Use Natural Climate Solutions To Protect Nature | Extinction Rebellion

Use Natural Climate Solutions To Protect Nature | Extinction Rebellion

[email protected] This is not a drill. My name is Greta Thunberg. We are living in the beginning of a mass extinction. Our climate is breaking down. Children like me are giving up their education to protest. but we can still fix this, you can still fix this. To survive we need to stop burning fossil fuels but this alone will not be enough lots of solutions are talked about but what about a solution that is right in front of us? I’ll let my friend George explain There is a magic machine, that sucks carbon out of the
air, costs very little and builds itself it’s called a tree a tree is an example of a natural climate solution Mangroves, peat bogs, jungles, marshes, sea beds, kelp forests, swamps, coral reefs they take carbon out of the air and lock it away. Nature is a tool we can use to repair our broken climate. These natural climate solutions
could make a massive difference. Pretty cool right ? But only if we also leave fossil fuels in the ground. Here’s the crazy part, right now we are ignoring them! We spend 1000 times more on global
fossil fuel subsidies than on natural based solutions Natural climate solutions get just 2% of all
the money used on tackling climate breakdown This is your money it is your taxes and your savings. Even more crazy, right now, where we need nature the most, we’re destroying it faster than ever! Up to 200 species are going extinct every single day. Much of the Arctic ice is gone. Most of our wild animals have gone. Much of our soil has gone. So what should we do? what should you do? it’s simple we need to protect restore and fund. Protect: Tropical forests are being cut down
at the rate of 30 football pitches a minute Where nature is doing something
vital we must protect it Restore: Much of our planet has been damaged but nature can regenerate
and we can help ecosystems bounce back. Fund: We need to stop funding things that destroy
nature and pay for things that help it. It is that simple, Protect, Restore, Fund. This can happen everywhere. Many people
have already begun using narural climate solutions we need to do it on a massive scale. You can be part of this. Vote for people who defend nature. Share this video, talk about this. All around the world there
are amazing movements fighting for nature. Join them Everything counts. What you do counts!

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  1. Yes! We don't need more green technology! We need trees, and natural habitats, protected zones where we leave nature alone! But that doesn't generate profit, hat is why governments don't support wide range reforestation projects. But there are many grassroots projects who started to reforest and rewild the planet. But so far media coverage is not big, because most media is controlled by the big banks and the big industry, and again, there is no short term profit to be made with reforestation.

  2. This is very good but its not our taxes, our money paying for anything, its the top 25% of the wealthy in this world.


    Everyone speaks, but no one acts to remove the culprits themselves!

  3. By the year 2025 the whole planet will have run out of superlatives and hyperbole. The lack of bioavailable clickbait will cause the middle classes to chill their own rosè

  4. We have lost about half of the world's soils, and this lost soil once held lots of carbon. It is important for that carbon to return to the soil and out of the atmosphere and oceans. Good soils support wonderful organic foods, support forests which sequester more carbon and all of this reverses climate change. The Earth needs more earth from earthlings. Also whales help sequester carbon in the oceans . Relevant videos : and and Dr Vandana Shiva Soil not Oil 2015 : How whales help sequester carbon in the oceans : ONE MORE : Permaculture The Documentary: How it started : And YES leaving fossil fuels in the ground is most important while paying attention to all of the above as well. Use a lot less energy, preferably renewable resources / clean energy , consume less, eat less meat , have small families with few or no children or adopt a child instead of having your own if that works.

  5. When did we start listening to mentally ill 16 year old girls before accredited scientists with degrees and actual data? Who gave this child with zero life experience and zero education in the field in question a platform?

  6. People in the third world need energy. They need to have coal fired power plants. This will bring them clean water. Sanitation. Electric cookers will save hundreds of thousands of lives because people won't have to cook on wood and charcoal fires in their homes. Cheap coal energy van free millions of people from poverty and give them a chance at a prosperous life.

