TVJ Midday News: Body of Boy Found in Kingston Harbour – January 24 2020

TVJ Midday News: Body of Boy Found in Kingston Harbour – January 24 2020

good afternoon of ashen brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom the body
of an eight-year-old boy who had been reported missing was found in the
Kingston Harbor yesterday afternoon the body of Gallen Buchanan of Spanish Don
road was found about a about 3:15 his hands were bound gallon was last seen at
his house on Tuesday the police issued a high alert for him the following day TVJ
News spoke with the principal of the Sevilla primary school miss Prince away
from his mom because she and her spouse had an altercation and then they found
him last night tragically killed it is so sad and disheartening that an adult
who think of avenging his loss in this devastating way it has touched all of us
so significantly that we are so speechless
that someone could be so heartless to hurt such an innocent promising child
and now the stator an e-learning Jamaica says it will shortly announce the next
phase of the rollout of the tablets and schools program this follows yesterday’s
Supreme Court ruling on the legal challenge brought against it by geotech
vision CEO of e-learning Jamaica Keith Smith told our NewsCenter that the court
ruled that the agency’s termination of the contract issued to giatec vision to
supply devices under the tablets and schools programme was valid geotech
vision says it will be seeking compensation for losses arising from the
termination of its contract the company says the claim for loss and damages was
not brought before the court and its attorneys will know vigorously pursue
this matter to ensure payment by elearning jamaica in october he learning
Jamaica said it terminated geotech visions contract because the samples the
company provided did not meet specifications concerns this afternoon
from the denim tone community in West Kingston about the possibility of a
dengue outbreak caused by stagnant sewage on Albert Street residents say
the raw sewage has resulted in the worsening of the road condition TVA’s
Kirk Wright has that story muddy puddles there are several of them along Albert
Street in denim town with more closer to the traffic light at the intersection
with Spanish Town Road and there are a few outside the service entrance to the
denim town police station the raw sewage that’s creating the puddles on Albert
Street is from a malfunctioning manhole on Victor Street just next door manually
a key punch through not water dirty water from some days the sewage and no
one don’t care about us and one chimes do nothing about it the environment
created by the problem affects everybody in the surrounding area the water
settles just aside current Simpsons gate young baby
a baby soon calm I the CMT tonight you know interesting people
Devin Cole who works in the area spends lots of his time trying to keep down the
mosquito population by pouring oil in the water as often as he can as he must
get out in my nighttime when then eat oh and then float the Flyers better look
Wanda Wanda right that’s all right that’s all I’ll be a musket I’m a
newcomer come come to us early night you know he says he’s had to rescue children
from the filthy water now I got write another word I said I know I only did
your part in the water about here the stagnant water emits an unpleasant odor nobody talked so we are Teleca Liat our
nation ground all and this essentially for you think ina liqueur
krishna mirage is unable to park his car in his yard again because of a trench
that cuts across his gate the last time we had a policeman tow almost stopped in
the road here based on the condition I’m unable to go
inside my property our smoke also was threatened to get a ticket there a day
from a police officer saying that I parked too close to the curb but that is
because of the inconvenience that we’re experiencing here a police unit and all
other vehicles responding to emergencies have no choice but to slow down at this
section of the road and it doesn’t matter big or small all will have to
come to a crawl once they approach this section of Albert Street the soldiers
who are posted right outside the gates of the police station under the zona
special operation have to endure all the effects of the dust on the road and
stench from the sewage that’s stagnant near them the road was dug up on the
rehabilitation program to improve roads and sewage system in the denim town
community we were unable to reach the Member of Parliament or counselor to get
a comment Kirk right TVJ news Minister without portfolio and the
Minister of Agriculture JC Hutchinson says more money is needed to
rehabilitate farm roads across the island
he says the Minister will be lobbying for an allocation in the next budget for
additional funds to fix the roads during the 2020 2021 financial year we want to
see if we can get 1.4 billion dollars for farm roads alone in the next budget
we don’t know if it will come but we feel that roads are a priority to the
development of Agriculture he also indicated that in South San James the
minister aims to rehabilitate an additional five farm roads under the
programme mr. Hutchinson revealed that changes will be made to allow residents
in farm road areas to send in requests for the roads to be fixed we are asking
you to write to your parish manager asking him to come and get your Road
rehabilitated so all of you who have your farm roads and they are in a
deplorable condition put it in writing to your parts manager stating that you
would like your Road to be rehabilitated he was speaking at a function in South
