Trump Ukraine Call Rings “Alarm Bells” With Evidence Of Cover Up | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Trump Ukraine Call Rings “Alarm Bells” With Evidence Of Cover Up | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

43 Replies to “Trump Ukraine Call Rings “Alarm Bells” With Evidence Of Cover Up | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. I'm just going to start breaking the law. F it…if these dirt-bags in the white house don't have to adhere to the rule of law…why the heck should we?

  2. One corrupt President is telling a corrupt former Vice President that he is corrupt! Do you think our system should continue?

  3. It’s amazing how in the beginning of this everyone was denying denying denying, and now they are beginning to admit…

  4. Of course trump tried to spread around the guilt. Its how a narcissistic psychopath manipulates his cronies into loyalty. That and they usually make others do their dirty work so he gets the profits but won't get the prison time if it goes wrong…like the trump tower meeting. Trump was working with putin from the start he just did as he does now….he threatens the witnesses into silence. They are all guilty. Pence lied about flynn years ago. Pence was part of this treason from the start….why else would trump work with someone who doesn't do crime with him? Pence works with trump…his work is just crimes.

  5. Trump is a filthy low life criminal and he belong in prison. The sooner everyone smartens up and locks this lunatic away, the better off the world will be. One of the most sinister and evil and corrupt human beings of all time.

  6. We're witnessing the manipulative skills of a lifelong con artist, who has committed more crimes in the WH than all other previous occupants combined, and yet has managed to put the other side on the defense (at least momentarily). The plight should be and should remain our destroying this lowlife crook who continues to undermine the Constitution and compromise national security. Mr. Biden, you and the Democratic party need to play the PR game on Trump's level: dirty marketing tactics, sloganeering, relentless ad campaigns exposing all of Trump's dirty laundry past & present, reverse psychology, and bullying. Turn every word Trump uses against him, because he knows how to turn it around and, by slight-of-hand, put YOU on the defensive! This is why we can no longer afford the lameassed incompetence from the DNC in years prior to 2016. The Dems have to know how to play rough, because Trump is not a typical political opponent. He's a veteran con artist. Focus on that, keeping the public's eye on every word.

  7. MSNBC, do you think you are worthy to be heard let alone believed? I think not, fake news is all you can muster!

  8. I am 68 years old!. I wasn't born yesterday!. Impeach and prosecute this team of national traitors! for their own benefit!, lets save the Republic!.

  9. Didnt the president of Ukraine say he never pressured him…. Why do you keep saying pressure? It never happened like that did you read it…. Stop false reporting be honest

  10. The 2020 election is over now, but it will be loads of fun to watch Pocahontas go down in flames …lol ! Get out the popcorn !!!

  11. only God knows how much I literally hate trump and pence and wish that their end days would be right around the corner.

  12. I truly am curious how the Democrats will cope in 2020. All the signs and polls point to a stunning loss for the Democrats in 2020. How will Americans adjust to the failure of their party? It is the electoral college that gives all the states outside of N.Y., Ca., and Il. the power to elect the next President. That won't change. How American Dems cope is a concern. Hopefully they will act as Americans and come together as a nation. All Americans are important. And strength comes from unity, not constant division in the nation.

  13. If democrats spent all the time they use attacking the potus on immigration, the opioid epidemic, epidemic homelessness..
    And doing things that matter for all Americans, we would move forward as a human race, what democrats are in fact doing is keeping Americans divided…
    And most don’t see it….
    I do!

  14. With a big body, probably overfed but the brain is not getting those essences to function correctly, pompee is now caught in something that he is well known, and epitomises with, that is deceive and deceit, he is now caught red-handed in lying

  15. If Republicans think it's so important to know what Biden did…( Biden has been investigated and there was NOTHING there) why don't they care that Trump is hiding his TAX RETURNS?! If trump and the Republicans care so much about corruption why did the put a LIFETIME supreme Court Judge, who had been accused of being a SEXUAL PREDATOR by 2 women and the Republicans turned away 25 witnesses and basically did ZERO INVESTIGATION!, The Republicans Turned away 25 witnesses.

  16. No you demented donkeys. Master troll? You f*ing idiots. He and the rest of the world are laughing in your faces

  17. Mike Pence the Fake Christian, knows well enough what he does and doesn't do. He doesn't want to be around women by himself, yet doesn't care about immigrant Children and their family members being put in cages. Trumpvangelical's are also a funny bunch, what is acceptable to them under the Trump Administration. Can you imagine what this place would be like if President Obama had done or acted this way.

  18. The alarm bills are, the democrats are afraid of the investigation into Ukraine and Bidden quid pro quo! Democrats also threatened to with hold aid by 3 democrats going to Ukraine and telling them that if they opened an investigation into Biddens son, that they didn't know if democrat support for aid would continue!!!!!MSNBC is biased!!!

  19. By Trump spreading the dirt to Pence hands he made it a for sure that the senate will NOT convict. President Nancy the republican will NEVER

  20. Impeachment just for the Ukrainen thing!… This is nonsense !…
    They did not impeached "George W Bush" , neither to prevent him from invading Iraq , or to punish him after the invasion after all the war leading lies become exposed !…This is nonsense !…

  21. Trump did not "use" Pence, as much as he was threatening the Ukraine by not going himself in the first place.
    If you want to talk to the boss, and the boss sends the secretary, you get the clear idea that you are being snubbed.

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