  7. What these bozos don't realise is that people they hurt the most are not those with huge carbon footprints, but us little people trying to get to work and keep a job. They are selfish, arrogant and ignorant. The UK is responsible for a mere 1% of the world's carbon emissions. Why don't they go and demonstrate in the 16 countries above us in the league table? The top 3, China, USA and India between them account for 50 percent of the total in 2017. Why punish people trying to work to keep a roof over their head and food on the table? Is it because we are an easy target? Don't they have the guts to say what they think in countries that are to blame?

  8. I'm renaming this young lady Greta Thunderberg, I hope she doesn't mind?! Last year we voted for the Green Party and what happened to all these votes??? The system hacks the votes and does what they want…so what's the point on voting anymore if elections are hacked and controlled by the system?

  9. It's clear that somebody arranges the meetings of this girl behind closed doors. Beware of this movement; it will lead to populism, which, believe me, it's worse than the actual problem of climate change.

  10. Humankind is only considerate to its own survival, all of you and those you oppose continue to medel and attempt to micro manage there own habitat. You only care so much on this view as you are scared your life may end. I have spent my working life with trees, I have in my younger years farmed and participated in both the death of vegitation and animal life, just for human intrest. Nature needs no help in regenerating itself, if left it will continue and thrive beyond the presence of man. The only realisation one can come to, is should your wish be for the world to be a cherished wilderness, then extingwish your presence as every step you take causes change to something else. Remember the only thing you can truly not control is time and time waits for no man.

  11. Incredulous if you want to make an immediate difference without waiting for a forest to grow, Simply stop agricultural farming methods and the use of pesticides and plastics, flood the deserts and graze them, if people so desired this could happen within days and the world could become fertile within a few years. If only….

  12. We all must fight against the criminals running this world for the financial benefit to themselves and protect thw world from them. Our children and gran children deserve so much better

  13. Why don't you talk about animal agriculture?!!! It's not just the fossil fuel. Animal Ag is a huge contributor to methane gas emissions, deforestation, species extinction, water pollution, ocean dead zones, etc. We must stop subsidising it and work on transitioning to a more sustainable plant-based food system. Also, animal agriculture and fishing industries are extremely cruel, made to exploit and kill other species. We must stop this insanity. Vegan is the way to go. It's a shame you don't stress on that. Why is it?!! You can't be an environmentalist and at least be on a plant-based diet.

  14. Old growth forests don’t absorb carbon. We should cut them all down and replant new forests that absorb carbon. We need a logical approach to carbon capture. There are thousands of old growth forests we can log for the good of humanity.

  15. Greta is definitely a Thunderberg…unfortunately the girl is being used to push the establishment's own global agenda…We've already fall for the Green Party in 2018, which in turn it failed us big time…that's it for our votes…it all goes into that same drain that in turn drains humanity…Climate change is just another lame excuse to move the perception of the masses into being part of that same nazi/agenda's. If people still want to be blind enough to not want to see the truth, it's on their account, I want no part in this scam.

  16. Enjoy the cost of living go up, when you're paying your climate tax! I'm betting most of you will struggle to live in a world you're looking to create…. Natural selection at its best.

  17. Extinction Rebellion supports open borders and mass immigration of millions of people into Western countries, massively increasing carbon emissions. Why? Because they're astroturfed corporate shills and the corporations need more cheap labour and more people to buy their crap.

    Ask yourself why the "establishment" they're supposedly challenging is lining up to fawn over them, why they're invited to every parliament to lecture lawmakers and every media studio to lecture the public, these people aren't rebels.

  18. I really think that ER would do very well if we teamed up with musicians to throw massive multiple day concerts at the heart of all the major capitals of the world to shut down commerce. Would at least be a good kick off. I know the state would cut power, but I think music has it's place here in our protesting.

