Using Timeless Varnish to Protect Fine Art Paper Prints

Using Timeless Varnish to Protect Fine Art Paper Prints

In this video, we will show you how to use
our Timeless varnish to protect your fine art paper prints. After stirring your container thoroughly,
pour a small amount of Timeless into a foam roller tray. Using a high-density foam roller,
submerge the roller until it is saturated with varnish. Let excess varnish drip off the roller.
Begin coating the entire print using a light amount of pressure. Be sure to roll in multiple
directions to cover the entire print evenly. With added pressure, you will be able to smooth
out the entire print and remove roller marks and bubbles. As you continue coating, reduce
the amount of pressure you are applying until the print is free of roller marks. At this point, the print will appear milky,
but will dry clear in about 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, keep your print flat and
allow it to dry completely before moving it. Timeless matte was used in this video. It
dries clear and allows you to display your prints without glass. Timeless will protect
against moisture, abrasion, and has increased resistance to scuffing and image fading. Timeless
is available in pints for testing, and full sized gallons.

8 Replies to “Using Timeless Varnish to Protect Fine Art Paper Prints”

  1. I've used this process on a couple Giclee, prints with great success. I framed those prints w/o glass and they look wonderful. I used the Timeless satin almost no reflection. Also, I used 2 coats, I waited about 30 minutes between coats gave me a nice textured finish and plenty of protection, it did not obscure artwork one bit. I love this varnish.

  2. this may sound bizarre but I was wondering if I would be able to use this on canvas easel paper (chart paper) to protect the poster I created. These things take time and I wouldn't want them to tear. My posters are about 25×30. Kinkos was charging me 35.00 for each poster.

    If I wanted it to remain waterproof I would need to do this on both sides, correct?

  3. I have a condundrum and I hope this will help. I am a mixed media artist, which means I do part of my work in digital paint, print and then apply it to a fine art paper and then add traditional media such as acrylics etc. I was wondering if I use this varnish over the digitally printed area first, will it affect the application of other media such as acrylics? is it better if I just experiment? is this varnish acrylic?

  4. Can this be used like Glamour II to mount the print as well. The Glamour 2 yellowed everything I used it on, will Timeless yellow over time as well?

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