San James on Wednesday and it’s now time for a break but stay with us more
stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now
Agriculture Minister Audrey Shaw says measures are being implemented to help
reduce the electricity cost at the national irrigation commission and I see
mr. Shaw said the electricity cost account for 35% of the ni cease
operating budget this is because the agency depends on a single power
provider for water production within the past ten years the energy cost to
produce a cubic meter of irrigation water has risen by two hundred and
thirty three percent we pay the utility company that much more for energy now
versus in 2010 to produce the same volume of water while speaking at the
commissioning of the Bengal station solar system recently mr. Shah gave an
update on the changes these include the replacement of inefficient motors and
pumps to reduce energy waste so it’s not just if solar but all the inefficient
motors and pumps conveyance improvements to reduce water losses and the
retrofitting of pump facilities with energy-saving devices to reduce energy
demand the goal of course is to minimize the organization’s energy footprint in
order to self generate energy for consumption mr. Shah added that farmers
in the bracha irrigation area will soon start receiving constant water supply at
a reasonable rate at Jamaica Defence Force soldier who was facing gun and
sexual assault charges was freed when he appeared before the Supreme Court on
Thursday the 53 year old soldier who was who has served the army for 29 years was
freed following a three day trial the soldier was charged following
allegations that he sexually assaulted a 16 year old girl at gunpoint
prosecutors led evidence that in August last year the army officer sexually
assaulted the teenager at his house in San Catherine the soldier denied any
sexual contact with the teen his attorney Peter champagne urged the
judge to dismiss the case on the basis that the teenager gave contradictory
testimony on the cross-examination after deliberating the judge phoned the
soldier not guilty sports no the creme de la creme among global athletic stars
are once again said to grace the national stadium for this year’s staging
of the popular races Grand Prix the launch for the prestigious event took
place at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston on Thursday morning and the
Spencer Darlington was there the fifth staging of the races Grand Prix on a
Saturday June 13 at the National Stadium has taken on added significance
following last year’s upgrading of the meet to go to level status on the
inaugural World Athletics continental Tour two-time Olympic time a four-time
word 100 metres champion – L Ian Frazer price headlines a list of local and
international stars already confirmed for the meet other national
representatives already confirmed alongside the 2019 rgr greener Sports
Foundation sports woman of the year our World Championship medalist Daniel
Williams and Rochelle Clayton along with double Olympic sprint champion Alain Tom
Sahira RJ R Venus Sports Foundation sports Man of the Year at worden our job
champion etosha Gayle a-team Bloomfield Danish gay and Christian Montana the
overseas cast includes world 400 metres record holder away in van Niekerk word a
200 meters champion Noah Lyles and world 100 metres hurdles record holder Kendra
Harrison the seven core events on the program will be the 100 and 200 metres
for both men and women as well as the discus for men and women and the women’s
triple jump with the 200 metres discussed and a triple jump earning
points towards the Diamond League final there will also be seven discretionary
events the 400 metres for men and women the 400 metres hurdles for both
categories as well as the sprint hurtless for men and women and the men’s
long jump in the mean time over 200 agents managers and coaches of athletes
have expressed an interest in this year’s meet and chairman of the
organizing committee and president of the races track club Glen Mills
explained it to TV Jay sports how the process will be managed
we have priority has to be given to were really
secondly we want to have a Jamaican content in each race so we’re gonna
reserve some lanes for Jamaicans one Li where there’s are developing athlete
will get an opportunity meanwhile with the upgraded status of the Mead World
Athletics the global governing body now has greater involvement with me they
have a significant input I’d like to believe that way because the
there’s a structure that the continental tour series must follow and so we have
to stay within that but in terms of like we must have the core vents but the
other events we decide and the reason why we don’t have all the core events is
that if you know some up in the hundred as a core event in that they are willing
to work with us because they know that the hundred will be more significant to
us rather than the steeplechase and so on the races Grand Prix is now rated as
the second largest meet in North America and the Caribbean region topped owned by
the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene Oregon this year’s staging weather shown live
in over 100 countries on four continents T Spencer Darlington T V J sports and
that’s the midday news on Vashon Braun don’t forget to join us at 7:00 for
prime time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams have a
good afternoon and a wonderful weekend

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  1. Crime like this happens, how comes u don't see the security minister or commissioner on the seen? But has a gun man fire a shot and run pass a Chinese business them come in a shake hands.. MURDER! MURDER!