  19. Trust me target and Try and stop that supercar tyre burn out competition they hold in Australia it's completely disgusting for the atmosphere let alone holds no use but entertainment for idiots make smoking your tyres illegal worldwide would be a better better idea just want to put that your way because engine emissions are getting better but tyre smoke is undoing any improvements to fossil fuel vehicles. Incase it wasn't chosen as a good focus on change

  20. Ahh trees… they help a ton and I love what your doing! what about algae as well.

  21. Planting more trees sounds good but we'd have to replace fossil fuels with something realistic and I don't mean wind turbines. Once upon a time I heard of an inventory who designed and engine that ran on H20. As you may have guessed he was silenced by the big oil companies but seriously, what are the viable alternatives?

  22. It's not all about trees. Grasslands are very important as well, and protect against drought better. That's why lands with little rainfall are covered with grass, not trees. Now, leaving the fossil fuels in the ground after creating a world completely dependent on them, is insane. Oil, gas and coal are not destroying nature. Without the option to return to wood burning, the only solutions they are leaving us are immense swaths of plastic, glass, wire and chemical contraptions and batteries that cannot be recycled. African children are destroying their own homes and their own lives working to mine cobalt for the batteries needed to cover the world with electric cars. These so-called solutions are anything but natural or protective of the environment. Can you imagine the impact in just 20 years of trying to dispose of the outdated photovoltaics? This is not a bid for nature. This is a bid for control of the energy market, and for multinational corporations and banks to control the currencies and the mining rights of individual countries.

  23. Sweden has three operational nuclear power plants with 8 operational nuclear reactors, which produce about 35-40% of the country's electricity. The nation's largest power station, Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant, has four reactors and generates about 15 percent of Sweden's annual electricity consumption.

  24. We are not warming the planet

    For several decades now, it has been widely believed that humans are causing unusual global warming by increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    Our research has convinced us that this man-made global warming theory is wrong. We will explain why we have come to this conclusion on this website.

    It is true that humans have been increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, because of our use of fossil fuels. Before the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide seems to have been about 0.03% of the atmosphere, while it is now about 0.04%.

    It doesn’t matter whether we double, treble or even quadruple the carbon dioxide concentration. Carbon dioxide has no impact on atmospheric temperatures.

  25. We are not causing catastrophic climate change

    In recent years, we have been inundated with tragic reports of disasters from hurricanes, typhoons, floods, droughts, etc. We are also told that there have been dramatic decreases in the Arctic sea ice, and that sea levels are rising. This has led many people to believe that we are causing an increase in extreme weather events, melting in the Arctic, dangerous sea level rises.

    However, this perception of catastrophic climate changes seems to be mostly down to simple improvements in our climate monitoring technology.

    Our ability to monitor and report on extreme weather events and changes in the climate has dramatically improved in recent years. This means that we are now able to detect events and changes which we wouldn’t have noticed when they occurred in the past. This doesn’t mean these events and changes are unusual. It just means that we’ve only started noticing them!

  26. Increasing or reducing our carbon footprint will make no difference to the climate

    Many people think that burning fossil fuels causes global warming, and that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. As a result, major policy changes are being pushed worldwide in a desperate attempt to urgently reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

    For example:

    Carbon taxes are being implemented to penalise the use of fossil fuels

    Uneconomical wind turbine and solar power projects are being subsidised and promoted, purely as a means of reducing carbon dioxide emissions

    Agricultural land is being diverted to producing biofuels, solely because they have no net carbon emisssions

    People are being unnecessarily made to feel guilty for their personal “carbon footprint”

    Our research has shown that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has no impact on global temperatures, or the climate.

    This means that increasing or decreasing our fossil fuel usage, or our “carbon footprint”, will make no difference to the climate.

    There may be other reasons we might have to change our lifestyles, or how we produce our energy… but worrying about climate change is not one of them!

  27. jag tror på greta hon är och hon borde få ett jobb som sto i den euopeiska gemenskapen för att leda miljömässiga regler

    jag äskar dig greta mycket jag älskar dig från mitt hjärta Jag är venezuelansk och jag är djupt kär i dig greta du är den mest underbara människan på jorden för mig

  28. Sad to see that leftish people take so much effort in indoctrinating little children and scaring the world for something that’s not proven

  29. There's a really cool search engine that plants trees, called "Ecosia ". It lets you know how many trees it has planted on the main search engine page. And if you get the app, which is free, it shows you how many trees your searches alone have planted.Tell more people! Here is the link:

  30. I wonder how the earth planted trees before liberals got here. Environmentalist conservationists they understand the Earth the least. Trees don't need your help.

