Monitoring wont get the signal the only way to put it back to arm ready is to put the punch code in the key pad. They also hire hood rats in their monitoring department in Texas this happened the other day to me and many other customers and when I tried to get help from monitoring they threatened to have me arrested and kept telling me to go to retention and cancel my account then when support made an appointment to upgrade my equipment Brooke  in monitoring started changing my appointments behind my back and telling dispatch my account is on fraud pending status after I told Brooke and her henchmen no one hacked my email and that I don't have that email on the account  the people monitoring my home in TX are unethical and very intimidating so if you don't want them to bully you don't ask to many questions and change your passcode if they start getting nasty because they do retaliate against the customer this is my first hand experience. Brooke told dispatch my account is pending fraud when it wasn't to delay my installation these people are monsters IO just hope they do not send anyone to my house to cause harm to my family.

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