25 Replies to “Trio Of Burglars Caught On Security Camera Robbing Home”

  1. You shouldn't own property then everyone eats carbon=possibilities burn any dead matter plants and your free carbon=imagination freedom intelligence money a lie

  2. Talking about being dumbest robbers . I,m so sorry to hear about what happened i hope that the police do find them.

  3. I have two gates, a bridge, and guard dogs, but the doors are unlocked. If you make it past the dogs, then you deserve to get in the house. Good luck trying.

  4. That's scary because when I hear someone knocking I usually don't answer,so those busters would have thought I wasn't home and came in and who knows what they would have done to me..I will never understand why these idiots think that they have the right to invade someones home and just walk around casually with no care in the world. ☹

  5. The only thing the robbers didn't pack up was the house, the deputy's response time was unfavorable…

  6. Don't be too hard on them….These are the "Dreamers" who are so popular on CNN…..Wait, they may be African Americans….I'm not sure

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