Trump Hard at Work Not Working

Trump Hard at Work Not Working

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  1. No hard feelings, you're just a simple thing and a moron, and I am so glad happy that you don't live on Kauai I go swimming every day and run in the sand and I'm happy and you, she get a life you got sucked into the system you're another statistic never got to feel the real you, you mimic everybody, just for the money just for the money the money the money the money you sold your soul

  2. Trump has taken out ISIS. Lmao. Dang Jimmy. They lost over 90% of their lands. There's nothing less funny than fake news and fake comedians.

  3. We don't have the F'n money to go on vacation! You think we wouldn't if we could afford it?! The only times I go on vacation is when it's part of a business trip for me or my husband so we can save $. No wonder our country is so d*&^ depressed

  4. Jimmy Kimmel is The Man and F Hilarious. Love the Trump Jokes never gets tiring. And he supports Hispanics, Hes A Real One. Jimmy Kimmel for President.

  5. The media created around making fun of Trump is a billion dollar industry in itself lol. Make some new fuckin content Kimmel, this is getting so old. Great talent wasted on shitty topics.

  6. You know Jimmy is paid to make jokes about Trump all the time…He will miss him when He's gone.😂😂😂😂

  7. Anyone else sick of Jimmy Kimmel bitching about Trump? I don't like the guy but get some new material I'm bored of his constant scrutiny of every single thing he does and his whining.

  8. Better some things sit idle, awaiting a competent and conscientious mind's attention…… the less social, legislative, and judicial issues he contaminates, the better. And we thought he was bummed out about the desperate hopelessness of all those brown-skinned "prisoners" in His border detention centers, or having trouble reading the requests for asylum through hatred-bloated eyes and potato-packed ears. How the most powerful really really big guy can be so utterly powerless to share just a trace of hope…… does anybody know where that briefcase is? It's one thing to cage brown-skinned Spanish-speaking desperate hopefuls with no intention of ever releasing them, but how easily we'll forget the Briefcase on Parade antics and its whereabouts. Oh…. he's still got it?

    "Nothin' to do all day"…… you're talkin' about the REAL Alfred E. Neuman……."What…… Me Care?" One of the most desperate cases in need of a weekend with a shaman in what's left of the Amazon rainforest.
    OH man that "This Is Not a Book" cover…..!!!!!! Who said you can't judge the book by its cover? That's an entire personality profile in blazing, glaring technicolor…….. yikes!

  9. Your not being very fair to Trump. His schedule is busier than you showed, he also has briefings he ignores every day.

  10. Удачи! Трамп – это мошенничество. Россия установила его, чтобы нанести ущерб народу США.

  11. Ok we get it jimmy you don’t like trump but can you stop talking about him on your show it’s been like 3 years get over it. It’s almost over anyway. Just please stop your show is awesome but when politics are involved it can get annoying

  12. Love seeing all the hate filled messages on shows like this. All the morons that actually watch this crap. Without Trump this country would be in the crapper, just like shows like this. Gotta make money somehow, Kimmel has no talent, just a placating Trump basher to mindless morons that actually suck this slime up. And the cheese doddle, snack food companies that advertise to the zombies in moms basement providing the funds.

  13. Only an idiot would believe that President Trump isn't working. He actually works for free, and doesn't even take vacations.

  14. I hate Donald Trump so much. He’s gotta be the worst president in the history of the United States. And tbh, I hope he’s remembered that way. He’s just flat out a terrible person and an embarrassment to all Americans.

  15. Hey Kimmel, tell that joke about the Nagasaki bomb on Japan. Remember the one where the US interned Japanese people in internment camps to end WWII. That one cracks me up so. Or how about that one when the racist guy was talking to your mother and what you mother said. That was so funny.

  16. I don't understand why some celebrities are after President Trump and their only duty is to mock him for everything.
    We may disagree on some points , doesn't mean disrespecting the one's own country president. Whatever it may be. Show some ethic's

  17. When he's not on Twitter the orange bizarro can be a part time weatherman with those tiny hands holding on to a bigger Sharpie circling wrong states.

  18. «Never predictid ther’ll be more books» 🥴😂😂😂😂 c’mon – thank for the 🤣🤣 Jimmy 👍👍😂

  19. Get up, eat, tweet, tweet, *golf*, watch TV, eat, tweet, tweet, rage at journalists, watch TV, tweet, take a hamberder to bed, call Sean Hannity… tweet. (Don't forget the golf, Jimmy!)

  20. C'mon now, Jimmy, it's very, very difficult for the scores of White House handlers to get this untreated advanced dementia patient's act together for him more than once a week. But it is costing us many more millions to keep up this political theater than it even cost us back when "Saint" Alzheimer's Reagan was in the Oval Office, with "Mommy" Nancy's highest paid astrologers and all!

  21. Gee you are funny, jimmie. Think it will be so funny when your wealth is distributed ala Kommiefornia.Maybe the Ruffles people will take you back.

