Trump Cancels Taliban, Slams Legend & Teigen

Trump Cancels Taliban, Slams Legend & Teigen

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  1. He is always calling out women. Someone’s going to whoop his a** about their wife! No one cares that you think your running the country. You can get it too!

  2. Are you serious don’t you have anything better to do than to keep mocking our great president of the United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ it’s like you only find this amusing because you are apart of the evil fake news !!

  3. Pat Robertson – yes, Pat Robertson – has made a shrewd critical observation about a sitting Republican president. And now the sky will burst into flame, the dead will rise, and the earth will be consumed by locusts and frogs……….

  4. Sure. But Teigen also has no problem using her Twitter platform to make fun of complete strangers such as US Open champ Bianca Andreescu's mother. In the end, once you ponder on it, Trump and Teigen deserve each other.

  5. I wonder what we are teaching the younger generation about discrimination when we just love to spend our money laughing and criticizing each other.

  6. Weird watching this dialogue knowing he wrote probably somewhere around 7 percent of all this…….shout out to them writers tho

  7. Dems claim credit for freeing slaves, passing civil rights act and now criminal justice reform. Republicans ended slavery, drafted the Civil Rights act of 64 and voted overwhelmingly yay for it – which LBJ signed into law and Criminal Justice reform which started by JAred kushner and Ivanka Trump and later Dems hopped on because it would be a good look to have their 'bipartisan' support

  8. And God spoke ti thy Servant and said: "You shall not bring unclean Creatures to the house of your Lord".
    Trump marries and Ex- Whore (EXCUSE ME) and Ex- Model and brings her,to the most sacred of Homes the White House AmΓ©n .

  9. This idiot orangatan president runs "Trump country", not America. Idiot makes selfish, dumb uneducated decisions, not listening to national advisors. Shame on all staff and citizens still working and supporting this idiot. Selling your souls!

  10. Tonight, on the anniversary of 9/11 … it enrages me to think Donald Trump secretly invited the TALIBAN to meet at Camp David — how dare he.

  11. Hey, after Pat Robertson, alone of almost all the Republicans, calls out the president for "sitting down with the devil" — don't make fun of him, dude! Make fun of Trump all you want, but hands off Pat Robertson..

  12. Alright everybody gather 'round
    The Taliban Man is here
    What kind of candy do you want
    Sweet chocolate
    Chocolate malted candy
    Gum drops
    Anything you want
    You've come to the right man
    'Cause I'm the Taliban Man

  13. On one hand, I wish idiots like Kimmel would get their wish so that when they're behind the fence of a concentration camp with their eyes bulging out in disbelief, they would finally understand why real Americans vote for Trump instead of Killary.

  14. Who still fight to gain leverage ???? Taliban !!! No this practise was started by the USA and only when the tables have turned this policy is now somehow wrong.
    Jimmy your comments about Taliban are insensitive, ill informed and outright deplorable.

  15. What a garbage! the US will never gets such an active person again as Trump,

    if you are not satisfied with take back Obama, obviously just close/mind works!

  16. Please send some Talibans to the Dotard and make sure that they are fully armoured, once they chopped up the orange, short fingered kitty grabber they will get the Nobel peace price.

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