  31. I like what the 100 year old Profession James Lovelock says.
    1. Nuclear power, after the construction costs it produces a lot of electricity and no carbon dioxide.
    2. People live in mega cities so that lot of the countryside can be returned to trees.
    3. Artificial intelligence so that renewals can be used far more effectively and crops to feed humanity can be grown in large warehouses.
    4. Do this now and you won,t need the fourth, an umbrella in space to make sure Antarctica doesn’t melt.

  32. Trees must grow wherever we can grow them, though they are not enough. We need to reduce the human population, humanely. KillerOceans.Com

  33. Climate Scare Over: Top Experts Expose Scam at Freedom Confab

    by Alex Newman

    PHOENIX — Call off the doomsday bunkers and carbon taxes! The “climate”

    scare is officially over. The time for hysteria over alleged man-made global

    warming and CO2 has passed. The theory is toast — it is totally and

    completely debunked. At least it will be, once a soon-to-be-released “Weapon of

    Mass Instruction” exposing the climate fraudsters and their fraud is dropped

    on the world.

    In early December, various prestigious scientists and a wide range of

    experts in various disciplines converged here, in Phoenix, Arizona, to forever

    demolish the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) alarmism and

    the deadly policies the alarmism underpins. After seeing the evidence, it

    will be impossible for the intellectually honest to go on believing the CAGW

    fantasy — or “cult,” as some top scientists have referred to the alarmist

    movement. But of course, it is not the first time that top scientists have

    debunked the climate hysteria.

    The hard-hitting conference was organized by longtime liberty movement

    leader G. Edward Griffin and his pro-liberty organization, Freedom Force

    International. Under the banner of "Global Warming: an Inconvenient Lie,"

    Freedom Force's 3rd Congress ran from December 2 to December 4 at The Buttes

    resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Attendees and speakers came from across America,

    Canada, and Europe to learn and participate in what organizers described as a

    "gathering of the world’s top experts on this subject who completely

    demolished the myth of anthropogenic (man-caused) global-warming."

    The keynote speaker for the event was Lord Christopher Monckton, the

    internationally known climate realist and former science adviser to U.K. Prime

    Minister Margaret Thatcher. He began by going up on stage and putting a red “

    Make America Great Again” hat on his head. The crowd cheered. He also

    highlighted Brexit, the historic decision by British voters to throw off the

    chains of the European Union super-state by exiting the EU completely.

    Lord Monckton's presentation began by outlining a series of “red flags” in

    the man-made global-warming theory and the alarmism surrounding it. Using

    a wide variety of graphs and charts focusing on everything from

    temperatures and trends to storms and global sea levels, Monckton showed that the

    United Nations was wrong about practically everything. In light of that, and

    more, he proposed that Britain and the United States should jointly leave the

    UN. Monckton, of course, has been a staple at UN “climate” summits around

    the world, showing up to expose the fraud, and even dropping into one of

    the UN confabs in South Africa with a parachute from the sky.

    Much of Monckton's presentation revolved around new findings further

    debunking the climate scare. Monckton, the author of a number of published

    papers on the subject, said his new findings would be published in the

    not-too-distant future. Using graphs, complicated mathematical formulas, and more,

    Monckton showed attendees how, even if certain UN climate premises are

    accepted as true, the alarmist narrative collapses upon closer inspection.

    While the science of those particular findings likely went over most

    people's heads, Monckton also spent time showing simpler evidence, too. For

    example, in its 1995 pre-final draft on climate change, the UN admitted

    repeatedly that there was no solid evidence of human impacts on the climate. But

    in the final draft, used to justify the alarmism ever since, that fact was

    removed. With the UN instead claiming that there was evidence of human

    impacts on climate. Monckton also joined several other speakers in totally

    debunking the discredited and completely fraudulent claim that “97 percent of

    climate scientists agree” with the warmist theory.

