UniFi Video – Setup Wizard Walkthrough for NVR, Controller & Cameras

I’m Jamie, and in this video I’ll
introduce the UniFi® Video platform then walk through the basic steps of setup and installation on the network. UniFi Video is Ubiquiti’s complete IP video surveillance system, that combines price-disruptive, high-performance hardware with free to use intuitive software. You can download and run the software on a Linux or Windows machine or run the software on Ubiquiti’s
dedicated NVR hardware appliance as I’ll demonstrate in this video. Much like UniFi Access Points, UniFi Video IP cameras are adopted and
managed from a central controller. The most basic setup involves the
following equipment: The UniFi Video NVR controller for camera management and storage, UniFi Video Cameras for video monitoring, a laptop or PC for initial setup, and local area network equipment like
Ubiquiti’s TOUGHSwitch for power over Ethernet and connectivity. In this basic example all equipment is connected by the layer
2 switch so traffic passes without problem between cameras, the NVR, and the laptop. The default IP address of an NVR is while cameras have a default IP If you do not have a DHCP server active, you’ll need to configure unique static IP addresses for each device on your network. For this demonstration, my gateway leases DHCP addresses for the network pool, The discovery tool can be used to find the
IP addresses for any Ubiquiti devices on the layer 2
network. To start the UniFi Video setup wizard open a web browser and navigate to the
IP address belonging to the UniFi Video Controller on the default port 7443. After accepting the terms and conditions, assign a host name to the NVR, Then select the time zone. Next, create an admin account with global
privileges. Finally, review the settings to finish
the setup wizard, then log in with your new admin account. The controller software will automatically discover UniFi Video Cameras on the local area network. Select the pending cameras to be adopted then provide the default username and password ubnt and ubnt After updating the firmware, the cameras appear as connected and can be managed by the controller. Move to the map tab, then click the pending cameras icon to
place them on the map. Click the gear icon, then move to the
manage tab to name each camera. Finally, click the thumbnail to ensure
that the IP video feed is working. To watch more product tutorials for
UniFi video and other Ubiquiti platforms, please visit our videos page. Thanks for watching this video!

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