Trump Wants to Ban Vaping to Protect Melania’s Son

Trump Wants to Ban Vaping to Protect Melania’s Son

100 Replies to “Trump Wants to Ban Vaping to Protect Melania’s Son”

  1. So according to the orange puff vaping is big business? How soon before he starts squealing for his cut and nothing will get done?

  2. Well… News Flash: Trump IS an idiot. President Dim Bulb and Melania See-My-Tits-and Ass-on-the-Internet wouldn't know an E cig if it made like a suppository and climbed up their butts. A shame they didn't get so involved with the opioid epidemic. That has killed a LOT more than 6 people, but Donny didn't want to fund it. Just lip service.

  3. Look, I'm not pro but he wasn't kidding about the type of technology that we have..

    Besides that,, banning vaping because a few kids did something stupid.. before you ban GMOs and every other heart disease causing product in this country that millions and millions of people die from every year.. now I say impeach!

  4. Nuking a hurricane will only make it even worst, not only you have a hurricane now you got a radioactive hurricane that's deadly

  5. "She's got a son.. together… that is a beautiful young man"….OMG he is an idiot lol. Poor Baron, and Melania. Could it be that he is a worse father and husband than president??! I am sure it is a toss up. The only problem is that he hurts more as a president.

  6. Omg Trump gets crazier everyday. Her son ???? I can't wait until Bernie and Trump debate. It's going to be unbelievably sad yet funny. Trump will be soooooo lost.

  7. 5:01 Did he forget he had a son?!👀👀 Did he forget They're married?!🤦‍♂️ Did he forget that we already know Melania had a child with him?!🤷‍♀️😳😨 Why does it sound like he knows little to nothing about their child?!😱🤯😂🤣 Who keeps letting him do these surprise Press Conferences?!🤔🤨

  8. To protect his son??? Since when can cadet bone head claim to be a father??? A father is first & foremost a man who protects, provides, & sets an example to be admired by all who know him. Putin's b..tch doesn't come close to any of these qualities.

  9. Kids please don’t vape 💨 it’s a slow horrible death 💀. Please go to the mall and get shot instead it is much better … I am the Grimm Reaper and I approve this message. (Moscow Mitch). 🦇💩🤪

  10. With trump referring to Barron as Melania’s son or the first lady’s son I’m starting to think that Barron is not his. He lies about everything why not about Barron being his? I want to see Barron’s birth certificate!

  11. Trump doesn't acknowledge Baron as his son because the boy seems to have a mental issue or learning disability…………but trump, being a sociopath and narcisist will not accept Baron as his son because trump percieves the boy as subpar, defective and trump cannot possibly make anything less than magnificent like he seems to think himself to be.

  12. One of the worst things about the Trump Era is his effect on late-night shows. Do you remember when Kimmel and friends were funny? miss those days.

  13. I'm not saying that vaping is not a problem, but it's way smaller than a hundred other things…….trump is just putting another one of his unending dog and pony shows and needs a win………in anything, that's why he is doing this.

  14. Yes Telugu mouse I’m the real idiot. Always the same dumb statements from you morons. Talk to me tomorrow when the assholes that you people think are going to win screw themselves again with their idiotic ideas .


  16. In typical Trump fashion, he wouldn't do a goddamned thing until it (remotely) affected someone in his circle. He must not be getting any money from the vape manufacturers.

  17. Any opportunity to take a cheap shot at the 2nd A. You democrats are the devil! Take accountability and responsibility for yourselves instead of deflecting and generalizing. You idiots!

  18. Handful of people die from vaping and they want to ban it under the term "health concern"
    480K people die from cigarettes a year and theres no ban for "health concerns". Its not health concerns. Its self interest concerns. Dont be fooled. Read between the lines.

  19. Vaping is no good. Kids are being disfigured and getting lung problems, as well as being killed. There are people also who have been fighting and trying to get the assault rifles banned, but the NRA won't have it. Why should the NRA have the right to tell the president and others that they cannot ban assault rifles? Makes no sense.

  20. I love how yall laugh so loud when he accidentally says "she's got a son.. Together" but when Obama accidentally called Michelle Michael yall were like "oh everyone messes up with their speech" shows how hypocritical both political parties are especially the "comedians" who people shouldn't be listening to anyway

  21. Jimmy hates The president way too much.. Everyone has opinions it's supposed to be that way but i don't hate trump and sometimes just the constant hate over him is just too much. Oh well whatever


  23. Together must have a rough time in school. Melanie is on the phone right now with Vlad asking how long does she have to endure this donut

  24. Trump is that low IQ narcissistic child who has never respected anyone, doesn't understand that the world is not black and white, and will love setting the world on fire if it could anyhow help him personally. A dangerous man.

  25. Liberals can’t even acknowledge any positive thing done by a republican without complaining about another issue. I used to like jimmy kimmel until u started thinking that u were a politician and not a comedian.

  26. trump seemed to forget he had a son with Melania. trump is moving quickly to ban vaping but not assault rifles and more than 6 people have died in gun shootings.

  27. Man you need a real show if trump wasn’t president you would have no show trump 2020 truth is most people I talk to are going to vote him in again better get the tissue box’s ready can’t wait to see you all crying agine

  28. Well good thing is he doesn't have to go far since we have the NRA, Neo-Nazis, and these home grown terrorists with assault rifles. So go ahead and do something about them …

  29. The reason Trump speaks of her son that way is because he legally has it setup in a prenuptual agreement that he will not be responsible in anyway
    for any children that she has with him. So even though he is Trump's son, Trump does not see it that way and refers to him as Melania's son.
    And she agreed to this crap before she married him. What a couple of scums. Don't worry, when they both die soon and go before Jesus for their
    final judgment, they will be permanently punished for the rest of eternity. No crooked lawyers, Trump's lies or any amount of money will save them from
    where they will end up.

  30. I get trump is dumb but I’m a marketer and agree these vaping. Companies are targeting children. Most of you forget the cigarette companies went through the same thing in the 90s which is why you don’t see joe camel anymore or marbro miles. Vaping is not banned just the candy store flavors. I personally know six people who never smoked but now are addicted to vaping because it’s marketed as less harmful. Cigarettes should be banned two but have been around so long it’s hard to. Vaping is pretty new and can stop it before we have a new epidemic on our hands. Most of you Americans are very ignorant on the fact that cigarette companies still make money on vape because the nicotine is not synthetic it comes from the tobacco plants.

  31. He is talking about space craft. I think trump is itching to show America real power. Careful world GRAVITY AND LAZER WEAPONS ARE REAL.

  32. shame on you jimmy kimmel, Donald Trump is an American president…You have to show respect to him and to be proud…..unbelievable…You are not an are worse than taliban

  33. Let’s see one politician make higher interest rates a priority. Can you imagine the buy-in you can get from “regular” people who get 10% on their savings account??? Ok the banking and business with access to free money industry will freak out but holy smokes, that will level the income inequality.

  34. I think these comments need to “grow up “ it’s your president get over it. It’s not like the haters are better than Trump lol 😂. Same thing …😂😂😂😂

  35. Didn't you know?! He's hiring the Power Puff Girls to show up, do the job and you will see results on cartoon airing! Relax! Don't worry bout it, will ya?!

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