  2. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. I dont know what dem waiting on to hang these mother f…….rs the last time me check we nuh have nuh rope shortage maybe this lunatic couldnt catch the lady to kill her so him kill the innocent little child whe nuh business wid big people business i wish him spirit haunt you until you jump off a bridge that we can save tax payers money.

  4. Why is this child's death so low key really Jamaica really …..mek him did name Wong Chan Chin den things would be different.

  5. All dem old politicians still in politics ain't make no change in the country……. R. I. P
    to that little boy what a wicked act my people yall wake up and unu stand for unu rights Chinese have more rights than us in our country. But whose to be blame…..

  6. i hope the police will be able to do a full thorough and complete investigation into this killing of this little boy…also the place the hand tied body was found right after the departure the cruise ship….

  7. The government a play with these heartless and evil killers tougher sentences for men who killed women and children.

  8. Omg omg!!! No sah.. me belly.. poor baby.. no man.. no man.. something have to be done.. hanging something.. come one man… Jesus have mercy pan Jamaican wicked people..

  9. The Government of Jamaica needs to bring back HANGING!!! Some of the crimes been committed is scandalous and outrageous!!! The place gone to the dawg.

  10. Now tell me who can we bring down the high level of crime when we have people like this living amongst us? My heart goes out to the family of that little baby boy😭😭😭

  11. Inner City people wise up and be SMART, hold your MP and Government ACCOUNTABLE! NO VOTES until the all sewerage infrastructures are fixed; you thinks POLITICIANS would allow this inhumane situation to happen in Cherry Gardens, Russell Heights, Bird Sucker Lane, Havendale, Barbican and Stoney Hills? Tax payer monies would fix that in less than 24 hours FACTS!!!

  12. What could that little prince have done to you ? What man ?best you go chuck off yourself you do not deserve to eat or spend a day in prison , the police better move fast to find that beast .

  13. What could that little prince have done to you ? What man ?best you go chuck off yourself you do not deserve to eat or spend a day in prison , the police better move fast to find that beast .

  14. My God this is the lowest of the low
    My heart aches for this little boy 8 years old
    Well well jungle justice is the answer I say this with no apology

  15. Something has seriously gone wrong with males in general in Jamaica. I am never one for hanging but my mind is changing day by day. I keep advocating for a special maximum security prison just like the black Dolphin in Siberia. Specially build for murderers, child molesters, rapist and corrupt politicians. Criminals sent to this prison has not visitation rights and most should be in isolation, there must be no way out unless in a casket just like the Black Dolphin. The prison officers has to be specially trained. We need this in Jamaica as a deterrent.

  16. Jahh jahh God mi can't believe this a 8 year old Bredda some a them man yah just likkle Pitney strent the attack nobody but mi can't believe a swear😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭R.I.P your u Wil forever in our heart u gone but u not forgotten

  17. I don't see wah the government a do a swear 2 much of our ppl a dead out do somu bout it no man all of our young one a guh down?..?

  18. Wow wow I don't know I really really. Getting angry and call that piece of waste name not going to bring back the life of the youth. It is time for capital punishment. Electricution or firing squad if hanging gruesome. I know many women in Jamaica fear to have relationships. Women not every men think like cannibal just don't give up hope. Real men still around.

  19. A some weak man who fear the punch are gun butt from real hard man always a do them sissy killing. No real hard man quick to kill young children. Real hard will get angry with his woman because teeth and tongue must meet. The man them who do them thing raise in society as mammy baby boy who still a look for mama feeding. Weak.

  20. Don't give one night love to waste man who want to be in control of you. Some a them men if you laid with them for one show they go tell friends you a them woman More time a loneliness and financial support make women end up with waste.

  21. What a SWEET little boy! Y him kill him? No heart in a him to leave him alone? All him when him get caught a go a prison go enjoy life? Poor mom, my heart hurts for you n every child ! God only knows. Heartless people. I pray for our children n even parents who a stuggl😭🙏

  22. This is an unbearable pain for any mother family members neighbor or friend and for any person with a heart with or without child / children 😢😢😢

  23. Women out there please take note this is a trend. When you want to end the relationship with a man he wants REVENGE ,so the next best thing he going to do is to go after the next best thing that close to you YOUR CHILD.

  24. Women, leave these heartless Jamaican men alone. They're now killing your children. Leave fast and quietly.

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