Ultimate Smart Home – Best WiFi Security Doorbell Under 100

Ultimate Smart Home – Best WiFi Security Doorbell Under 100

yo what’s going on friends it’s Jonathan
and welcome back to another JC production where I deliver your daily
dose of hotness and in this video right here we’re gonna be keeping them heads
ring we’re gonna be looking at the best smart
doorbell that you can currently get for the money
in fact I’ll do you one better and we’re gonna be taking a look at two of the
best smart doorbells that you can currently buy on the market without
breaking the bank they both come from Remo Plus which was
formerly known as olive in dove and if that name sounds familiar it’s because
I’m a huge supporter of their products and if you’ve been following me then you
know that I partner with them in the past to showcase the remote cam and also
the first generation remote Bell well in this video I’m partnering with them to
showcase their latest innovations the Remo Bell s and the Remo Bell W let’s
start with the Remo Bell W taking a look at the box the Remo Bell W features
on-demand live video monitoring PIR motion sensors two-way audio support HD
video streaming cloud recording which we’ll get into more later push
notifications and alerts infrared night vision in multiple viewer support so
your family can have access to the remote Bell W as well the Remo Bell W
retails for one hundred and ninety-nine bucks but you can pick it up cheaper on
Amazon at times I’ll leave links in the description so you can check pricing for
yourself switching things over to the Remo Bell s you can see the packaging is
much larger according to the box it also offers all of the same features
from live on-demand monitoring to the multiple viewer access the Remo Bell S
retails for 99 bucks which blew me away after seeing the amount of features that
this thing is equipped with inside the Remo bill w box you get a QuickStart
guide the Remo Bell W a bracket fitting the green mount a 5 degree wedge mount a
power kit extension wires and wire nuts security screw a ball in hex L key tool
and some mounting screws and wall anchors the Remo Bell s comes with a
Quick Start Guide the Remo Bell s wall mount 15 degree wall mount 5 degree
wedge mount power kit with wire harness extension wires a screw driver mount
foam mounting screws and wall anchors wire nuts a bubble level screw safety
fuse and a drill bit both removal models require an internet
connection with two or more megabits per second upload speeds in order to have a
reliable and steady connection plus you need 16 to 24 volts of power
installation is pretty straightforward and its laid out in an easy to follow
QuickStart guide start by going to your breaker box and
ensuring the power is turned off to your doorbell depending on if you have a
mechanical or electric time your setup may vary for me I have a mechanical
chime therefore I’ll be installing the power kit start by inserting one end of
the wire harness into the power kit pop off the cover that’s covering your
mechanical chime and take a picture of your wiring for reference loosen the
screws and remove the wires then straighten out the exposed wires
connect the wire harness to the trans and front chime terminals insert the
exposed end of the wire harness and the chime wire into the wire nut and then
twist it tightly go ahead and do the same thing for the remaining wires then
place your power kits so that it doesn’t interfere with the moving parts or
muffle the chime you can use the adhesive backing to hold it in place if
you need to do so once you’re done put the chime cover back on here at JC
productions we like easy things and installing the doorbell is just as easy
as installing the chime inside the bubble level into the mount in order to
make it straight cuz you don’t want anything crooked once everything looks
good mark the drill points on your wall with the pencil drill holes according to
the points you marked and insert the wall anchors into the wall once that’s
done secure the mount using the included screws since I’m using a power kit due
to my mechanical doorbell I’ll be connecting the Remo bail s and the W
with my existing doorbell wires next remove the faceplate and attach the Remo
bail s to the mount by inserting the included screws go ahead and restore the
power now on the breaker box if the LED indicator flashes blue then it’s time to
continue with the setup process if not then you may need to check your wiring
after you flip the breaker switch again everything else is done through the Remo
Plus app so make sure to download it in the iOS App Store or the Google Play
Store once done make sure to sign up for an
account or log if you already have an account it’s
important to note that five gigahertz Wi-Fi is not supported only 2.4
gigahertz so make sure you refer to your router to make sure that it’s projecting
the right frequency to use the removal snw after logging into the remote app
tap the plus sign to add your device and select your time zone into the password
for your selected Wi-Fi network scan the QR code on the Remo Bell s1 LED
indicator flashes blue go into your Wi-Fi settings and locate the remote
Bell Network and then join it once connected bounces back to the remote app
and follow the prompts to finish the registration if everything looks all
good then it’s time to reattach the faceplate and screw in the security
screws on the bottom the difference between the removal s in the remote
build W comes down to this the Remo bail s streams HD video with a 180 degree
wide angle camera while the W is 160 degrees the S has a resolution of 1556 5
1536 well the W is 1920 by 1080 the S is slightly more compact vs. the W in his
and their so slightly more weather resistant being able to withstand
temperatures to negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit while the W is zero degrees
Fahrenheit the W comes with the remote door chime which connects to any wall
outlet and produces audible notifications for rings up to 90
decibels which is awesome for people that have larger homes and tend not to
hear the doorbell when upstairs or in a separate part of the house the S model
uses motion zones which can be assigned within the remo apps while the W uses
advanced PIR sensors in conjunction with motion sensors to avoid false alarms
like I said before over a year we like easy and the app is really easy to use
once you’ve been using it for a bit you’ll develop a recent activity log
which you’ll be greeted with whenever you launch the app if you’re saving
videos to the cloud you can go back and watch some of your recent activity in
case you missed the notification depending on if you’re using the Remo
Bell S or W there will be a couple different
options first you have the option to select your video quality which ranges
from best average to low you can turn on and off the motion sensor but if you’re
using the Remo Bell s you can also adjust the motion zone and you have a
detailed setting for the motion sensitivity since the Remo Bell s NW
both come with free unlimited storage for up to three days you can enable or
disable the save de cloud feature you can select how aggressive the
notifications you receive from the Remo Bell are from light to frequent also if
you’re wanting to add on a chime to the Remo Bell s or an additional one to the
Remo Bell W it is possible to do so for an additional twenty nine bucks
finally you can change the night mode setting to auto off or on accessing a
live feed on demand within the app is quick and painless
something that I’ve had issues with when using other smart doorbells if you
receive a notification regarding motion or someone ringing your doorbell you can
easily select the notification to pull up a live feed and tap on answer if
someone is at your door the Remo Bell s and the Remo Bell W work with Google
Assistant Amazon Alexa and if this than that as I said prior the Remo Bell s and
the Remo Bell w come with a rolling unlimited cloud storage up to three days
for video recordings and if you need more plans start at three dollars a
month or $30 a year for 30 days worth of recording the Remo Bell s is the star of
the show here since it not only features a solid design but offers a lot of
functionality combined with an amazing price tag of 99 bucks factor in the
unlimited three days storage and a limited one year warranty with lifetime
theft protection this is an awesome deal for anyone on a budget trying to step up
their home security and smart home game the removal W is no slouch either
offering a bit better of an image and tons of functionality at a reasonable
price plus you get all of the cloud storage benefits from the Remo bel s
see here’s the thing if you’re in the market for a smart home doorbell I
highly recommend that you check out both of these offerings if you’re on a budget
and specific the Remo bill S is pretty much the best bang for your buck
doorbell that you can currently buy even if you’re not on a budget I mean under
100 bucks you’re getting a lot of premium features plus that unlimited
three-day cloud storage is just so good if you guys have any questions regarding
the Remo belt s or the W make sure to leave them down below in the comment
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  1. A $100 and simple installation sounds really good.
    But how does this compare to Nest?
    How much is the monthly service fee for this?

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