TVI Camera 1080p HD Video Surveillance with 180 Degree Lens

TVI Camera 1080p HD Video Surveillance with 180 Degree Lens

This is 1080p high definition video surveillance
captured using an HD-TVI security camera with an ultra wide angle fish-eye lens. CCTV Camera Pros has this camera mounted to
the ceiling of our sales floor and it is hard wired to an iDVR-PRO recorder using RG59 coax
cable. The DVR is configured to record video 1080p
resolution at 30 frames per second. You can see here that the 180 degree lens
is able to capture video of me even when I am standing directly below where the camera
is mounted. This wall is 15 feet away from the camera. And the room is just over 28 feet wide. Here is another video segment that we captured
to show the infrared night vision capability of the camera. When the lights are on in the room, the camera
captures surveillance video in color. This room is 28 feet wide by 28 feet deep
and the camera is mounted 9 1/2 feet high. When I turn the lights off in the room, the
camera engages it’s built-in infrared LEDs so that it can capture video in the dark. I use the flashlight on my iPhone so that
I can make my way back to this spot. This room is completely dark right now except
for a dim red light on the emergency exit sign. When I turn the lights back on, the camera
turns off its infrared and switches back to color / day-time mode. The HD-TVI-BL180 is a 1080p resolution TVI
security camera. The camera’s fisheye lens captures a 180
degree field of view. The 24 IR LEDs that are built into the camera
have an effective infrared range of 32 feet. The camera housing is IP66 rated which allows
it to be used to indoor and outdoor video surveillance installations. The tri-axis mount of the camera allows this
camera to be ceiling or wall mounted. IN addition to TVI video support, this camera
also has analog CCTV, CVI, and AHD modes. A 12V DC power supply is included. For current pricing and more information,
please visit Thank you for watching.

5 Replies to “TVI Camera 1080p HD Video Surveillance with 180 Degree Lens”

  1. I love this camera. I have been looking for a fish eye type camera for a while. all the dvr on your website are far out of my price range. I'm planning on picking up 1 or 2 of these cameras. can you point me on the direction of a cheap dvr? or can these cameras be connected directly to a computer? and would I be able to use that computer as the dvr

  2. Glad you offer a wide vision lens o lot of these security systems only sell 70 degree cameras and they don't even offer any other lens what's really suck! Do you offer an outdoor version?

  3. Wait, if the ir is coming from the camera, why are the shadows at an angle coming from the lower right as if there is another external ir light source, instead of behind you? Is Darth Vader's saber causing the light to come from an angle?

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