Trump “Fires” Bolton & More Lies

Trump “Fires” Bolton & More Lies

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  1. I enjoy watching these stupid late night comedians – Fun thing is – Trumps in for 2020 for sure. So – these late nite pimps will have plenty of time to make up more jokes. 2020 Baby.

  2. Constantly talking about trumps lies
    Hey hey mentally ill Trump haters did you know Obama lied?
    Obama won the lie of the year no other president in history has won that award

    Many times when Obama lied people died

  3. It’s sad that all the late night hosts have to bash Trump to keep their jobs.
    If they don’t bash Trump they will get no one to go on their shows. Hahahahaha
    Now that’s funny 😁

  4. They were soaking wet because it was hot and they were sweating dumb asses! 😂 Trump keeps setting these people up and they keep falling for it and looking stupid.

  5. Still no MAGA plans no infrastructure , no flood control just tax relief for the rich , no thought required , sign on the dotted line !

  6. 8:02
    “Decorated in America”; you know, Venezuela or Columbia is in America, even though most “Americans” aren’t aware of that and think America means USA.

  7. Will Trump accept North Korea ’s possession of nuclear weapons?I was relieved that Bolton stopped the deal.Bolton and Mattis are gone.If North Korea is tolerated to possess nuclear weapons, I would like Japan to allow nuclear weapons.

  8. Alot of black men got shot by the police under obama than under comrade trump.2020 Russians do ur deed n keep this great man in power😂

  9. Such a bunch of hate filled losers commenting here. We get that you hate the President but to try and recruit more haters? You should all take a close look in the mirror and ask why am I filled with hate?

  10. John Bolton was not only a warmonger but also a vampire. He needs wars for blood he sucks to survive. He will continue conspiring through AIPAC…………………


  12. Please, as a civilian, do NOT call the president your commander in chief. That is a military title, he is not YOUR Commander-in-Chief. He is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (full title), NOT of U.S.A.

  13. Yo. BTW. President Obama promised during his campaign he will capture Osama Bin Laden. He did. Trump can't even make good on o e of his first promises, which was to cut his hair.

  14. The right hand on the GI Shmoe doll comes equip with an all-new 'Junk Food Grip' for eatin' cheetos and scratchin' nuts at the same time. Left hand has the karate/ poke feature to chop away any tough stubborn dingleberries that are left behind, pick a sticky boger or pop a cherry-size hemorrhoid inflaming.

  15. Trump on TV bad mouthing Bolton. Didn,t he hire him. Trumpass said he would hire only the best,. The brightest. O wait for it. Obama made me do it. This guy thinks we are all fools. The only fools are the ignorant trumptards.

  16. REVELATIONS 18 is coming unto babylon the great, very soon in one hour open them king james bibles, and read on it. Emporer, nero reincarnated, (TRUMP), must deal with GOD AND HIS SON ON THIS, ONE, BELIEVE THAT……..

  17. The American People elected—although not by popular vote—an illiterate moron, who would never have been elected to a Political Office by members of a CIVILIZED NATION, keen on upholding the rule of law and TRUE DEMOCRACY

  18. Jimmy the hater and all of his loyal zombie sheep… let the hate commence and continue. All of you should be so so very proud of yourselves. BTW people, hate never wins… NEVER! From an apolitical U.S Combat Veteran.

  19. Note to dude on Faux – When you ask someone if they mind if you repeat something they said and they answer, "Yes." That means you are NOT supposed to repeat it. "Yes" means they mind.

  20. Okay, I have to ask, did women really lift up their shirts at a trump Rally, or was that a cutaway? I really hate to ask how crazy Trump supporters are. I hate to think it's true, but I think it might be true!

  21. Do y'all put faith in these hate all things Trumpers?
    Do you really like when they tickle your ears?
    I think you're all smarter than that.
    You know as well as me
    Trump 2020!!!!

  22. I always knew donnie lied threw his teeth and knew he was a con"man", but I just didn't think he ACTUALLY lied about EVERY second thing. The only thing worse than a constant liar are the people that constantly defend his lies as the truth. They have forfeited the name of Human and don't deserve to be treated like a human anymore.

  23. How can this channel"s foreigner subscribers think the firing of John Bolton was anything but a great thing. You guys are so weird.

  24. Late night talk show host's read CUE cards, get you political view by listening to your Candidate LIVE..

    10's of Millions south of boarder would/could walk here if allowed… 4 MILLION in just Honduras. Chat about that J.K.

  25. haha so many Trump Haters here around here… !! The truth is he's doing a fine great job as a president to his country. He makes jobs and escalated the country's economy. I dont know why Hollywood people are always attacking him?? Ever since his presidency had started US economy is blooming and giving people jobs back. If u compared with Obama's presidency, he is doing way better and this is not a FAKE it is FACT!!!!

  26. Is there a chance for him being arrested for criticizing trump ?
    Cause in egypt a person like him is now in dead Enumeration 😂

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