Unboxing Full HD 1080P PTZ IP Camera 5X Zoom Unpacking & setup PTZ IP home security Camera 5X Zoom

Unboxing Full HD 1080P PTZ IP Camera 5X Zoom Unpacking & setup PTZ IP  home security Camera 5X Zoom

hello friends and welcome to this new,
video today I wanted to show you the unboxing of a zoom camera that I have
purchased on Amazon that arrived to me for my country house, now
I will do the unboxing and find out together then we will find inside it
a 32 gb sd card instructions manual and the QR code for the configuration the camera, the power supply, the antenna
and fixing base and that’s it, and the dots
as you can see this is very very small infrared with a 5 X zoom, then
let’s try a quick one I configure it with you for the
first time then I will make a video where I will do the final installation e
we will see the features, then connect we mount the antenna you want to do
as you can see this can be connected either via gigabit ethernet network or
via wifi interface we will now use wifi as you can see here the plug
power wait to be configure we provide to install the App on the smartphone the application is called ICSEE as
you can see well finished the installation we give the permits access at this point we should create a
account well at this point we performed the
registration of of the device of course I have not yet
inserted the sd card I will insert it then before assembling it
definitely then we add the WIFI device we just have to enter the password for the wifi therefore
now let’s start with the configuration add our camera to the wifi network ok let’s select our wifi network and we confirm networks connecting please wait a moment select the QR code and let’s read it to
camcorder connection success and please Set login password Ok at this point
as you can see, the our video camera here we are this is
the video camera this is the zoom as you see also reactive e
here we are connected to the wifi network if we disconnect from the wifi network e
we use the 4g networks now he has to reacquire it because
as if the connection was interrupted, here we are this is how you see it and how we handled it from outside the home at this point we can zoom and this is what is now standard
definition in this case I’m going to vary the quality of what we have it
positioned in full hd let’s reduce the zoom again and also quite ready from commissioning
fire and here I am in the country anyway so the router is a 4g so maybe
and I have ILIAD as a network provider so maybe it’s not however the network is very fast, however it is
streaming goes pretty well on cell phone or a tim card while router
4g or an ILIAD card as you see zoom as you can see, you can see enough
quite good but also the possibility to enlarge it again and then
I reduce to this point it can also configure the Base settings on the device name and it I will then position after, advanced settings for the duration of recording to video quality is
image enhancement network settings and then you can
set the proximity alarm in case of movement the detection of
movement here and time in seconds the interval between an alarm the other thing
must do whether to capture an image or or record a short video
it is enough for me to capture an image myself make the sensitivity visible on the cloud
media and then the message if one wants notification on on the APP I would say to select it so
that when it detects a movement now we will do a test let’s come of
new video ok we remove the zoom as you see also in the movement is already
when the notification of the alarm arrived now let’s remove the zoom ok at this point let’s pass a hand
in front of the lens and as you can see it is the notification arrived this and that
previous really is here it is the other also arrived we close the APP
let’s try to see here is how you see it is notification arrived with the image
of the hand nothing is this for unboxing the small verification of
operation as I told you I will make a video when there
I will install and so you can see like how it works positioned
definitely and that’s all for thank you I hope you have been helpful
let a like share and there see you at the next video, hello to everyone

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