U.S. Air Force: Fire Protection

It’s not just pulling up on scene and
putting water on the fire. There’s a lot more to it. It’s actually a lot harder
than what I thought it was gonna be. Any trainee that wants to become a
firefighter has to be not only physically tough but they need to be
mentally and emotionally tough as well. I’m Airman Basic Marcos Carrasco. I’m from
New Rochelle, New York and I’m here for fire protection tech school. Different types
of fire that we’ve been trained on are wildland fires, as well as interior burn,
above and below grade fires, vehicle fires, dumpster fires, as well as cylinder
fires. Upon graduating from this fire training academy, any given student will
walk away with firefighter 1 & 2, hazmat awareness, hazmat operations, as
well as airport firefighter. Those are the nationally recognized certifications. I’m Airman Basic Jack Simonds. I’m from Acton, Maine. I’m here for fire protection. I have three more days of burns after this. The first time going in, it’s intense.
It’s hot. You can’t see. Just a little bit different than your regular structural
fire. The types of scenarios that we put them through pushes them to their limits.
some of them don’t make it. I wanted to be a firefighter because it’s exciting.
It’s an adrenaline rush. I look up to firefighters. I’m athletic. I felt that it
would fit me. We have all branches of services that come through this school
just to receive the training. And, we even have foreign nationals that come
here to the school just because it is one of the best. There’s a lot of
academics behind it as well. We’re not gonna put you outside and
start training you until we know that you are mentally there. The instructors here..top grade. You know, they’ve had the same training. They came through the same school. They went out to the field, and they learned real-life experience, and they
just came back to teach us. I really enjoy working with the students. I really
love when a student comes up to me and tells me that I’ve motivated them or
inspired them in some way to push harder past what they thought were their
limitations. The motto here is “train like someone’s
life depends on it,” because it does.

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