Understand PIN protection

Understand PIN protection

Hey – okay, we’re out of milk, so I’m going to run to the store. I’m out of cash. I’ll need your bank card… and I’ll need your PIN! You want my PIN? Honey, I can’t do that! WWHAAAT???? Debit and credit cards are protected against fraud, right? Uh huh? So in return, I’ve got to protect my PIN number and NEVER SHARE it. It’s that simple. But – I’m your husband!!! Not even me? Not even you. Understanding you financial rights and your responsibilities means no surprises. Find out more at Canada.ca/it-pays-to-know

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  1. (Sarcasm Alert)
    So in 2017, will the team that makes these videos be inclusive and progressive and depict someone other then a white male as the person who makes all the mistakes? This harks back to the years of TV shows like the Flintstones & "Love and Marriage" where the man was always the buffoon. Is man-shaming a word in the dictionary yet?

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