    Multiple scientists who spoke to the attendees echoed those concerns. The

    first official speaker at the event, for example, Princeton Physics

    Professor William Happer, began his presentation by demolishing the pseudo-science

    underpinning climate hysteria. Dr. Happer, a co-author of one of the early

    books on global warming, and a former director of energy research at the

    U.S. Department of Energy, started off by debunking a key point in the

    warming scare: The myth, constantly parroted by politicians, bureaucrats, and

    gullible people, that CO2 is “pollution.”

    “We've heard that CO2 is a demon molecule that causes global warming,” he

    explained, noting that the earth was getting greener and crop yields were

    increasing in response to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. “We should

    tell the truth: CO2 will benefit the Earth.” He also showed that, in the

    Earth's past, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere were far, far higher than

    they are today. “It is measured in thousands of parts per million rather

    than hundreds, as we have today,” he said, adding that humans exhale about

    two pounds of CO2 each day just by breathing.

    Dr. Happer explained that plants were actually “designed” to live in a

    more CO2-rich environment than currently exists. In fact, virtually all plants

    benefit from more CO2, which is why farmers pump it into their

    greenhouses. An early experiment on the subject was conducted in Arizona, showing that

    plants grow much, much faster and better when CO2 concentrations are

    doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled. “The EPA is just completely bonkers,” the

    professor exclaimed, pointing to the agency's bizarre and harmful war on

    the gas of life.

    Also speaking at the summit was Dr. Tim Ball, a prominent climatologist and

    retired professor from the University of Winnipeg in Canada. He began by

    arguing that the man-made global-warming hysteria was actually not a hoax,

    technically speaking, because a hoax typically involves some humor. “This is

    a deception on a global scale,” Dr. Ball said, lambasting the UN

    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for what he blasted as fraud. “It

    is the greatest deception in history, and it affects every single thing.”

    Among other evidence, he showed reconstructed temperature records going back

    thousands of years showing that the Earth has been far warmer in the past

    than it is today.

  34. The solution to stopping climate catastophe is under our feet. We can sequester hundreds of billions of carbon in our soil by practicing regenerative agriculture. Hard to believe but the science is there. Nothing to innovate, no high tech, almost free to implement, can be done in a few years. The XR is great at raising awareness but they are focused on wrong goals.

    Watch YouTube video

    Walter Jehne – The Soil Carbon Sponge, Climate Solution and Healthy Water Cycles

  35. To protect nature ,oceans, don't throw there plastic bottles and garbage !!!!! It is an alarming fact ! Greti isn't talk about this and hundreds and thousands animal die swallowing all types of garbage throwed by humans !!!

  36. Looks like a typical acting propaganda movie. When you have facts, why do you need the emotional face of Greta Thunberg? What is your deal with Greta?

  37. The percentage of trees has actually increased . CO2 levels are fine . Natural or forced extinction is direct from human contact . Bad weather is still normal . Humans are flourishing . Propaganda campaigns like this should be made illegal without actual proof .

  38. Besides stopping subsidies to oil companies etcetera, there are an additional 80+ doable drawdown solutions:
    Search- doable drawdown solutions

  39. From a caring citizen, i say that a proposal be written, backed up bye a petition and put to congress that the proposal address climate change and to implement renewable energy and addressing that government subsides solar panels to Australia and beyond.And to but forth ,it is the governments role to take care of the welfare of it's voting citizens, MR RECYCLE ss

  40. Wihtout getting rid of fossile fuels we can't solve the climate crisis. You can plant as many trees as you want and it won't solve the crisis, if you're not going to get rid of fossil fuels.
    So while i'm all for protecting excisting forest and planting new ones, i hope that everyone knows by now that we need to get rid of fossil fuels. Planting trees will only buy us a bit more time. That's all. It can't do more than that.