  22. How to be a funny night show host…

    (Don't click read more if you get offended)

    Trump is bad😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😂😊😂😂😊😄😀😬😄😄😀😬😄😀😀😀😀😀😄😬😁😁😁😀😀😀😁😁😂😂😂😁😬😬😄😄😀😬😁😁😬😀😀😊😄😌😀😊😬😊😀😬😁😁😀😀😄😊🙃🙃🙃😀😬😂

  23. Just because you get vacation days doesn't mean you get PAID vacation days. The average American can't afford to go on vacation anymore, especially if they have a family.

  24. Dear mr.president, to my biggest regret and as an ardent admierer of
    your once great nation ( before you took office) i can not keep myself
    from stating , with all due to respect , that i honestly think that the
    festering boil on my right buttock would make a more honorable, worthy
    and better president of the US of America than you Sir. yours sincerely
    Christian Janssen

  25. Dear mr.president, to my biggest regret and as an ardent admierer of
    your once great nation ( before you took office) i can not keep myself
    from stating , with all due to respect , that i honestly think that the
    festering boil on my right buttock would make a more honorable, worthy
    and better president of the US of America than you Sir. yours sincerely
    Christian Janssen

  26. American way of life is the worst for our planet ! Humanity burn with trees and forest.
    Because our leaders (business and politic) are greedy coward and stupid.
    Our sick human race will soon disappear…. good news for mother earth !

  27. Eat, tweet, eat, and win. You forgot win. Trump 2020! Love how trump gets publicity by lame liberals reading his tweets. Too funny. Hahahahaha. Every night they spend their entire open talking about Trump…. I can’t stop laughing.

  28. #45 is nothing but a corrupt racist scumbag ,his criminal family have the same narrative , Moscow Mitch will be held accountable for all the crimes #45 his family and conspirators have done while in office ,, send this turtle to jail

  29. Speaking of hard at not working I wonder if Jimmy heard about NYC Deblasio working less than 7 hrs as mayor last month.

  30. At least Trump is providing shelter in the unused vacant rooms at his resorts to help the hurricane victims…oh wait that may not be true

  31. What a great description of trump: "wake up, TV, TV, tweat, tweat, yell at reporters in front of a helicopter, eat, tweat, TV, tweat, eat, tweat, sleep, tweat, repeat". And he had the gall to criticise President Obama!!

  32. tRump has never done an honest day's work in his pathetic life. One can just imagine the many right-wing heads exploding if Barack Obama had work so little during his time as president.

  33. Sharpie McSharperson has issued a prezidentured warning to inhabitants of Utah, it will be hit by the hurricane Dorian.
    Inhabitants of Utah respond – " I am Groot, WE are Groot ! "

  34. Wtf is up with Donald's mental situation? — 'Most birth defects are caused by genetic or environmental factors or a combination of the two (multifactorial birth defects). In most cases, however, the cause is unknown. Genetic or inherited causes include: … single gene defects – a mutation in one gene causes the defect.'

  35. If Epstein is intelligence, then this confirms that we are ruled by evil villains that have no respect for human dignity, and explains many things:
    Yemen, Venezuela, Syria, Libya. Khashoggi…., even the hate being created amongst US citizens

  36. When your company cuts staff, and you are doing the work of 2 people … you take 5 days off, then when you come back, sheets everywhere that you need to clean up for the next 4 weeks …. yea, all of a suddenly those 4-5 days of vacation doesn't seem worth the month of stress of cleaning and then another month hearing about the problems 'you' caused at every weekly meeting.

  37. Don the Con definately has issues. He wanted the Presidency so bad so he could have a vacation to show the world how disingenuous, corruptive, unethical, and immoral he really is. Oh and to make money. I already knew the orange buffoon was a cheat.

  38. trump trying to decipher a technical weather map—or pretty much anything—is like an orangutan trying to be a president.

  39. I don't know about this channel's foreigner subscribers, but to Americans…
    Bashing our president Donald Trump for tweeting to us is nothing but a LOSER. It makes no sense for someone in the media to bash our president for communicating with us. Among other things, it's hypocritical. Most outlets have given it up already.

  40. Kimmel has been a clown for his entire life because he doesn't have any other talent other than be laughed by people from all over the world.

  41. Trump naps, tweets, naps, watches TV, naps tweets, diaper change, powder his bottom, tweets while diaper change, nap, tweets. Diaper Don.

  42. President is working according to the constitution and oath of presidential inauguration ceremony. You should work for the people like us.

  43. It ain't no surprise t RUMP refuses to allow his schools to release his grades….. I'll bet that he never even got a 50% ever, he is so stupid.

  44. I love Matt Damon’s show! It’s nice that he allows Jimmy Kimble to be on a guest host once-in-while to step in. Matt needs a break, he works hard. 🐥

  45. To get anything done with Trump is impossible, he sets the bar and no adjustment required, you present your plans only to find out that Trump changed everything overnight !

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