  41. We need activism to stop the emissions of co2, We all need to plant trees or , Yes, these homes exist. The homes are called earth'ship homes. In taos, new mexico these homes are being built now. Using our intelligence and the laws of nature we won't need carbon emissions power. Let us do our best to redesign our cililization efficiently, cleanly and self sustaining. We are earthling because we were born from our mother earth. Let us take care of our mother earth she has always taken care us. GOD'S speed people.

  42. You're all being conned. When you realize it's getting colder you'll be burning as much fossil fuel as you can. Also using that evil abused Thunberg child does you no credit.

  43. The meta-message here is that money can be the solution. No, money is the problem. It teaches domination and control, not cooperation and consensus. It is taking humanity in the wrong direction. There are so many things we can do without spending a dime. How about cutting the huge military budget for starters? How about sharing more of our stuff with each other? How about teaching frugality?

  44. I mean trees are great but going vegan is one of the best things for the environment… Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

  45. Might wonna get rid of her fancy yacht that would have caused so many toxic emissions during its manafacture. From plastics, rubber, metals and many other toxic causing emissions. You cannot be enjoying the very things that are causing the worlds problems if you are out there criticising them. Best to stay silent.

  46. Die Welt sich selbst zerstört wenn sie nicht auf Jesus Christus hört wer rettete unsere Kinder an Jesus Wesen ist alles genesen suche Jesus und sein Licht alles andere hilft dir nicht da hilft auch keine Greta sie kann reden aber sie bringt keine Lösung Die Welt ist nicht mehr zu retten da muste sich die ganze Welt zu Jesus Christus bekehren Frieden mit Gott durch Jesus Christus

  47. I suggest there is something amiss in the message put across by the organisation. I support the actions of Extinction Rebellion but know that guidance is a necessary requisite for an acceptable understanding by all concerned in what is a highly complex matter. There are a number of component parts to be added to the unfolding saga affecting our Earth. A recently introduced 'telephony' service is here for an unannounced purpose. Please be mindful that 5G is a militaristic micro- and metre-wave lamppost-streetscape radiation tool that has every likelihood of being used to control us when our star goes to sleep at the end of what is predicted to be a very weak Solar Cycle #25 (an eleven-year event of the now beginning sunspot cycle) that is to be followed by a Grand Solar Minimum with its attendant mini (400 years?) Ice-Age — the ultimate cure for ‘Global Warming’ (despite what the media will tell you — it is not us, it is not CO2, it is the Sun) — brings on (already happening in 2019) the cold’s abbreviated growing seasons with crop losses, food/fodder shortages (the United States currently has zero grain reserves) and theft with inevitable ensuing civil unrest; our Earth will have its Geomagnetic Reversal (a likely extinction event beginning now with our weakening star); the Sun will Micronova (another likely extinction event, at least to the half of Earth facing the Sun at the time, cyclically every 12,068 years) in October 2046. I advise people to conduct their own research into these controversial matters. I request that you do not ‘believe’, or ‘disbelieve’, rather please take the time to research these issues, using the supplied keywords above, before you decide upon the validity of the statements. Referencing our and other countries newspapers and news media may not provide up-to-date answers as they tend to be part of the ‘disinformation’ network simply because they would wish to refrain from creating civil unrest or panic. Conspiracy theory this is not, welcome to the macrocosm.

  48. Maybe she could do her part and stop living in a house made from oil, or working on a computer made from oil; or food arriving by oil; or clothes or warmth in frozen Sweden in the wintertime or her privileged life, maybe she could get help for her vagal driven Aspergers fight to flight response to a hoax. A manipulated theory that is unproven and the truth is its getting cold and we are in the coldest Solar cycle in two hundred years and could be heading into a Maunder minimum.

  49. Turn off the aircon in your classrooms, ditch the tablets, get off your phones. Use a blackboard, learn from books, go to the library instead of following the copiers talk about stuff they know nothing about on youtube, they don't really advance anything, they just take what those with knowledge do and put it on the internet. All was fine before the internet.

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